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  1. Spuds

    Obama Blows Off Biden At White House Ceremony

    OR ..... Republicans take over the House and Senate. They install Trump as speaker of the house. They impeach Biden and Kamala. Trump becomes president and appoints a vp.
  2. Spuds

    Smollett: I'm Not Suicidal--I'm Innocent

    Actually, I'm a bit disappointed he's not suicidal!
  3. Spuds

    60,000 In NY. 800,000 Nationwide. FAKE!!

    Finally some REAL "Common Sense" instead of the lunatic ravings of a self professed expert!
  4. Spuds

    The Greater Binghamton Airport

    Never happen- too sensible!
  5. Spuds

    One Doctor for all ails

    Please post before and after pix!
  6. Spuds

    Dick’s Open doesn’t hire any people of color

    How many non white people applied?
  7. Spuds

    No more Lincoln dealership

    This actually happened Jan 1. I got rid of my Lincoln Nautilus as soon as I heard because I couldn't get warranty work done unless I went to Ithaca or Scranton or Syracuse. I'm surprised nothing was mentioned on any of the local news outlets. I really liked my Lincoln.
  8. Spuds

    Columbus Park

    Ginger may be a lot of things but racist isn't one of them. Now you on the other hand .......
  9. I'd like to kick his father's ass for not using a condom .......
  10. Spuds

    $500 for a ticket to the Dick's Open

    Pete - I just got my and my wife's passes with no problem at all. We had our 2nd shots early March. We were not asked about any Covid testing. The pass came up on the website after approval, I down loaded the app and it took a picture of the pass and it is on my phone. I also printed out the pass just in case. Only puzzling thing is that the pass expires 9/3/2021. WTF?
  11. Spuds

    Reparations for minorities

    I will be happy to give them a reparation --- in the caliber of their choice.
  12. Spuds

    Prince Harry and Meghan

    Really, why does anyone in the U.S. give a shit about the royal family much less these 2 morons? I don't get it.
  13. Spuds

    Diesel or Electric?

    If you put a lot of miles on your car (you do) electric is no good for you due to lack of recharging stations and the time necessary to recharge. Diesel is too problematic in the cold weather and not too many economical cars are offered as diesels. Your best bet would be a Toyota Rav4 Hybrid. Uses regular gas, has high gas mileage and very reliable. With proper maintenance you should get 200K miles out of the vehicle. Good luck with your choice.