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  1. The End Is Near

    Vote John Cordisco for City Council

    I don't live in Bingo town but my buddy and I used to attend the city council meetings just to see John Solak in action. My friend and I spoke with Mr, Cordisco on several occasions. I like the guy. He's REALISTIC. What ever happened to Solak. Is he still around?
  2. The End Is Near

    Kudos to the town of Waverly and others

    Why can't them little brats go out in the rain? You people are raising little pussies. "Oh no, RAIN!". If it's cold, then dress warm. If it's snowing, wear your boots and carry an umbrella. Your hot mom can hold it while you collect your candy.
  3. The End Is Near

    Whistleblower’s Identity Revealed

    That makes no sense.........................
  4. The End Is Near

    Kate Newcomb gives dating advice on WBNG news?

    She's brutal to look at!
  5. The End Is Near

    Local Trivia Question

    When I was in college we had ColecoVision. Still do.
  6. The End Is Near

    Police thwart 3-4 mass shooting threats

    People should get used to these types of incidents. It's only the start. This is what happens when you let in illegal immigrants, offer them insurance, credit cards, driver's licenses, etc. Hispanics and most blacks ARE no good. Just look at the prisons. Taking the guns away or reducing the number of rounds a magazine holds will have no effect. If you think an AK-47 with a 30 round clip is bad, you'd blow a gasket if you saw any of my 100 round drums and trigger cranks. My 40 S&W mags hold 17 rounds and all my 9mm mags hold 19. No one will be taking them away from me. People are also tired of being told things like "it's ok to be gay" or be "proud even if you have HIV/AIDS". Notice how every commercial on tv all of a sudden has fags and dykes kissing each other and every couple is interracial with mudpuppy children? It's disgusting. Being gay shouldn't be praised, it should be shunned. White should stay with white. Thank God I was raised properly. If I brought home a bluelip, my father would have killed her, then me. If any of my children brought home people of color, their belongings would be out in the street and they would NEVER be allowed back in my home ever. It's the proper thing to do. Stay with your own.
  7. The End Is Near

    More Trouble In The ZPD (Zikuski Police Dept.)

    Is he married? How old is he? Any online pics of him?
  8. The End Is Near

    Broome County reviewing policies after Fred Akshar allegations

    Better an old, crusty man than that fag Ryan. The guy is a piece of shit.
  9. The End Is Near

    Infant corpse in freezer for 50 years!

  10. The End Is Near

    Severe constipation following jet ski mishap

    Try wearing swim trunks next time.
  11. The End Is Near

    Possible 40 Million Dollars On Arena Upgrades???

    I actually changed my mind about having a casino in Broome. After giving it much thought, I believe the right thing to do is promote Tioga downs. Jeff Gural give A LOT of money to communities and charities. Broome could def use the convention center but a casino is not needed at this time.
  12. The End Is Near

    Direct Tv

    You can buy a signal amplifier with 2,4,6, or 8 connections. They're dirt cheap.
  13. The End Is Near

    Produce stand recommendations

    Butcher Boys/Grannis produce on Taft Ave in Endicott. The meats, the fruits and veggies are very high quality.
  14. I almost fell out of my chair the other day when I read about the arena and it's 40 million dollar upgrades. They should take the 40 million and build a few parking ramps so people don't have to drive around or park a mile away looking for a place to park when there is an event going on. The arena is just fine the way it is. It was built for hockey and the current arena serves that purpose just fine. If there was ample parking, more people would attend events. Take the 40 million and build a convention center that can handle 25,000+ people. It's the only way big acts would come to the area. We have 17/86, 81, and 88 intersecting in our county. It can't get any better. I wonder how many buses drive through Doome county on their way to Tioga, Turning Stone, Moheegan Sun, Niagra, etc. They could all be coming here. We should have a beautiful place for concerts. We should have a casino here. This county is so f#*ked up. If it wasn't for elderly family living here, I would have fled years ago. NYS is such a shithole run by a worthless moron of a governor. I wish cancer would take him.