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  1. YankeeDoodle

    Something happened in our town

    I don't think you understand. This wasn't a person reading for their own benefit. It was a book that is being taught to the children in one of our local schools. Parents and taxpayers should and DO have a say as to what materials are being used, and the messages being poured into their impressionable minds. What this is is propaganda and indoctrination.
  2. YankeeDoodle

    Something happened in our town

    Must be someone got some flack. The video has been removed by the uploader.
  3. YankeeDoodle


    Kyndryl? What kind of stupid name is that? It looks and sounds like an Indian company. I liked it better when IBM referred to this new entity by its temporary name "Newco." They aren't even smart enough to put a pronunciation on their home page. What is it? KIN-drol? I looked on YouTube for a hint, and all of the videos are by foreigners!
  4. YankeeDoodle


    IBM also played another game that "endeared" them to their customers. They would pull people (i.e., workforce reductions) off a project. Less labor meant more profits for them. The problem is, or course, that without enough manpower, agreed upon work was not getting done. Systems were not supported sufficiently. Problems were not being resolved in a timely manner. To try to ensure that that didn't happen, customers would put SLAs — Service Level Agreements — in place. Don't meet the SLAs, and IBM would have to pay a penalty. But, leave it to the bean counters to quickly spot that those penalties were much less than the profits they'd make with a smaller payroll. So complain and penalize all you wanted, customers — IBM didn't care. Making this quarter's revenue and profit goals was much more important than the long-term damage to its reputation. Because in this Internet age, customers wouldn't share their experiences and horror stories with others — right?
  5. YankeeDoodle

    Remembering Prince Phillip

    I thought Abe Vigoda died five years ago?
  6. YankeeDoodle

    Finally, Real Political Comedy Again

    Half of which was lifted from a Johnny Carson sketch from 1982:
  7. YankeeDoodle

    “Cuomo behavior” in Broome County

    Based on what I remember being posted here over the years ... Zikuski?
  8. Here's the video on Twitter: Here's more of the story: https://europe.infowars.com/norway-woman-brutally-kicked-to-ground-at-train-station-after-being-called-racist/
  9. YankeeDoodle

    Coming 2 America - Warning! Spoilers!

    The entire Lord of the Rings book series is technically a sequel.
  10. Oh, you thought I meant a wall on our Southern border to protect the average legal American citizen? Silly you! https://www.air.tv/watch?v=0yY5WgOcQMGHczRTAPhzwA
  11. They think it's all about them, but are totally oblivious ... https://9gag.com/gag/aMK8L9X Meanwhile, back at the gas station ...
  12. YankeeDoodle

    Several things happening today:

    Ever see any clips of his testimony? Steve Bannon calls him Mr. Magoo! BTW, Bannon's show - on twice a day - is the best thing on TV!
  13. YankeeDoodle

    Diesel or Electric?

    How big is the tank in both vehicles?
  14. YankeeDoodle

    How often do you read Press & Sun Bulletin or pressconnects

    It's such a worthless rag, that I am part of four separate households (all related, but separated by 15 miles) that share a single subscription. One of the households stopped getting it because the Press said "screw it - we're not doing home delivery in your area anymore." Nice. I'm third on this family list, and I get around to them about three weeks after the publish date. Doesn't take long to skim an issue. No substance to any of the state or national articles, and the bias screams out at you. Half of the "local" news is centered around Rochester, where it is printed. The best part for me is finding all of the mistakes and general nonsense in the Broome historical photos and Gerald Smith's columns. He had a great one last month: "In 1818, Maj. Martin Hawley arrived about 1829." (See for yourself at: https://www.pressconnects.com/story/news/local/2021/01/09/spanning-time-history-town-binghamton/6581726002/ ) After the last household is finished with it, I get it back and during the winter use it for starter in my wood stove. In the summer I use it around plants and trees as a weed barrier, then put mulch over it. (After all, the content is basically compost anyway.)
  15. No, you can shove all of that LGBTQ+++++++ weirdness down our children's throats. That's OK. But Kermit and the gang? Unfortunately, they sometimes depict things that are, well, not fit for children's eyes or ears. Thus the adult warning. It's for everyone's safety, after all. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9282625/The-Muppet-comes-alert-offensive-content-Disney.html