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  1. The lengthy story cites BCVoice. “In his deposition, David points to a Facebook post Jablon allegedly made under an assumed name in which she posed the question of whether it would be legal to shoot the mayor. Another alleged post included a photo of 2 monks with assault weapons and a warning about teaching the mayor and other elected officials a lesson. And David claims that Jablon sent him an email stating “you will die as well.” Plus, he cites a post he says she made on B-C Voice in which she wrote “Rich David is dead. Rich David is dead.” https://www.binghamtonhomepage.com/news/local-mosaic-artist-charged-with-threat-against-rich-david/
  2. We here at BCVoice would like to extend warm wishes and condolences to our dear friends the Balles family, on the passing of Ray Balles, 91, of Johnson City. Ray was a member of the Johnson City Little League, where he served as a coach, Treasurer, VP, and also President for 10 years. He was the founder of the Junior Baseball League which is still in existence today. He also coached Johnson City Muni-League, and CYO basketball for a total of 20 years. Ray loved coaching, but what he loved even more was hearing from the kids that he had the pleasure of coaching to find about all their successes in life. Ray was an avid Boston Red Sox fan and never missed a game. One of his biggest dreams came true when the Red Sox won a world championship in 2004. That World Series championship was there first since 1918, ending the Curse of the Bambino who was Babe Ruth. Ray lived a very happy and fulfilled life. He was a very hands on Dad and never missed any of his children's sporting events. He loved to watch his grandchildren grow over the years and the laughter he brought will be deeply missed by anyone who had the pleasure of knowing him. Some of his favorite memories included taking his children to Johnson Field baseball stadium, the Jersey shore, taking the girls for their favorite ice cream, and taking his boys to Fenway park.
  3. BinghamtonBill

    Happy Birthday Garo Kachadourian!

    Happy Birthday to BCVoice's Garo Kachadourian! We hope Garo got some rest from salting roads and driveways yesterday. Thank you for all you do for Broome County Garo!
  4. BinghamtonBill

    BREAKING NEWS Shooting near BHS

    In 2016 the teachers in Binghamton called on Garo for help ousting Binghamton schools superintendent Marion The Barbarian Martinez. Garo led the charge, and got her the hell out of there. It sounds like things are getting to the point where Garo needs to clean house, and Superintendent Tonia Thompson and Principal Kevin Richman NEED TO BE FIRED and THROWN OUT ON THE STREET!
  5. BinghamtonBill

    BREAKING NEWS Shooting near BHS

    BCVoice has learned there is a 17 year old suspect now IN CUSTODY.
  6. BCVoice has learned a MAJOR SCANDAL has erupted at the Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier. Our source tells us several TOP employees are implicated. We will post more as information becomes available.
  7. BCVoice’s Garo Kachadourian was honored today to volunteer some time ringing the Salvation Army bell, for donations outside Sam’s Club in Vestal. Garo was joined by Senator Fred Akshar, attorney Paul Battisti, and Salvation Army Captain Joe Hansen. Garo wishes to thank the hundreds of generous shoppers who made donations. The giving spirit is alive in Broome County, as evident by the kindness of shoppers today in Vestal. Merry Christmas to all!
  8. BinghamtonBill

    Bert Adam's Truck Accident

    BCVoice has obtained a photo of this mess.
  9. BinghamtonBill

    VIDEO: Binghamton nurse assaults child

    This disgusting video was posted to Facebook three days ago, we at BCVoice received it, and were asked to post it. In the disturbing video, a woman assaults a small child. We are told the woman is a nurse at the Binghamton Psychiatric Center. We are also told she is the daughter of a well known lawyer, and she was only charged with a misdemeanor. It looks like more of the GOOD OLE BOY NETWORK in Broome County! It doesn't matter what you do, it matters who you are. District Attorney Michael Korchak should be ASHAMED OF HIMSELF! **UPDATE** 12/22/2021** Google and YouTube removed the video. We here at BCVoice have the video saved. YouCut_20211215_064102388.mp4
  10. BCVoice has learned catalytic converters theft is ON THE RISE in Broome County. Vestal was recently hit, with parts being cut from 20-30 vehicles. The PERPS are selling the parts at scrap yards getting about $300 each. But replacing a catalytic converter can cost you around $1,000. BE ON THE LOOKOUT.
  11. District Attorney Mike Korchak and his wife Nadine just love BCVoice! Here is the THANK YOU CARD they sent Garo, along with a tray of cookies!
  12. There were just 9 employees from the DA's office logged in reading this thread. 😱
  13. BREAKING NEWS out of TOWN OF UNION this morning. BCVoice has learned the new construction of the Sports Dome on Airport Road began ILLEGALLY without the REQUIRED permits. AFTER construction began a SECRET MEETING was held at the Town of Union to grant the permits. With the collapse and lack of permits and oversight FROM THE START, what corners may have been cut? This is a DEVELOPING STORY. We will have more information.
  14. BCVoice has learned Broome County District Attorney Michael Korchak has STOLEN and ALTERED the seal of the State of New York. Korchak is peddling this FRAUD on his website and on his Facebook page. Korchak IS NOT a state official. He has no authority outside Broome County unless appointed by a judge. This is Korchak's ILLEGAL attempt to exaggerate his authority, and make him look more powerful than he is. From the NY Department of State: https://dos.ny.gov/new-york-state-emblems "*The Great Seal is provided here for educational purposes only. State law restricts reproduction of the Great Seal for other purposes. It may not be reproduced without the express permission of the Department of State. Its use is prescribed by statute and is limited to specific purposes."
  15. BinghamtonBill

    Local COVID cases spike, packed hospitals & INCOMPETENT doctors

    Unfortunately she was not vaccinated.