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  1. If she's calling her own husband a "retard" what is she saying about people she isn't married to? She seems like a very offensive and judgmental person. Use of the word "retard" hasn't been OK for many years. This didn't just happen over night. She can't claim ignorance or a generational shift in vocabulary.
  2. Only in Binghamton, N.Y... a former city official, county executive candidate, and mayoral candidate receives a restraining order from the current president of the city council.
  3. EarlCurtis

    Deposit Lumberjack Festival

    not as many rides, food or vendors as previous years, but still very enjoyable.
  4. EarlCurtis

    WBNG’s fat Josh Rosenblatt

    Just watched WBNG tonight, no Josh RosenFatt. Hopefully he's at the gym or buying larger clothes.
  5. EarlCurtis

    Unprofessional- Ch. 12 Josh Rosenblatt

    I emailed the station general manager at WBNG last week about this. I have not heard back. I think he should have to issue an apology on the air, or be fired. That story was bullshit.