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  1. I thought so. I'm sure it isn't being done. Just like the money he makes doing side jobs in the Sheriff uniform isn't being claimed either.
  2. Doesn't getting a county vehicle, gas, and maintenance fall under "Earned Income"??
  3. Gordon Hoyt

    Veronica “Ronnie” Gorman

    I remember this whole thing. And if he wasn't convicted she probably would went out to dinner and a movie with him since he was so polite, considerate and a patient person that he was. 🤣
  4. You are correct. The only thing that is mandated in New York is a Sheriff to have is a Correction and Civil division. And term limits across the board for every voted public official should be done!
  5. That is only locally, he goes to his cottage all the time driving the county own vehicle. This shit has been going on for years. And he isn't the only 1 one at the Sheriff's Dept. that drives county own vehicles everywhere. If tax payers only knew! And for his driving, he drives like a maniac.
  6. Gordon Hoyt

    Binghamton University receives $60M donation to build new baseball stadium

    I didn't think the stadium they have now is all that bad?? Wasn't built not to long ago?
  7. Gordon Hoyt

    Pardon Them NOW!!!

    Bravo, you are completely correct!
  8. How much "Quid pro quo" goes on in New York alone. I just can't see all the "Law Makers" going along with some of these stupid new laws, without getting something in return for turning a blind eye or voting for them.
  9. It's like this Bail Reform Law. When this first come out before it was signed into law all of the Sheriff's, D.A's, Probation Dept's., and any other public officials in New York State should of raised hell over this!!!!! Not sit and complain about it after it's signed into law!!! I just don't get it???
  10. This idiot is out of control!!!!!!!!!
  11. Gordon Hoyt

    Tom Jackson Running for County Legislature

    Hmmmm??? I believe you are right. Was one of their names Sophie?
  12. Gordon Hoyt

    Neil Peart

    You are correct on the pronunciation.
  13. Gordon Hoyt

    BPD Alex Legos crashes car drunk, runs from scene

    Broome County = The Parallel Universe, to the rest of the World!
  14. Gordon Hoyt

    BPD Alex Legos crashes car drunk, runs from scene

    And I thought the Sheriff's Department was bad!
  15. Gordon Hoyt

    Tom Jackson Running for County Legislature

    These "players" are not that smart. I just hope everyone remembers when election time comes up for a few of the idiots that they get voted out!!