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  1. In today's newspaper local fraudster Alexis Pleus accuses the sheriff's office of racism, for only sharing information of black individuals arrested for drug sales. But a quick visit to the sheriff's Facebook page, shows arrests of several white individuals, arrested for drug sales. Just more lies from Alexis Pleus, who seeks to exploit the drug epidemic to make money for herself. How much has Pleus paid herself from Truth Pharm, which was intended to be spent on helping those who need drug treatment? Is Pleus really after the sheriff's office for looking into complaints she misspends the money donated to Truth Pharm?
  2. Sam Allen

    Alexis Pleus - Truth Pharm where does the money go?

    LMAO. Pleus thinks there's a team effort by Garnar and Cornwell here on BCVoice. Alexis, don't flatter yourself. Did it ever occur to you there's plenty of people here in Windsor who have been on to you for years?
  3. Sam Allen

    Alexis Pleus - Truth Pharm where does the money go?

    Pleus released a list of things she claims she did in 2016... many of them cost nothing! Where did the money go?
  4. A woman named Alexis Pleus is on the news constantly talking about drugs and the lack of treatment providers locally. She is part of Truth Pharm, an organization that holds events and fundraisers and asks for money to fight and treat addiction. So where does they money go? They have been around at least for a few years, so they must have raised $50,000? $75,000? Where has the money gone? Alexis Pleus is quick to throw stones at local officials on her Facebook page so she should open her books to the public. After all she claims to be a public charity. Nothing to hide? Open your books and let's see where the money has gone.