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  1. Pretty much everyone who supported Korchak in 2019 has been outraged by his actions after being elected.
  2. Exactly. What would anyone want to hear Smith’s opinion on anything, after he was responsible for giving us the most embarrassing failure of an elected official in Broome County history... Mike Korchak.
  3. What else has Korchak run? A one person law office where he was the only employee. He obviously isn’t up to this job. Enjoy retirement, Michael. This job isn’t for you.
  4. Why would he apologize to Christine Battisti? The way she conducted herself she deserved it.
  5. Some big posts from John Solak today. He offered an apology to Paul Battisti, and says maybe Battisti was better candidate. He says “ What rings true now is how much better Steve Cornwell really was.” And John has the screen shots of Korchak’s 2023 re-election campaign working on his websites.
  6. We all stand with you, Garo! Korchak, Loughran and the rest of Team Mollen are trying to silence free speech.
  7. Solak has made it pretty clear he no longer supports Korchak and wishes Cornwell was still DA.
  8. MC Hampster

    Happy Birthday John Solak!

    Happy Birthday John and thank you for everything you do.
  9. MC Hampster

    DA Korchak can't act surprised or claim ignorance

    It’s indisputable. John Solak posted copies of the budget lines.
  10. MC Hampster

    DA Korchak can't act surprised or claim ignorance

    And alllll the Korchak people attacked Paul Battisti over his tax issue and trouble with his transportation company. But Korchak is spending your money like a little brat with her daddy's credit card, all during COVID when the local unemployment rate was over 15%? That is a disgusting abuse of power. Let's have the DA election this year, vote him out!
  11. MC Hampster

    Donna Lupardo- Absolutely USELESS!!!!

    You are very right. The silence IS deafening. Lupardo the hypocrite is quick to call out any Republican. But she keeps her mouth shut about her own party. Lupardo refuses to denounce Andrew Cuomo.
  12. If she paraded around in bikinis and boob shirts, like the other one, Chloe Vincente, she would have been treated very differently by Cuomo.
  13. MC Hampster

    The County Executive - Jason Garnar

    The Family Foundation School wasn't exactly a sought after teaching position for anyone in education. It's the kind of school that would hire anyone. From Garnar's perspective, he was traveling 90 miles a day roundtrip to teach there. Making probably $30,000 a year. Likely because he couldn't get a job anywhere else. I doubt you even need a degree to teach there. Good teachers around here making a lot more and travel a lot less to their schools.
  14. MC Hampster

    Deputy County Exec. Kevin McManus, who will replace him

    I vote for Solak!
  15. MC Hampster

    WBNG’s Chloe Vincente leaving for Birmingham, AL

    Solak is the best. I check his Twitter twice a day.