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  1. Hopefully the Binghamton media calls Korchak today for a statement on this enormous scandal.
  2. Alexis Pleus and her associates owe John a public apology.
  3. ABB7

    WNBF- Bob Joseph off for 3rd week in one month?

    On the air she went by “Holly Wood” or just Holly. She was fired by the radio station and relocated to Syracuse. She used to come on Bob’s show and talk about how drunk she got, and what she did and didn’t remember from her weekend.
  4. Has this been posted here? https://tonyfialahippobroome.wordpress.com/ After the man rejects Tony Fiala’s sexual demands, he insults his clothing, says “you don’t know who my family is” and brags about his $150 shoes. Why does Tony Fiala feel that because his mother was DMV commissioner and he has $150 shoes he can sexually assault someone?
  5. The bartender confirmed Garnar was there. Did he drive drunk??
  6. Just gave it about 10 seconds thought and these came to mind: The Arena/Forum have never had fewer shows (even prior to Covid), that person should be replaced. The Airport has never had fewer flights, that person should be replaced. According to BCVoice, Broome IT has had many data breaches, that person should be replaced. And based on the filth I see at Cole Park (I’m sure other county parks are bad too) that person should be replaced. If I give it more thought, or had a list of departments, I’m sure I can come up with many more.
  7. Bring back Tim Grippen, he was at least respected and reached some level of success in his life.
  8. As reported by John Solak earlier today, Democrat candidate for Broome County Legislature Karen Beebe has violated the Hatch Act twice, over the last four months. The Hatch Act forbids federal employees from engaging in political activities while in uniform. There were at least two instances of Beebe’s husband posing for campaign photos, while in his United States Postal Service uniform. Beebe posted these photos to her campaign Facebook page. After John broke this story on his Twitter Page, Beebe deleted one of the photos. Here is the first violation of the Hatch Act, on March 5 (now deleted by Beebe). The second violation, photographed on John’s Twitter page, occurred on June 19. She had this race won, until now.
  9. Heard from a source inside the BPD. When the police were called back to Water Street Brewing (Water St. Binghamton) after their first warning, employees said to police, “don’t you have something better to do, like shoot black people.”
  10. Here we have the NY Attorney General calling on abortions to continue, so not to curtails “women’s reproductive freedoms”. So why doesn’t the same apply for the second amendment freedoms?
  11. If there's less than 10 people in there at any time, what's the problem? I agree that people should be able to defend themselves, their families and their property. Did the police shooting ranges shut down? I bet not.
  12. ABB7

    Broome County's Biggest Loser of 2019

    Deb Butler isn’t disabled! She’s a custodian at Target.
  13. Let’s list the BCV members who supported Paul Battisti so we know who has no credibility. I’ve deciphered 92CorruptCourtStreet and 2peloHoney as Battisti supporters.
  14. For months all we heard from Fred Akshar were attacks on the DA and Mike Korchak. Now days after voters rejected Akshar and his puppet, he's been on TV two days in a row about donating food and money to poor people. Come on Fred. How dumb do you think we are? The voters rejected you, now you're trying to play Mr. Nice Guy. Why doesn't Akshar speak out about sexual assault, and how women can protect themselves? Oh wait....