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  1. Let’s list the BCV members who supported Paul Battisti so we know who has no credibility. I’ve deciphered 92CorruptCourtStreet and 2peloHoney as Battisti supporters.
  2. For months all we heard from Fred Akshar were attacks on the DA and Mike Korchak. Now days after voters rejected Akshar and his puppet, he's been on TV two days in a row about donating food and money to poor people. Come on Fred. How dumb do you think we are? The voters rejected you, now you're trying to play Mr. Nice Guy. Why doesn't Akshar speak out about sexual assault, and how women can protect themselves? Oh wait....
  3. ABB7

    Severe constipation following jet ski mishap

    Ask Kim Myers. I assume this thread is about exactly what happened to her over the summer?
  4. How is republican Giovanni Scarinci unopposed in the 1st ward? That has to be one of the easiest seats for the Democrats to pick up. Also after he heard he didn't have an opponent, he left for the Air Force reserves for six months? I heard there's a lot more to the story here. Anyone have the real story?
  5. Keep an eye on the Johnson City Republican party primary for mayor Tuesday. Word traveling around JC is Sneaky Greg Deemie will turn his back on whoever wins (Balles rumored to be the favorite) and work to elect the Democrat Andrew Holbert in November. There may even be a job in it for Deemie, who hasn't worked full time in several years. Watch out for Sneaky Greg Deemie.
  6. ABB7

    The Compressor Station by Port Dickinson Park

    Fred Akshar whose job it is to vote on issues, won't take a side on this. But he will have sex with his secretaries.
  7. Asskar is a scumbag. He never should have been picked to run for that seat, because it was only a matter of time until this happened. I also heard the pregnancy rumor from a good source in Albany (not the local sheriff's office). Why is Asskar the senator? Because the Republican party chairman hand picked him, so his wife would have a job in the senators office and they would keep their health insurance. Those who know the real Fred Asskar have no respect for him. He will tell a woman anything to sleep with her, and tell a business owner anything for a campaign donation.
  8. ABB7

    Zona & Company Grille CLOSED!

    Tulseys owe $12,000 in taxes on their home. County is foreclosing.
  9. ABB7

    Zona & Company Grille CLOSED!

    Mike Tulsey has a lot of questions to answer.
  10. ABB7

    Binghamton Mets mascot working in Garnar office

    Tell us more. The guy in the hot dog horse costume?
  11. Harder should have retired 20 years ago. One of these deaths will result in another lawsuit. The taxpayers will have to pay for Harder's incompetence.
  12. That's what happens then Kathleen Newcomb threatens all the women who innocently want to talk to the senator. A very smart and pretty young lady Rebecca Lumdsen had to resign from Akshar's staff because Newcomb was so threatened by her.
  13. Don't even mention the name Ronnie Krouse, or whatever her new last name is, up in Cortland County! She was a lawyer up there before moving to Broome County. She married a nice fireman and had a baby, while the baby is a few months old she has an affair with Gorman from the NY State Police, and leaves her husband and baby. She's a terrible lawyer, but an even worse person. It won't be long before she's run out of Broome County like she was run out of Cortland.
  14. "breaking" ? This is the same point made in another thread.
  15. I heard from the staff at BHS John Solak is a regular at the free Thanksgiving Dinner, but always insults everyone and complains about everything. He even calls into WNBF and attacks the organizers. Why does he go then? More recently he has ordered three "to go" meals, but they did away with that last year. Will he have the gall to show his face tomorrow?