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  1. The pictures that you can make look better through Photo Shop is amazing now a days!
  2. Gordon Hoyt

    Warning: Antifa Coming To the Suburbs

    Ohhh Yeaaa.... Good 'Ol Boys are going to kick some Antifa Ass!!!! Let them come, I'm ready for them!
  3. Tells me a lot!! And she knows she will never get re-elected to that spot either.
  4. What do you expect from "Mud-Flap"?
  5. Gordon Hoyt

    Broome County Sheriff Follies through the years

    Clarence Tharp was one of the funniest guys I knew! We could do a whole thread just on him alone dispatching!!!!
  6. All I say is who ever runs for Sheriff has to be from outside of the Sheriff's Dept. all together or it will always be the "Good 'Old Boys" and a shithole it is now!
  7. Gordon Hoyt

    Broome County Sheriff Follies through the years

    You can't make this stuff up folks!
  8. Gordon Hoyt

    Broome County Sheriff Follies through the years

    Under Harder's watch: Harder the baffoon he was and is was running a snow blower and the shoot gets clogged. So what does he do, he sticks his hand down the shoot while the snow blower is running and cuts up his hand. Yep..... and this with all of his wisdom (that he claims to have) runs the Sheriff Dept.
  9. That's even funnier, don't try to pawn your garbage just so you guys don't have to deal with him!!
  10. Time to start listing all those special stupid moments of present and past Sheriffs. DeAngelo/Chase - Chase goes out and buys himself a Police Harley Davidson and pimps it out with Sheriff garb, but it is to big for him to ride it.
  11. Oh my god yes!! What a joke he was!! Only reason he was Undersheriff was because he was rich and DeAngelo needed the money. How about the time he bought that helicopter and wanted to pimp it out with Sheriff stickers and wanted the county to pay for the insurance under the pretense it was going to be used for Sheriff stuff!!! You can't make these things up. Maybe we should start a separate threads, and name it Broome County Sheriff follies! And start listing the stories?
  12. It's about time someone outside of the BCSO that has some decent qualifications run for Sheriff. Look at the last few elections no one worth a shit running! And then we are stuck with the Bafoon as sheriff!!!
  13. Gordon Hoyt

    Maines Paper and Candy What's going on???? Sold???

    http://www.wicz.com/story/42121342/garnar-discusses-maines-news The Corona Virus had nothing to do with Maines closing like Garner said!! "Yup...the Maines will walk away scot free with their bankroll while the loyal workers get screwed."
  14. This has been going on for years in the Medical Department at the jail. Inmates and Officers collecting the meal trays from each isolated cell. Not to mention Inmates cleaning those cells when they become empty. And no the jail is NOT one of the "safest places" from the virus. Especially taking Inmates out of that safe place to work!