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  1. Bingking

    Broome's biggest fraud: John "Sonny" Manculich

    John Manculich who Owns Sunco Holdings is suing Issac Anzarooot for unpaid debt on cars Issac agreed to pay John for. Paul is representing him. The cars were stored at 53 Lester ave
  2. Please dont tell me our good friend garo is on the books
  3. Wilcox towing has complained about this before
  4. Mark H Young and his Crook Father John W Young
  5. Did anyone hear fred give a special shout out to Kim Myers in his speech that day at the BDC Announcemnt. FRED LOVES His Older WOMEN ESPECIALLY IF THEY HAVE money Like Kim!
  6. You heard it here first folks!
  7. Bingking

    Liebous still screwing the public

    I'm pretty sure Tom Libous's Cousin Supreme Court Judge Ferris Lebous is more corrupt than Tommy ever was
  8. Bingking

    Sheriff Dave harder fundraiser for re-election

    Anyone know who the lucky person will be running against Harder??? Sergeant Detective Christopher Streno from the Vestal Police Department is a stand up guy who I can see as a good candidate for Sheriff
  9. Dave harder is running for Sheriff AGAIN... Fast Freddie and the whole crew came out for his fundraiser tonight.... I guess Newcomb is not running and I am assuming Jason Ellis is running against Dave?
  10. Then explain P charnetsky
  11. Bingking

    It's getting around!!!!!

    Exactly, and if new come runs then Freddy will have his hand in that pot too. Someone on this thread posted that it needs to be new blood someone from outside of the department which I agree with
  12. Bingking

    It's getting around!!!!!

    If Jason Ellis will run for sheriff I would put money on the fact that Newcomb will be running as well if harder decides to retire
  13. Bingking

    It's getting around!!!!!

    Will Newcomb be running against Ellis? If so there will be a lot of money backing her
  14. Bingking

    Pride of Endicott: Jon Bones Jones

    He needs to be banned for a very long time