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  1. Bingking

    Korchak failed to act on Buffalo gunman last summer

    You know what’s interesting, someone at the press conference asked Korchak if the parents can be charged or will they be and immediately Korchak defended them by saying oh we’re not sure about that because the guns were purchased by the son. Korchak is the worst thing that happened to the DA’s office
  2. Bingking

    Korchak failed to act on Buffalo gunman last summer

    Are you serious Emily Slept with her 80 something year old father? She’s vile!
  3. Bingking

    Korchak failed to act on Buffalo gunman last summer

    After watching korchaks press conference he sounded more like a defense attorney for the shooter than our DA
  4. Bingking

    Korchak failed to act on Buffalo gunman last summer

    Looks like the governor of New York wants investigation into why he wasn’t stopped sooner so maybe our local DA will have some questions to answer https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10819221/Buffalo-shooter-18-not-police-radar-despite-school-shooting-threat-year.html
  5. Bingking

    Korchak failed to act on Buffalo gunman last summer

    It’s a possibility someone may force Korchak to resign over this although I don’t believe it’s going to happen. Also, blm will prolly be in conklin protesting infront of the home of the shooter
  6. I just love her twisted logic threatening a government official to pay her off and if he doesn’t she said he can’t look at her Facebook page, jeez Louise god forbid Jason won’t be able to look at your public social media page ahaha. The mosaic Business must be tough right now ahahahahahahahhahah
  7. “One of the firm’s favorite success stories is actually its first client, Adam Weitsman” https://www.imcgrupo.com/from-scraps-to-success-with-stephen-donnelly/amp/ BINGO 92!!!
  8. Bingking

    Shooting 11:20am Floral Ave

    Eventually the feds will move in and take over if it’s even possible to rid the problem just like how they did in chicago with the gangs
  9. Yes I agree and if I am not mistaken Robin alpaugh who is running against her should be talking about this
  10. New York is always a tough state with gun laws and their are plenty of other states that do not put you through these hoops. Most other states you pay a fee and take a two hour course and within weeks you have a concealed weapons permit. we need stronger voices in Albany than what we have right now to make changes
  11. I’ve heard stories of advertisements on subway cars in New York City soliciting binghamton and that’s what the city officials in nyc are doing is trying to move the people with less to offer out of the nyc area
  12. https://wnbf.com/binghamton-residents-stunned-neighborhood-gun-battle/
  13. Scorned ex lover for sure lol and late 30’s? I thought Emily was 41 years old.. I’ll have to double check
  14. Now this is comedy, great find 92. Emily is lying again like the time she claimed she sued rich David for sexual harassment when that never happened. Nobody will invest in her and even if she found some fool to give her money it’s just the same old song in dance where he harassed me. There is an extremely low chance she will work in Broome county again with any city/county/organization
  15. Bingking

    Binghamton 12 year old girl killed in shooting

    From what I understand and correct me if I am wrong but there is no drive by car involved, there has been no mention of a long distance shot, and whether I am unaware of otherwise it has been rumored that this happened at close range, there are no suspects or description listed by the police and local news, a reward has been put out and upped and usually that happens when the authorities investigating are at a point where they are having a hard time identifying a suspect (s) and solicit money for public assistance. It has not been made public whether the family are suspects and it has not been made public that they have ruled out the family so really there is a likelihood a family member on that walk is fair game