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  1. Gordon Hoyt

    Akshar to resign from senate & run for sheriff

    That is just it, Broome County has NOT made any progressive changes. Broome County has been nothing more that re-active than pro-active to any of it's problems.
  2. Gordon Hoyt

    Akshar to resign from senate & run for sheriff

    Not to mention who the Undersheriff's were too!
  3. Gordon Hoyt

    Akshar to resign from senate & run for sheriff

    I agree with you. We do need a County wide police agency! Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.
  4. Oh...... but in his law enforcement days, Harder coddled and promoted this guy up the ranks. What's that say about Harder!?!
  5. Gordon Hoyt

    Scandal at East Middle School

    Those girls should be arrested for filing a false statement when the investigations come back showing this was all made up!!!!!!
  6. Gordon Hoyt

    Broome's biggest fraud: John "Sonny" Manculich

    This doesn't surprise me at all, especially Harder!!! This isn't the only incident of freebee's he gets!
  7. Gordon Hoyt

    Akshar to resign from senate & run for sheriff

    I will believe this when I see it. Harder's ego is to BIG to retire!! Though I do think Akshar would make a better Sheriff than a Senator.
  8. All the 863,708 No votes must of been made by politicians. Damn, I didn't realize there was that many politicians in New York!!??
  9. New York Proposal 2, Pension Forfeiture for Convicted Officials Amendment (2017), has a lot of politicians nervous right now! What a landslide it was, Yes votes 2,318,077 73% & No votes 863,708 27%. The taxpayers have spoken and are tired of the corrupt politicians and the outcome shows it. Watch what happens after the first of the year. Judges now will be tougher on these officials because they will want to be re-elected themselves. 2,318,077 votes is a lot of people to piss off with just a slap on the wrist as in the past. The amendment would define public officer to mean the following: An official filling an elected office within New York; A person holding an office that is filled by appointment by the New York Governor, whether or not that appointment has to be confirmed by the Senate; A county, city, town, or village administrator, manager or equivalent position; The head of any state or local government department, division, board, commission, bureau, public benefit corporation, or public authority in New York who is vested with authority, direction, and control over that entity; The chief fiscal officer or treasurer of a municipal corporation or political subdivision in New York; A judge or justice of the Unified Court System; and A legislative, executive, or judicial employee who directly assists in the formulation of legislation, rules, regulations, policy, or judicial decision-making and who is designated by law as a policy-maker. The amendment will apply only to crimes committed on or after January 1, 2018. Amendment Design - Proposal 2 allows judges, following a court hearing, to reduce or revoke the public pension of a public officer convicted of a felony related to his or her official duties. Judges consider the severity of the crime in determining whether to reduce or revoke the officer's public pension. They also consider whether pension forfeiture would create undue hardship for the convicted officers spouse, children, and other dependents. The measure defines public officers as elected officials, governor-appointed officials, municipal administrators and managers, heads of government departments, boards, and commissions, state and local chief fiscal officers and treasurers, judges and justices of the unified court system, and employees of the state designated as policymakers. Proposal 2 applies to any crimes committed on or after January 1, 2018.
  10. Gordon Hoyt

    Things that make you go mmmm....

    Threads on here are disappearing like the Inmate's Commissary and Phone Money at the BCJ!!
  11. Gordon Hoyt

    New Sheriff

    Mud is going to sling. But I don't like either one of those two. And no I don't want to run for sheriff.
  12. Gordon Hoyt

    New Sheriff

    OMG!! "Eddie Munster" is as bad as Harder!!! Again, I hope someone outside of the Sheriff's Dept. runs for Sheriff. Wait till you hear all about the shit with this guy when it is election time!!!
  13. Gordon Hoyt

    Why Are We On BCVOICE?

    OHHHHHH..... That explains everything!!
  14. Gordon Hoyt

    Sheriff Dave harder fundraiser for re-election

    Ohhh, just sit back and watch what comes out in this election.