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  1. BCVoice is working with our sources in Las Vegas to break a story regarding a KNOWN Binghamton Police Officer allegedly arrested in Las Vegas. You can’t cover this one up CHIEF Z.... you $#ITBIRD!
  2. BCVoice has learned the BROOME COUNTY DATA BREACH is not over. Just this week, MORE EMPLOYEE EARNINGS were STOLEN from a direct deposit bank account. BCVoice has also learned Jason Garnar was on WNBF radio this week and claimed OUTRAGEOUS FALSEHOODS. BCVoice was contacted YESTERDAY by someone just contacted, who is NOT a county employee, who’s SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER was stolen. BCVoice’s investigation continues and we are issuing a series of FOILS, to deliver this important news.
  3. BinghamtonBill

    RICH DAVID addresses Broome Data Breach

    BCVoice issued a series of FOILS to collect more information on the Broome County data breach, and the COVER UP by Jason Garnar and Broome County IT. We received this from the City of Binghamton. Rich David shared far more information than Jason Garnar. Why isn't Jason Garnar more forthcoming with information? Why is Garnar not talking about how much the data breach cost Broome County?
  4. BinghamtonBill

    Garnar's version of the Data Breach

    There are 13 departments listed.
  5. BinghamtonBill

    Garnar's version of the Data Breach

    BCVoice has learned this is how JASON GARNAR will SPIN the data breach, when the information is released later today.
  6. BinghamtonBill


    BCVoice has learned Jason Garnar will finally address this major issue LATE TOMORROW. The county is hoping by releasing the news late on a Friday, the media won't have time to put stories together, and few Broome County residents will see the news on a Friday night. BCVoice has also learned everything posted here WILL BE CONFIRMED. BCVoice has also also learned, Broome County has spent up to $300,000 trying to clean up this MESS!
  7. BinghamtonBill


    BREAKING news this afternoon. BCVoice has learned, as part of this data breach, between $40,000 - $60,000 was stolen from county employees' paychecks. The money has not been found. This happened in January. It is believed the Broome County breach may be connected to: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ransomware-how-cybercriminals-hold-data-hostage-and-why-the-best-solution-is-often-paying-a-ransom-60-minutes-2019-05-05/ BCVoice is reaching out to the city of Binghamton, to determine if the city was affected, and if Binghamton shares any IT services with Broome County.
  8. BinghamtonBill


    BCVoice News continues to investigate this major breach. We will keep you informed, even if Broome County refuses to do so.
  9. Breaking news out of Broome County this Memorial Day weekend. BCVoice News has learned BROOME COUNTY GOVERNMENT was hacked months ago. We believe in JANUARY. Sensitive data including names and addresses with social security numbers, bank accounts, protected medical records, AND MORE, have been stolen from the Broome County server. Those affected include current and former county employees, their families, and local towns, villages, school districts and police departments who deal with Broome County IT and/or Personnel Dept. Even worse than the data breach... Broome County has known of this SINCE JANUARY and the tens of thousands affected have STILL NOT BEEN NOTIFIED. If you live in Broome County, check your credit score IMMEDIATELY. BCVoice has learned Broome County Government tried to COVER THIS UP, until they were ORDERED to contact all those affected. Now the county may face MILLIONS of DOLLARS IN FINES. We will bring you more information as it becomes available.
  10. BinghamtonBill

    Remembering George Akel

    On behalf of Garo and everyone at BCVoice, we send our condolences to the Akel family. We appreciate everything George did for our community, much of it quietly, in the background, without applause or fanfare. Mr. Akel we salute you.
  11. BinghamtonBill

    KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS FRED: The Anti Akshar rally

    BCVOICE congratulates our very own Ginny Weedon who joined the protestors! Thanks Ginny.
  12. Thank you to our correspondent who sent this photo. “keep it in your pants Fred”! 🤣
  13. BCVoice has learned BIG LAYOFFS have occurred at SAVE AROUND, located in the corporate park on Charles Street, in Binghamton. This is the same company that receive a SWEETHEART 20 year TAX BREAK from Binghamton and Broome County! MILLIONS in corporate welfare! Was LAYING OFF DOZENS of employees part of the DEAL, Mr. Stanton? BCVoice has reached out to the Stanton family for comment. We are also sending a reporter to the Charles Street location.
  14. BinghamtonBill

    Mirella Masciarelli victimized by "predator" Fred Akshar

    Oh? How about I come down to where you work and tell you how to wash dishes?
  15. BREAKING news this afternoon. BCVoice has learned Mirella Masciarelli has come forward and exposed Fred Akshar for preying on her, during her darkest hours. Read the statement from Mirella in her own words.