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  1. NYS Senator Backtracks On Pro-Slave Labor Tweet — ”I Don’t Support Slavery” https://medium.com/@roderickdouglass/nys-senator-backtracks-on-pro-slave-labor-tweet-i-dont-support-slavery-764ffcfa7037
  2. BinghamtonBill

    BinghamtonBill makes return to BCVoice

    I’d like to thank Garo for the opportunity to return here to BCVoice. Some of my fondest memories have been here, with all of you. Together we have unearthed some major scandals. And while I have been on hiatus, I’ve heard a lot of rumors, that WILL be investigated. That’s it for now. Oh wait, one last thing, HERE COME THE FOILS! BCVOICE... WE ARE BACK!
  3. BinghamtonBill

    Jackson Bergman, what's with these guys?

    BCVoice has #FOIL'd a number of documents related to Jackson Bergman and their practices. Here come the FOILS!
  4. Breaking news out of Binghamton at this late hour. BCVoice has confirmed, the legendary Ginny Weedon is set to return here at BCVoice on Valentines Day! We are told she is PISSED and has a lot ON HER MIND! We can assure you, the REAL Ginny has posted on no other forums, including that GARBAGE SITE that has been shut down, and that other local site, that no one reads! They are GINNY IMPOSTORS!
  5. Breaking news out of Broome County this afternoon... BCVoice has learned: Debbie Preston's 2015 Budget, which will INCREASE TAXES by 2.5% includes RAISES for top County employees, including Deputy County Executive John Bernardo, DPW Commissioner Daniel Schofield and DSS Commissioner Art Johnson. This is just two years after Preston made 64 County employees cut their salaries by 5%, to comply with a campaign promise: http://gobroomecounty.com/county-executive-debbie-preston-urges-legislature-pass-5-salary-cut I guess the "economic downturn" in Broome County is over? While granting raises for her friends, Preston's Budget will also layoff 21 County employees at the Mental Health Clinic. Preston is proposing raises in the 2015 Budget for:
  6. It is believed Marion Martinez canceled school today to also cancel the school board meeting! The meeting will be rescheduled and Martinez will be REMOVED as Superintendent even if Garo Kachadourian has to go to Albany to lobby the Education Department. Those school board members who have coddled Martinez will be DEFEATED this May!
  7. Many around the Southern Tier are CELEBRATING tonight, after it has been CONFIRMED... Candace Chapman has been DEMOTED from her position as NEWS DIRECTOR at WBNG. WBNG is in the process of hiring a new News Director: http://www.careersatquincy.com/story/31094011/news-director-wbng We here at BCVoice feel WBNG needs a talented new News Director like Suh Neubauer at WICZ!
  8. BinghamtonBill

    Stabbing at SUNY Broome Dorms

    Funny, when BCVoice first began hearing stories of DRUG USE and SEXUAL ASSAULTS in the SUNY BROOME dorms, we FOILed for POLICE REPORTS and 911 CALLS last January. Our FOILS were DENIED! The SUNY BROOME Administration are WELL AWARE of what is going on in those dorms but they work to COVER UP the illegal activity. Kevin Drumm should be FIRED!
  9. BCVoice has learned Mary Kaminsky will be appointed to the Broome Legislature to replace JASON GARNAR.
  10. STOP THE PRESSES! DA Gerald Mollen has UNVEILED a GAME CHANGING ENDORSEMENT in the race from Broome County DA! HIS OWN CHIEF INVESTIGATOR TOM TYNAN! What's next, Gerry? An endorsement from YOUR WIFE?! YOU FOOL! Keep tuned into BCVoice for our continuing coverage of THE FALL OF MOLLEN.
  11. BinghamtonBill

    Official BCVoice 2015 Election Day Thread - Chat, Results and Insults

    BCVoice has learned that it is the intention of the Broome County Democratic Committee to APPOINT Conrad Taylor to Jason Garnar's Legislature seat in the event he loses against John Cordisco in today's election. BCVoice will continue to follow this developing story.
  12. BCVoice has learned Gerald Mollen has gotten Broome County sued 22 times in just the last 10 years, for everything from racial discrimination to prosecutorial MISCONDUCT! And it has been nearly 10 years since an African American has worked in the D.A.'s Office. Check back for more on this developing story.
  13. BinghamtonBill

    BCVoice 2015 Election Endorsements

    We STAND BEHIND these endorsements. Thank you Garo for leading the discussion on these races. It was contentious at times, but we have selected the VERY BEST candidates.
  14. BinghamtonBill

    BCVoice: We are BACK!

    After an ATTACK late last night, BCVoice is BACK! When our hosting company picks up on hacking activity, it shuts us down, to prevent large scale attacks. That is what happened last night. We have the IP ADDRESSES of those who tried to hack BCVoice, and we are matched them up with TWO agencies who have been discussed here on BCVoice lately. Both are TAXPAYER FUNDED! BCVoice: we aren't going ANYWHERE!
  15. BinghamtonBill

    BCVoice is investigating Fred Akshar

    BCVoice is investigating Fred Akshar. -The "F*cking Assholes" at BCVoice. (And may NYS Trooper Glen Woods rest in peace. He was a good and honorable man.)
  16. We are proud to announce BCVoice has FOILed the documents.
  17. BinghamtonBill

    BCVoice is investigating Fred Akshar

    BCVoice is also investigating Gerald Mollen.
  18. BinghamtonBill

    Conrad Taylor breaks election law with photo of Binghamton Police

    BCVoice has received this letter from the Binghamton Police Union and the ILLEGAL literature being used by Conrad Taylor!
  19. What the public doesn't know is, when this information was first posted on BCVoice, when the PERVERT was arrested, GERRY MOLLEN called Garo asking it be removed because it was upsetting his wife and daughter! Maybe the pervert should have thought of their feelings before he went looking for children to perform LEWD SEX ACTS in front of! God forbid anyone upset the Mollen family with FACTS! Gerry Mollen thinks there's one set of rules for his family and another set of rules for everyone else!
  20. BinghamtonBill

    Steve Cornwell powerful TV commercial

    BCVOICE: don't forget when Gerald Mollen tried to get all BCVoice member identities and IP addresses! Garo refused to hand over the documents, and told Mollen to "go shit in a hat and pull it down over your ears!" Then last summer Mollen told Garo "only a bunch of knuckleheads read BCVoice!" Now you're BEGGING for our votes, Gerry? You're PATHETIC! You LOSE, Steve Cornwell WINS!
  21. This Friday, October 2, 2015, BCVoice will mark the one year anniversary of Tony Jr. Fiala's DWI hit and run, with a short candlelight vigil. Tony Jr. Fiala was dressed in drag when he hit and almost killed a cyclist, nearly one year ago, on October 2, 2014. According to the cyclist, Tony Jr. Fiala left him in the street for dead. Tony Jr. Fiala, Barbara Fiala, DA Gerry Mollen and the SEPP Board of Directors, who enable Tony, who continues to have a serious drinking problem, are all invited to the Candlelight Vigil.
  22. BCVoice has learned a man was shot dead outside Kennedy Fried Chicken last night. We will bring you more info as it becomes available.
  23. BinghamtonBill

    Man shot dead outside Kennedy Fried Chicken last night.

    We have learned the PERP is in custody. Victim was shot in abdomen and MAY still be clinging to life.
  24. At this late hour BCVoice has learned of a towing scandal between the Grand Royale Hotel and U-SAVE Auto. Cars are being towed from the Grand Royale lot downtown, by U-SAVE at the behest of the Grand Royale. However, the lot is owned by the City of Binghamton, NOT the Grand Royale! Just hours ago, a BCV reporter confronted hotel management about what was going on. They claimed they had the deed to the land. They were shown PROOF the City owns the land. Then, when asked to produce the deed, they refused. More on this developing story to come...
  25. BinghamtonBill

    Beth Mollen threatening employees at SUNY Broome

    Over the WEEKEND BCVoice received a message from a SUNY BROOME employee who was targeted by Beth Mollen for her husband's political gain. We received more information on this HIGHLY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY, including the name of at least one of the notaries involved. We WILL PUBLISH THE NAME of the notary (who we have CONFIRMED is a SUNY BROOME employee) if President Kevin Drumm does not address the situation and take action.