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  1. Jtown607

    Another death in Broome county Jail

    Here's the funny thing. No PLOT or TruthPharm idiot out there even has this inmates name or ANY information about them. If this was something of importance, don't you think the inmates family would be coming out? Oh, but they're not, because I'm sure there's more to the story and it's most likely not anything unnatural. I'm pretty sick of long term old man harder myself, but come on people. Do you think everything who goes to jail works out, eats right and doesn't do drugs? No, and it's not a Hilton or a hospital - it's fucking jail.
  2. Jtown607

    More Trouble In The ZPD (Zikuski Police Dept.)

    Zikuski JR has literally gotten everything he's wanted since day one. He's literally been cause (just like daddy), doing the dirty deed to random girls while one duty. Yet, skates like he's untouchable.
  3. I heard from many reliable sources that it's the county information technology department. They weren't the best for the longest time, and still aren't. They should outsource it.
  4. I hear their services aren't the greatest because they're understaffed and the job has a high turn over.
  5. Jtown607

    Chenango Forks Superintendent

    So this guy makes $160k a year, lives in Syracuse, but is the Superintendent of Chenango Forks? What's this I hear he was "romantic" with his secretary (who was all of a sudden moved to another position). A Principal at the high school just left and went to another district, because apparently working for this guy in undesirable. The middle school had a new Principal who left and took a lower paying position because Ol' Lloyd Peck was horrible to work for. Anyone have any other dirt or gossip on this?
  6. Jtown607

    Broome CountySheriff Candidates

    Wow that's a shame, and now her husband is somehow up harders ass handpicking new hires and forcing kids who want the job to sign off the list and telling them to work in the jail first and then they'll have a chance. I met her once, she seemed professional but heard freddie completely used her to climb the ladder.
  7. This has been the best tread in a long time! Predictions - Freddie cheats within the next 6-8 months John Akshar left with someones, wife, girlfriend, mother, sister or daughter and probably started yet another bar fight Harder probably rode a rascal scooter in and complained about the service 3/4 of the attendees left drunk and drove
  8. Jtown607

    Desperate John Akshar trying to defend Battisti

    My buddy who works at the sheriffs department said they are trilled he is gone and so is fred. Both have abused their authority and pulled the wool over Harder’s eyes to make them think they were almighty
  9. Jtown607

    The Absolute State of the Press & Sun-Bulletin

    I used to like the press but sadly it’s become entirely too biased and liberal.
  10. Jtown607

    BCVoice investigating arrest of BPD officer in Las Vegas

    This seems to be a common theme with BPD officers. Just like the one a few months ago that was in a white pickup truck who struck several vehicles (drunk) downtown.
  11. Jtown607

    Desperate John Akshar trying to defend Battisti

    You don't need to worry about crooked Deputy John anymore as he got a job with the FEDS - thanks to Freddie helping him out. It's sad that the kid got hired in law enforcement in the first place after being arrested for rape in the military. Then he continued to sleep with everyone's wives and girlfriends over the years. Doesn't that sound like someone else we know? Politics and nepotism at its finest.
  12. Jtown607

    Matthews One Price

    They're known for that.. sadly people listen to their ads and just assume they're cheaper
  13. These two innocent girls get mowed down by some loser on drugs. Why are we even allowing these animals to be out in the public? You have idiot organizations like Truth Pharm that are handing out Narcan like candy, just enabling these animals just to get as high as they can and do dangerous stuff. They are stealing everything and wasting the resources of the hospitals, cops and ambulances. God Bless these two girls and their families - this makes me so sick. I hope this animal faces YEARS in jail! Sadly, look at the person who hit Officer Rossi in Port Dickinson, he served like 3-4 years in jail? The girl who ran down the guy in Tom's Parking lot on Main Street - she got less than a year in jail and PROBATION!! What is wrong with this photo?
  14. Jtown607

    Rule breaker Battisti can't even park legally

    And ironically I saw him on 17 near the mall yesterday around 230, tailgating, not using turn signals and driving like a jerk.
  15. Jtown607

    Rule breaker Battisti can't even park legally

    Can anyone confirm that he was driving? Would love to see a photo of him getting out of the vehicle.