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  1. WyattEarp62


    Hearing that Rich David is the chosen one to run against Garnar.
  2. WyattEarp62

    Rich David for Congress

    Brindisi is going down in 2020...……………….. But it will NOT be by Rich David...……………...It WILL be by someone from the "Southern Part" of the District. Stay tuned folks!
  3. WyattEarp62

    Debra Butler, relative of Paul Battisti, taunting Stantz family!

    Good God! You just can't make this stuff up folks!
  4. If you are looking for the "source" of all of Batiisti's campaign ads...................Look no further than the biggest scumbag of all...................Bijoy Datta!! These friggin creeps all stick together don't they! Once again....................."Birds of a feather"!
  5. Nobody on here is questioning whether someone should have legal representation "CourtStreet". The issue is this guy is running for DA, and absolutely should not have been going to the police station to defend this creep. That's why we have a Public Defenders office ,along with plenty of other attorney's that could handle this case. Battisti = Scumbag! And Paul apparently thinks that showing up at various events holding hands with the Senator, that people will just happily support him...…………….WRONG!! He should be careful who he keeps company with. Of course "birds of a feather"!
  6. No OTR, that does NOT deserve praise! I get what you're saying about everyone has the right to legal counsel.....No question. BUT, this guy is running for the DAs office and the first thought that comes to his mind when this happens is to go help the person that just literally mowed down two beautiful young girls. SERIOUSLY? Again, I get your point, but the optics on this for Battisti are absolutely HORRENDOUS!!! So, therefore I have to agree with Seamus...………………………….Scumbag! And that label is nothing unfamiliar to Battisti...………………..he wears it well!
  7. WyattEarp62

    Why Republicans need to vote for Mike Korchak

    And exactly HOW could that cause concern? Particularly where it concerns Mike Korchak. Cornwell decided not to run, and Korchak decided to run. Why does it have to be more complicated than that. Like I said in my previous post..............If you are looking for skeletons...............look no further than Battisti's closet.
  8. WyattEarp62

    Why Republicans need to vote for Mike Korchak

    ANYONE supporting Paul Battisti is a fool! This guy has more skeletons in his closet than the Addams Family! Mike Korchak is an honest, hard working, stand up guy with ALL the experience to run the DAs office.
  9. FYI, he almost killed a deputy sheriff! Where do you think Joe "I don't have any connections" Public would be sitting right now? Dooley is a joke! Instead of a robe to go into court, he should put on a big red nose, some makeup, and a pair of clown shoes! It would be way more appropriate attire for him. Just another one of Bijoy's "boys".
  10. NOW he is going to pay it! ONLY after being called out on it in the media. ONLY because of his wife's inheritance money. Something tells me that the tax issue is just the tip of the iceberg. Hang on Paul, this could be a very long and bumpy ride! Stick with what you SEEM to be good at..……………which is, avoiding trials and pleading your clients out. You have absolutely no business even setting foot in the DAs office.
  11. Where the hell is the Sheriff on this???? This SOB almost killed one of his deputies!! He should be out there front and center clamoring for this guy to be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Is he afraid of Zikuski?? Is he afraid of Dooley? C'mon Dave......STEP UP!!!!
  12. WyattEarp62

    Jackson Bergman, what's with these guys?

    That last line says it all Diane. With one more question...………….. Who the hell would vote for Paul Battisti if this is the company that he keeps?
  13. WyattEarp62

    Broome DA Candidate Paul Battisti Owes IRS More Than $86K

    This is just plain old hypocrisy at it's finest! Perhaps Mr. Jackson should put down the box of doughnuts, round up all of his "attorney" buddies that are in the video, and re-enact this little puppet show, and wherever he uses the name Cornwell, replace it with Battisti. And maybe, just maybe, we can get a statement from each and every one of those "attorney's" present on this video condemning Mr. Battisti for his tax issues. H..Y..P..O..C..R..I..T..E..S!! Hate to say it, but I actually know a few of them and thought they had SOME integrity. So much for that. They should all be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves. So, Mr. Battisti, that "swooshing" sound you hear is your reputation going down the proverbial toilet.
  14. WyattEarp62

    Fraudster Alexis Pleus calls sheriff's office racist

    What threads exactly are you referring to Cat? Please be specific.