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  1. Spuds

    Diesel or Electric?

    If you put a lot of miles on your car (you do) electric is no good for you due to lack of recharging stations and the time necessary to recharge. Diesel is too problematic in the cold weather and not too many economical cars are offered as diesels. Your best bet would be a Toyota Rav4 Hybrid. Uses regular gas, has high gas mileage and very reliable. With proper maintenance you should get 200K miles out of the vehicle. Good luck with your choice.
  2. Spuds

    WBNG’s Chloe Vincente leaving for Birmingham, AL

    Here she is with Nicole Menner (the sports reporter). Very nice!
  3. Spuds


    I just hope Kimber can't reproduce. You know, like a mule.
  4. Spuds


    I think Kimber has him beat as a loser by a mile.
  5. Spuds

    SS crowd estimate Trump rally Butler, Pa.

    The only thing Biden can fill is his Depends ......
  6. Spuds

    OLUMS major layoffs??? 50 let go in last week?

    I stopped shopping at Olum"s a few years ago for exactly the reasons above. They act like they're doing you a favor by waiting on you. For furniture I use RF and appliances either Lowes or Home Depot. I remember the old days when they were the best place to shop, but not anymore. Too bad, let them fold.
  7. They bleed you with leeches .....
  8. Spuds

    Binghamton’s PLOT shuts down court st. Last night

    Right now they're just dipping their toes to test the water to see how far they can go. Soon they will become more and more militant and the riots will start. They will then move on to JC and Endicott. There is no appeasing or reasoning with these scumbags. Lock and load.
  9. They'll be rioting here soon. They are already pushing the envelope in Binghamton to see what they can get away with. People in this area better start banding together and making plans to defend their neighborhoods because our small police departments will be unable to cope.
  10. This area needs to close the airport, zoo and arena. Not necessarily in that order.
  11. Spuds

    Way to go WBNG

    I was wondering what happened to him.
  12. Spuds

    Old Golf Course

  13. Spuds

    Old Golf Course

    I was talking with someone today and he told me there used to be a small 9 hole golf course on Twist Run Rd in Endwell. It closed late 60's or early 70's. He couldn't remember the name. Does anyone here know anything about it?
  14. Spuds

    Seattle = Fort Sumter Part II

    If they come into your neighborhood remember - don't litter. Pick up your brass!
  15. They're going to the Vatican so he can be canonized!