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    Dishonest greedy Joshua Shapiro for Family Court?

    Duties: Chief Court Clerks are responsible for administration and supervision of the day-to-day operations of the Clerk’s Office, including areas such as intake, courtroom deputies, jury, case management, electronic case filing systems, records management, statistical reporting, quality assurance, staffing, and procedural manuals. Jennifer Katz Shapiro has no experience in any of those areas. A college intern would have more qualifications for the position than her.
  2. I have seen that dishonest and greedy Vestal resident Joshua Shapiro is running for Family Court Judge. He is not a man to trust or one you would want making decisions involving families. His campaign slogan is “putting families first” what I think he means is putting HIS family first. That is exactly what he did to Binghamton City Court. Shapiro works for the NY Office of Court Administration. Where he is involved in all of the town and village courts in Broome County, and Binghamton City Court. When there was an opening for Chief Court Clerk in Binghamton, what did Shapiro do? Hire his wife. Mrs. Shapiro (or Katz as she is known) had absolutely no qualification to be Chief Court Clerk. She has never worked in a court. Her previous experience was working for Broome County Department of Personnel. Because she didn’t deserve the job and doesn’t know the job she has made many enemies in City Court and screwed up the courts. They are a complete mess. This is Joshua Shapiro... dishonest and greedy! A big six figure job for his unqualified clueless wife, at the expense of everyone else.