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  1. The Korchaks and their employees attack everyone, drug users, those with developmental disabilities, news reporters, employees they don't like, former employees, other officials, political rivals, even average Broome County residents... They are deplorable human beings. I've never seen a more abusive or corrupt law enforcement agency.
  2. Mara Grace’s big loss was a major blow to The Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight, who all worked to get her elected. Now maybe they can go pick up her lawn signs, which are all over the place. Or will they fail at doing that too?
  3. Kerry Kittles

    DA’s office unethical support of Mara Grace

    Another loss for The Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight.
  4. The Gang that couldn’t shoot straight 🤣
  5. Kerry Kittles

    WTH? Steve Cornwell?

    If Korchak retaliated against witnesses against him, he’s fucked. Most states, especially NY, takes whistleblower protection very seriously. There’s federal, state and local whistle blower protections. Korchak could indeed end up in prison over this.