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  1. YankeeDoodle

    Brainwash Them When They're Young

    Middle school nurse thinks she is Snoop Dogg: https://twitter.com/libsoftiktok/status/1484291818367770626?ref_src=twsrc^tfw
  2. YankeeDoodle

    Brainwash Them When They're Young

    Now is a good time for everyone to watch the ABC Afternoon Special from 1981 called The Wave. It shows how easily people can be influenced by being told they are better than others and have a taste of power. A mirror of 1930s Germany, which the actual real classroom experiment was meant to demonstrate. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083316/?ref_=fn_al_tt_4 The copies on YouTube are not that great. Here is one of the full 44-minute movie. (Try not to be distracted by how some of the actors appear to have attended the Candace Chapman School of Overacting. 😀 )
  3. YankeeDoodle

    Brainwash Them When They're Young

  4. OK. The world is now officially insane. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10418877/TSA-reveals-illegal-migrants-flying-without-proper-ID-use-ARREST-WARRANT-identification.html
  5. The problem is, a true placebo would be saline. What the "placebo" group received is the shot with all of the unknown and still undisclosed ingredients. It is just missing the mRNA component. So it's not really a placebo study. It's some people getting "A"; some getting "A+1." What is in "A?" What does that do to the human body? The fact that the "placebo" group is experiencing adverse events speaks volumes. So everything is still a massive human trial on a scale never before seen.
  6. A story out today says that people who received the Pfizer placebo shot experienced some of the same adverse events as those who received the actual shots. How is that possible? Well, just like the famous "it all depends on what the definition of "is" is," it all depends on what a placebo is. A comment attached to that article may have an explanation: "I’ve read information about pfizer trials on CDC website right after they had started vaccine rollout. I also noticed in their charts that placebo groups had a lot of the same side effects as non-placebo, such as fever, chills etc. And in the same documents I have found the answer why. I thought that placebo was just some saline solution. BUT NO, in that particular trial placebo was the same vaccine, with all its ingredients, just without MRN (sic) component!!!! That explains why did placebo groups have so many adverse effects." So before anyone jumps to any conclusions that the vaccines are not causing any problems, and just like the CDC changed the definition for what a "vaccine" is, find out exactly what they decided to label a "placebo." A "placebo" does not automatically mean a saline solution or a sugar pill. Just like, is a Big Mac without the "special sauce" a "placebo?" Or is it still a Big Mac? https://www.theepochtimes.com/many-adverse-events-in-covid-19-vaccine-trials-are-from-placebo-recipients-analysis_4222046.html?utm_source=partner&utm_campaign=gp
  7. YankeeDoodle

    Order your 4 free Covid at home test kits

    Like the Vancome Lady used to say: "Tchaaa ... you know what? Uh-uh."
  8. YankeeDoodle

    Receipts: Hospitals Paid to Kill

    Want another example of hospital "care?" Try this: https://rumble.com/vsse8x-docs-tried-to-kill-unvaxxed-could-face-criminal-charges-sheriff-must-decide.html Think it's not real? https://www.yahoo.com/news/covid-patient-flown-texas-minnesota-192436383.html
  9. YankeeDoodle

    Order your 4 free Covid at home test kits

    When I went to Wegmans last week, there were displays piled high with home test kits. Wanting to confirm my suspicions, I picked one up and searched for the country of manufacture. Yup. "Made in China." OH, HELL NO! Can you say "point of origin?" So I'm curious — where are these Biden USPS ones made?
  10. YankeeDoodle

    Receipts: Hospitals Paid to Kill

    Every since this "pandemic" started two years ago, many doctors have said that hospitals get paid more from Medicare for the same conditions (such as pneumonia) if Covid was attached to the diagnosis. We've also heard that PCR tests are run for nearly twice the number of cycles for an unvaxxed person as compared to a vaxxed person (less accuracy, more chances for false positives). So here is a video segment from a show yesterday with some additional, current confirmation. And in case anyone thinks this doctor is an unknown quack, the following partial bio is from Onco'Zine — The International Oncology Network: "Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD ... is a past Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). Vliet also has an active US medical practice in Tucson AZ and Dallas TX specializing in preventive and climacteric medicine with an integrated approach to evaluation and treatment of women and men with complex medical and hormonal problems. In 2014 Vliet received a NECO Ellis Island Medal of Honor and the Arizona Foundation for Women 2007 Voice of Women award for her pioneering medical and educational advocacy for overlooked hormone connections in women's health. She received her MD degree and internship in Internal Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School, and completed specialty training at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She earned her B.S. and Master's degrees from the College of William and Mary in Virginia." https://www.oncozine.com/industry-contributor-elizabeth-lee-vliet-md/ Here's the video: https://rumble.com/vss4yi-receipts-hospitals-paid-to-kill-providers-incentivized-by-feds-to-murder-co.html
  11. YankeeDoodle

    Who Funded or Contributed To the Korchak Campaign?

    Thank you for the info. So it looks like the blame is centered locally, and there were no outside forces at work. In some ways that's good to know. In other ways ... not so good. Maybe if there were still an active working press in this area. But as was illustrated in a two-week story arc in the comic strip Crankshaft a few months ago, larger corporations outside the area own just about all forms of the local media, and do the bare minimum to only keep the lights on and use them as cash cows. Again, what can we as voters do when all of the choices offered up suck?
  12. I have absolutely nothing to go on ... I'm just spit ballin' here ... Now, I know in politics, it's been very convenient to make George Soros out to be the Boogeyman. Blame him and his money — either contributed directly by him or through his shell organizations — for all of our country's and the world's woes. However, we've already seen with documented proof that Soros has been directly involved in the funding and helping to get elected District Attorneys around the country. New DAs that have had a major impact in how their cities are being run. Impacts such as putting restrictions on and hampering the police. Turning a blind eye to crime. Refusing to prosecute and letting major felons go free. Making a toxic work environment where staff leave. Which brings us to our area. Is Korchak really that incompetent? Or are we seeing a planned destruction of law and order in our community? Knowing which individuals and/or organizations helped fund his election might give an indication. So, just out of curiosity, has anyone ever done a deep dive in that direction? Maybe everything will come out squeaky clean, and he's simply an imbecile. If so, then this might be a good argument that elections would turn out much better if every position being voted on had the additional choice of "NONE OF THE ABOVE — START OVER."
  13. YankeeDoodle

    BPD off duty antics

    Were they, by chance, members of (or have connections to) the "Catholic Central Mafia?"
  14. YankeeDoodle

    Ho Hired: JC hires homewrecker as Clerk/Treasurer

    There was a quote I remember reading years ago. I thought it was by Roger Moore, but I can't find it online. Anyway: "I owe my career to my first wife. I owe my second wife to my career." Sad. It shows how easily relationships can be discarded, and the priorities in some people's lives. For anyone considering starting over again with someone younger, stop and think of exactly how old you were when they were born. Do you really think an attractive woman's ultimate goal in life is to bed down with someone old enough to be her father? Although this is at the extreme side of May - December romances, whenever I hear of an older man hooking up with a much younger woman, I can't help thinking of this comment from Ricky Gervais: