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  1. This morning in Wegman’s there was a group of what appeared to be college age males (don’t know if they were BU students or not). One of them had a t-shirt that said “I have Corona”. They were observed in the potato chip aisle LICKING their hands and touching all the salsa and chips and exclaiming “I have Corona!” and LAUGHING! Someone informed a store employee and several store employees asked them to leave and this group became belligerent and saying f&$k you you can’t make us leave. Security had to be called. I only hope Wegman’s was smart enough to get their names and identifying information. It has been reported to the Health Dept and Wegman’s was removing all of the salsa from the shelves. Who knows what other items they did this too though! So DISGUSTING!
  2. I doubt this is true. If it was SOMEONE would have taken a picture.