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  1. Jtown607

    Matthews One Price

    They're known for that.. sadly people listen to their ads and just assume they're cheaper
  2. These two innocent girls get mowed down by some loser on drugs. Why are we even allowing these animals to be out in the public? You have idiot organizations like Truth Pharm that are handing out Narcan like candy, just enabling these animals just to get as high as they can and do dangerous stuff. They are stealing everything and wasting the resources of the hospitals, cops and ambulances. God Bless these two girls and their families - this makes me so sick. I hope this animal faces YEARS in jail! Sadly, look at the person who hit Officer Rossi in Port Dickinson, he served like 3-4 years in jail? The girl who ran down the guy in Tom's Parking lot on Main Street - she got less than a year in jail and PROBATION!! What is wrong with this photo?
  3. Jtown607

    Rule breaker Battisti can't even park legally

    And ironically I saw him on 17 near the mall yesterday around 230, tailgating, not using turn signals and driving like a jerk.
  4. Jtown607

    Rule breaker Battisti can't even park legally

    Can anyone confirm that he was driving? Would love to see a photo of him getting out of the vehicle.
  5. Jtown607

    Truth Pharm complete Farse

    Does anyone know if Alexis Pleus is being investigated yet for scamming locals? She gets donations, and monies from the state/feds to help "addicts". But sadly, she just pockets a majority of the funds, goes on expensive trips and buys flashy things. Just check out her Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/onealexis I also heard that she's in charge or leading the PLOT Progressive Leaders of Tomorrow movement on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/BingPLOT/. Why would someone who wants to "help" the community involve themselves in politics and a hate group such as PLOT? She's organized protests AT the Broome County Jail against "mass incarceration", but apparently doesn't know it's only a jail and not a State Prison. Must also not be aware that jail time or prison time is decided by Judges and Juries. Did she even go to high school? I'm pretty sure that's taught in participation in government classes. Look around social media, it's amazing, Alexis will comment on a Facebook post someplace (and magically) seconds later, PLOT will agree with Alexis and confirm her "comment" or "opinion". One of her minions, Jake Buckland, also has been seen numerous times on social media being entirely too political, anti government and anti law enforcement. Such a sad representation for someone who "practices" law at a local firm. Here's to crossing fingers in hopes she's being investigated by the NYS Attorney Generals Office In 2018, they brought in $173 grand. Their "training" budget was $53k; wonder who pocketed that? https://www.charitiesnys.com/RegistrySearch/show_details.jsp?id={6A80CA50-A78E-4FA7-81BE-D4D0B38CA525} (take a look for yourself)
  6. Jtown607

    Broome's biggest fraud: John "Sonny" Manculich

    Looks like the attorney general needs to do some investigations and foil all the tows for the last 10 years.
  7. Jtown607

    BREAKING: Battisti promises to bring back Gerald Mollen

    Where's the news article on this? I don't see it anywhere
  8. Jtown607

    Scandal at East Middle School

    And I keep hearing that two of the four girls recanted their accusations.
  9. Jtown607

    Akshar to resign from senate & run for sheriff

    Not to mention the current undersheriff (retired from the state troopers) has a pension of $113,329 and an undersheriff salary of $78,257 with a total of $191,496. Talk about complete double dipping. I'm sure he also gets a car that he drives to and from home. The upper management needs to change there.