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  1. Nyrfan

    Raising the next generation of "dindu nuffins"

    My only comment is that being a jerk is not really color dependent
  2. Nyrfan

    The New BCVOICE

    I am sure that as the 2020 elections get closer the animosity level will soar
  3. Nyrfan

    Endwell 1960's Questions

    great picture - thanks
  4. Nyrfan

    Endwell 1960's Questions

    correct and both Lincoln-Mercury and Whipples sponsored Endwell Little League teams - along with Endwell House
  5. Nyrfan

    Endwell 1960's Questions

    Just to clarify - Whipples was on Main Street where Burger King is located today. Beckwith was located approximately where the Hooper Road overpass currently sits, right next to the railroad tracks
  6. Nyrfan

    Endwell 1960's Questions

    1) Beckwith Lumber 2) Michael's (I think) - I believe that if you kept going across Pearl Street you would find Seeley's where kids went for lunch 5) right before the split where North St branches off Main street - have been several diners there in recent years 6) Chuckwagon
  7. Nyrfan

    Bridge from Endwell to Vestal?

    Isn't this the bridge that did get built??
  8. I am not from JC but I have to tell you I respect the fact that you post here without being masked with an alias (if this really is you) signed a Voicer who doesn;t have the balls to give my name
  9. Nyrfan

    WBNG Nick Aresco

    or was that Gross Mitch??
  10. Nyrfan

    Donna Lupardo not running again?

    De river in Egypt
  11. Nyrfan

    Olde Friars Inn

    Yup - that's the bldg i was talking about - forgot about Keith's though
  12. Nyrfan

    Olde Friars Inn

    The Olde Friars Inn was in the building at the corner of River Road and Geo F highway - I believe there is a hair salon and several other business in there now, right across from the car dealer (which was Henry's Hamburgers back in late 60's)
  13. I believe Toyota US is non-union (not sure if it is 100%) which is why they are mainly in the southern states
  14. Nyrfan

    Apollo 11 50th anniversary coin competition

    yeah - typical gov't waste http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/space/5893387/Apollo-11-moon-landing-top-15-Nasa-inventions.html
  15. LA - I'm confused - what don't u understand?