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  1. Never forget the Mara Train Wreck of 2021. Supplies are limited. Order now!
  2. Uranus

    ME Football Controversy

    When will Mara Grace break her silence?
  3. Uranus

    ME Football Controversy

    Mara Grace moved to ME so her kids didn’t have to go to school with the “scumbags” in Binghamton.
  4. I see drunk Pennsylvania resident Marty Smith has a new TV commercial out for Mara Grace. First of all, Marty Smith fled NY for PA. He no longer has a say, and should stay out of our elections. Second, it’s been a decade since Smith has seen Mara Grace in court. In the ad Smith says Grace “touches all the bases that need to be touched, when we talk about the kind of person we want to sit on the bench in Family Court.” Let’s take a look at the bases, shall we?
  5. This is right on. Marty Smith has lost all credibility because of the disastrous term of Korchak. Smith was so outspoken for Korchak, and Korchak has been so bad, Smith’s endorsement has become a liability for other candidates.
  6. It looks like as soon as she got her big raise from Mike K. to set her up for her pension, she started partying and stopped doing her job.