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  1. Ethical? He is running a program that takes in $20,000-$30,000 per week without any legal authority to do so or any financial disclosure. Experienced? He failed to properly indict that rape case and the defendant will be out in a couple years. He let Pica Torrez out with pending felonies and he went out and killed a man within hours of his release. Fiscally responsible? His failure to renew the traffic diversion program could cost taxpayers a million dollars this year. Unethical, Bad Experience, Fiscally Irresponsible - Don't vote Korchak
  2. All of the illegally obtained funds must be returned immediately. How can District Attorney Michael Korchak take asset forfeiture money (proceeds from an unlawful act), when he is taking funds from an unlawful act? This needs to be investigated.
  3. The most sacred of all elected positions is District Attorney. The DA has the power to take away any citizens freedom by making an arrest and/or prosecuting them. The DA, unlike police, has both powers of arrest and prosecution. The DA has few checks and balances. It's easy to fool a jury. Whomever runs that office must be completely ethical and transparent. Korchack must go.
  4. Enough is enough with this corrupt and morally bankrupt Office of the so-called District Attorney. YOU'RE FIRED!!! Get out Korchak. And get out now, or we will throw you out. You scoundrel and enemy of the People.
  5. Publius

    POLL: What should Korchak do

    The public has a right to be informed by our public servants. This is especially true during times of alleged scandal. The fact that District Attorney Korchack refuses to even issue a statement in this matter, calls his character and the integrity of the office into question. The fact that his Chief Assistant Mark Loughran tried to suppress free speech suggests a cover up.
  6. Senator Akshar may be more respectable than DA Korchak at this point. Maybe Akshar knew something that we didn't know about Korchak. During the election, Akshar kept saying there was a problem at the DA's office. We all assumed it was because he didn't like Cornwell, but maybe Akshar knew Korchak and Loughran were the problem all along. He never mentioned Cornwell directly in his attacks on the office. Also, Cornwell was leaving the office, so why would Akshar attack him during the election? Akshar worked with Korchak and Loughran during his tenure on the Sheriff's drug task force. That must be the genesis of the problem between Akshar and the Korchak administration. There must be more to the story.
  7. It is time to vindicate the People and remove the scoundrels in the District Attorney's Office! Mark Loughran, a public servant and law enforcement official, is trying to bully the People to stay silent. Truth is the ultimate defense. Loughran & Korchak should resign immediately. They can join the BJ law firm of Ben Blow and Fat Job.