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  1. BCVoice has learned Mara Young Grace has MISREPRESENTED herself as she campaigns for Family Court Judge! MYG is conveniently withholding information about those she is close to, and who is helping her with her campaign. We cannot in good conscious let MYG and the CORRUPT SLEEZEBAGS who are running her campaign continue to deceive us here at BCVoice and the voters! This is a campaign for JUDGE, and the winners will be working with CHILDREN. Our new judges should be HONEST. Mara Young Grace has NOT BEEN HONEST. And I urge ALL VOTERS to think twice before casting their ballots.
  2. BinghamtonBill

    Korchak texting around BCVOICE thread mocking WBNG reporter

    This morning BCVoice EMAILED this story to the staff at WBNG. All of the local reporters read BCVoice, but we wanted to make sure they were made aware of it ASAP.
  3. I JUST SAW JASON GARNAR at the Binghamton west side Price Chopper. Grocery shopping for HIMSELF, since he is LIVING ALONE on Front Street on the WEST SIDE.
  4. BCVoice has learned of a drive by shooting early Saturday afternoon off Robinson Street in Binghamton. Multiple shots fired. Dark blue vehicle. Police are searching for the suspect.
  5. BREAKING news this morning: BCVoice has received some disgusting and shocking PORNOGRAPHIC text messages sent out by Jeffrey Wagner. We have confirmed the cell phone number IS the cell phone number for Jeffrey Wagner, who is the investigator for District Attorney Michael Korchak. Here we have a text message sent from Wagner starting a rumor Vestal Police Chief John Butler would retire, with a photo and link to PORNOGRAPHY. We here at BCVoice (unlike Jeffrey Wagner) do not desseminate pornography, so we have CENSORED the image.
  6. BinghamtonBill

    New JC Trustee appointed

    BCVoice learned that the White Claw guzzling teenager resigned from the board to study nursing in Syracuse.
  7. WNBF's story appears to be a different incident. Oak and Gaines streets are in the first ward, not the north side. And this incident occurred around 9pm Saturday night. The story on WNBF occurred THIS MORNING.
  8. Garo has confirmed this with law enforcement officials. It was the Spanish gang La Familia attacking an individual for money owed over drugs. We are continuing to work on this story.
  9. BinghamtonBill

    Broome County to enter Covid State of Emergency

    Listen to THIS AUDIO from a recent meeting in Broome County. JASON GARNAR and his staff tell us to "TRUST THE SCIENCE", but they HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT. In this clip the Broome County Health Director admits she knows nothing about the Delta variant, or how many cases are in Broome. "We just assume". "The state told us." How is that trusting the science? Now assuming something is "scientific"? These GOOFBALLS will be able to make major decisions about out freedoms, businesses, schools and other restrictions? They don't know what's going on! They're just playing GRAB ASS in the County Executive's Office. "
  10. Fred Akshar and Kate Newcomb will face off in a June 2022 primary election for Broome County Sheriff. Who has your vote?
  11. BCVoice has obtained the order of protection.
  12. BCVoice has learned Binghamton City Council President Sophia Resciniti has received an order of protection/restraining order against Tarik Abdelazim. The order went into effect yesterday. Stay tuned for more information on this breaking story. We are working to obtain a copy of the order.
  13. BinghamtonBill

    Anti police JC Trustee Reynolds resigns?

    BCVoice News has learned the WHITE CLAW TEENAGER resigned from the board IN MAY to study nursing in Syracuse.
  14. Who will you vote for?
  15. What makes me SICK about this is how Michael Korchak, his family, and the DA's office tried to USE BCVoice! For three years, they would CRY FOUL and demand posts be deleted from BCVoice if they didn't paint Korchak in the most flattering light. Korchak, his family, and staff from the DA's office reached out to Garo PERSONALLY, and a friend of the Kachadourian family, to demand posts be removed, and leak information on their political rivals. Michael and Mrs. Korchak even sent Garo a THANK YOU CARD and COOKIES! But when this scandal broke, and the Korchak's demanded it be removed, BCVoice refused to censor free speech! Then... guess what? All the calls and texts from the Korchak's and DA's office STOPPED! "Garo, we think so much of you!" It all went away. This entire time those master manipulators were only interested in one thing... CONTROL of BCVoice! Control to CLEAN UP DA Korchak's image, and CONTROL to damage their political rivals. We have everything we need. Pictures of the gifts. The text messages. The phone calls. They will be released WHEN WE WANT... probably EARLY 2023! But, until then... GINNY.... SEND THE FOILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!