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  1. thebelltolls

    man at table on corner of Murray and Main street

    Boy you guys wander...he sell cell phone plans..
  2. thebelltolls

    Hooper & Country Club

    Why yes we did!
  3. thebelltolls

    Hooper & Country Club

    I also worked for Mr Dick Clover at the Loblaw's as a member of the 67-69 M-E Soccer team....used to have to run and get Him out of Jim Merry's The Brass Lantern. Those were fun days!
  4. thebelltolls

    Hi Speed chase on Conklin Ave last Thursday???

    So the Deputy, who was literally 20' behind them, and the many BPD drivers chased, at 70 MPH+, through a 15 MPH School Zone on a beautiful afternoon with kids everywhere to catch these kids that were not a danger to anyone....AND STILL DIDN'T CATCH THEM??? WOW!
  5. Almost got hit head on by a compact car in front of the BF School on Conklin Ave. last Thurs early in the afternoon. Right behind the fleeing car, in hot pusuit, was a SUV driven by BC Sheriff and 5 or 6 BP cars...they chased the car down into the area west of Tompkins Street and closed all the streets leading down there...when I checked the paper and WBNG the next day...nothing?? Anyone know what it was about??
  6. Mr Wanker misses the point....any addict could go in today if they were willing to give up their dealer, expose their family, sign waivers etc...the whole idea is that if you are finally tired of being an addict and want help with no strings attached, here's how you do it
  7. From Cooperstown Police Chief Covert on Police Web Site - A message from Chief Covert The Village, County and State have many programs and resources to deal with the opiate crisis. We are almost ready to make a revolutionary change in the way that we treat this DISEASE. The Cooperstown Police Department has vowed to take the following measures to assist, starting on Thanksgiving, November 26, 2015. Any addict who walks into the Cooperstown Police Station with the remainder of their drug equipment (needles, syringes, etc.) or drugs and asks for help will NOT be charged. Instead, we will walk them through the system towards detox and recovery. We will assign them an ANGEL who will be their guide through the process. Not in hours or days, but on the spot. Bassett Medical Center has committed to helping fast track people that walk into the police station so that they can be assessed quickly and the proper care can be administered quickly. I want to have Nasal NARCAN available at all local pharmacies without prescription. Pharmacies presently can give out syringes, but not the drug that can save an addicts life. It is now legal in 12 states to give out nasal NARCAN without a prescription. I would like to get that law passed in New York State as well. I want to have a CD placed inside the kit that can be watched in the privacy of your home. The video will show how to make a 911 call about an overdose, how to start CPR and how to administer Nasal NARCAN. It will tell you what to expect when the Emergency Squad and Police show up. Lastly, it will offer a listing of all agencies which can provide assistance and support towards recovery. We truly need to be able to get the one drug that can reverse the effects of an opiate overdose to families of addicts without the stigma of first obtaining a prescription. I am asking for your help. Like this post and send it to everyone you can think of and ask them to do the same. Speak your comments, Create strength in numbers, We hope to be operational by sometime next week. Together, we can help save a life. this is the way to begin solving BC rampant drug problem....