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  1. bored or curious

    Shooting in Apalachin

    did this case go cold with details? it was obviously drug related but for some reason that wasn't it/enough to go on, the girl mentioned I assume there at the time or at least a different one he knew well or "frequented" has pretty surely done some escorting on the side so hopefully they exhausted that route
  2. bored or curious

    Why Are We On BCVOICE?

    I agree it has become mostly political. I used to frequently post and comment around however I have no interest in others political opinions, or having pissing matches about one either.
  3. bored or curious

    Why Are We On BCVOICE?

    To kill time during work?
  4. bored or curious

    We have laser technology to create, kill and steer hurricanes.

    ...yeah but that isn't
  5. bored or curious

    Front Street

    BWW would not last long in this area, especially that far away from BU students. And no, the nearby BCC students wouldn't make the same substitute/difference.
  6. bored or curious

    Power out Apalachin/Vestsl

    Happens all the time get used to it
  7. bored or curious

    Patti Schwartz BU Job, WHAT HAPPENED

    ...What an obscure and dated reference
  8. bored or curious

    Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Used to be a frequent poster here. Through his posts I often interpreted a subtle sadness. Hopefully in a better, happier place now.
  9. Well, it doesn't happen like that, at least the way you are implying. A house or any building under "that" type of historic limitation would have to be some sort of special house and be already registered as a historic landmark; which is a long and annoying process to achieve. However, there is no shortage of old ho-hum farm houses built in the late 1800's in the East coast this is no concern here.
  10. I don't feel like reading the story but if the headline is true the actual defendants "story" is obvious BS and if the authorities believe it they should all be fired. Complete incompetence
  11. bored or curious

    We're having a baby!!! Fred Akshar impregnates secretary

    He's pretty ugly, what does she look like?
  12. bored or curious

    Tarik the Terrible Whines About A Banner Over Court Street.

    ...The panel of multiple burger judges voted and concluded that said establishments burger was... wait for it... the best burger in the competition among all other local entries! So maybe THAT is why the banner flies?! I would be proud too. So would you. For $100 bucks a week on a busy street that is a pretty good advertisement considering the placement literally points directly at the friggin establishment entrance
  13. bored or curious

    Brozetti's Closing

    You people do realize that just because a location may disappear that a business can still, if not easily relocate, right? I am sure there are plenty of empty storefronts around the corner for a steal with just as bad of parking.
  14. bored or curious

    Town of Union Parks.

    Well lucky you, you must have a sandy loamy soil with a perfect slope that drains well unlike the rest of us who all have clay soil and low spots everywhere that never drains. Or you like making ruts
  15. bored or curious

    Town of Union Parks.

    ... that isn't exactly how mowing works, and lawns and/or water tables don't drain instantly just because it stopped raining for a day.