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  1. Maybe this kind of behavior can be cured with a little reparation money.
  2. YankeeDoodle

    The Absolute State of the Press & Sun-Bulletin

    I don't know if many people know this, but obituaries are considered part of the advertising department and not the editorial department.
  3. YankeeDoodle

    The Absolute State of the Press & Sun-Bulletin

    Another pet peeve of mine are those "A Life Lived" (I think they're called) articles. In them the writer interviews children, grandchildren and other relatives to learn more about the deceased. But near the beginning of the article the date of death is usually listed, with the clarification "according to their obituary." Seriously? You have to list the source? You're interviewing family members and you can't use them to confirm the date? It's like they're worried about some fact checker coming along. Sources for information are not identified in any other articles, so why the necessity to clarify it here? Just list the date and be done with it. Besides, these articles usually run a month or two after the death. If you were that concerned about the date, admit it - you weren't that close to them and you missed the viewing and the service anyway.
  4. YankeeDoodle

    The Absolute State of the Press & Sun-Bulletin

    Boy, where to begin? More Rochester-related articles ever since they moved the printing of the paper from Johnson City (now another abandoned building?) to Rochester. How can a "local" paper have to be shipped 160 miles and 2.5 hours to its market? What they consider "news" is a full-width panorama color scenic picture with a vague caption (usually running on page 3A). Like a close-up of a bird on a fence post with the caption "Whitney Point". They'll edit a column or article for space, but leave out important information. I'll often see someone referred to by only their last name near the end of the piece, but nowhere before that is the person's full name given, what they do or how they relate to the story. The exact same article and picture appearing in separate sections on the same day. Sometimes the duplicate is the next day or the day after that. Section B consisting of only a single sheet of paper folded to make four pages. And Page 4 is often a full-page ad for something like a mattress company. Section B inserted last in the paper, after sometimes three segments all called "A", then "C" and then "D". Ever hear of the alphabet? Oh, that's right - Section B is a USA Today insert, which probably gets handled last. Many of the ads are for products and services owned by Gannett itself. Filler PSAs supposedly supporting the First Amendment: "Free to be . . . " They can't even get the comics right. How many times did they run the same panels the next day? What often bothers me are the one really local-related segments that are always screwed up - the photos and columns from historian Gerald Smith. He really needs a ghostwriter. They read like something written by someone in middle school. His facts are often wrong too, like referring to the national television network in the early '50s as the "DuPont network". Dates for the photos are often wrong, easily identified by cars manufactured one or two decades after the listed date. Other things in the background leave clues as well. A photo of the Capri Theater (now the Forum) has been used several times with the caption "about 1960." The problem is the movie on the marque: Woody Allen in Play It Again, Sam, which was released in 1972. Last fall they had photos of fires in Binghamton where they named the actual structures involved, with captions that said the photos were taken "about" or "around" a certain date. How can an actual historical documented event be said that it occurred "about" or "around"? That's like saying the Zapruder film was shot "about 1960". Historian? Seriously?
  5. Isn't Joe Zikuski part of a group of politicians and VIPs that call themselves "The Catholic Central Mafia"? I think he was either class of '75 or '76. It might be interesting to list all of the members of that group, along with their questionable activities.
  6. YankeeDoodle

    12 News

    Speaking of Idiocracy and how real life mimics fiction, check out this scene from the movie regarding the Gatorade-like drink called "Brawndo": Now to scare you as to the "intelligence" of this country, watch what happens as, just one week ago, Mike Dice asked people what they thought of using "Brawndo" to help fight famine in Africa:
  7. YankeeDoodle

    12 News

    Like this?
  8. YankeeDoodle

    12 News

    It's not a matter of "OR". A levy is either: 1) imposing a tax, fee or fine 2) enlisting someone for military service A levee is an embankment. But I guess journalism schools these days only teach the incoming brains of mush to avoid "triggering" words - not correctly spelling words and knowing proper definitions.
  9. YankeeDoodle

    12 News

    But man - can he dance!
  10. YankeeDoodle

    12 News

    WBNG's flood coverage was pathetic. Most of WBNG's stories get posted online. Back during one of the two floods we had (forget which one) they talked about the dirt walls that are used to hold back water. Do you know what they called one of them? A "levy". Seriously? Then they pointed their cameras down to the area around the IBM Country Club and said that the water you were watching was the Susquehanna River. Not the flooding from the river. It was supposedly the river itself. And when Greber was covering the various water levels around the area, one of the slides on the screen said "Port Crain".
  11. YankeeDoodle

    I Saw A Christmas First Today.

    And for Jewish kids there is .. "The Mensch On a Bench"! It got funding on Shark Tank a few years ago:
  12. You know that, and I know that . . . There is also "tin foil hat" discussion (the term before they invented "fake news") that Snopes gets some funding and support from the CIA to help spread disinformation. Nothing surprises me anymore if that is true.
  13. We've had people here on this board who openly ridiculed articles posted on sites such as The Daily Caller, as they questioned the credibility and integrity of people like founder Tucker Carlson. Yet they had no problem quoting Snopes and using them as a voice of authority. Great staff they have. Yes, I want to get my political "fact checking" provided by former porn stars, hookers and a dominatrix. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4042194/Facebook-fact-checker-arbitrate-fake-news-accused-defrauding-website-pay-prostitutes-staff-includes-escort-porn-star-Vice-Vixen-domme.html
  14. YankeeDoodle

    Read A Confusing Headline Today On Drudge

    According to the Left, that whole airplane situation was IVANKA'S fault! http://dailycaller.com/2016/12/22/liberals-blame-the-victim-for-ivanka-harassment-on-jetblue-flight/ Don't forget the tweet that the "wife" of that gay couple posted while they were still in the terminal: And then comedian Ian Karmel, who is also credited as being a writer on James Corden's The Late Late Show, posted this: At protests to this day people in the crowd keep screaming "LOVE TRUMPS HATE!" So where exactly is that love, huh liberals?
  15. YankeeDoodle

    Read A Confusing Headline Today On Drudge

    Trumpocalypse? Suddenly Liberals Are The Ones Stockpiling Food, Guns And Emergency Supplies "Now that the shoe is on the other foot, many liberals all over America have suddenly become extremely interested in prepping. Fearing that a Trump presidency could rapidly evolve into a “Trumpocalypse”, a significant number of leftists are now stockpiling food, guns and emergency supplies. In fact, even though many had expected a sharp drop in gun sales following Trump’s victory, what actually happened is that fear of what is coming under Trump pushed background checks for gun sales to an all-time record high on Black Friday. The election of Donald Trump has awakened the left to a degree that we haven’t seen in decades, and some on the left are embracing hardcore survivalism without any apologies." http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/trumpocalypse-suddenly-liberals-are-the-ones-stockpiling-food-guns-and-emergency-supplies Yeah - but we already have years of experience sending lead downrange and knowing how to use those preps. If there is a problem - good luck catching up, rookies. The character Ransom Stoddard comes to mind.