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  1. snowman60

    Something to think about

    Ok so i have read all the posts on this. .......... Now If you don't get the shot you might lose your job. So lets say you refuse to get the shot. Then what? Do think you would be entitled to unemployment? Did you quit, or where you left with a choice to get the shot and have a job.
  2. snowman60

    Something to think about

    Everyone has a choice in life. Is it the right choice to get "The Shot"? If you don't how many people would you think you "could" infect other people let alone your family? Is it really worth losing your job over it? The choice is up to that person. But its NOT that persons right to infect other people!!!!
  3. snowman60

    Vestal walk way along 434

    Really? Is this a trick question?
  4. snowman60

    Court St. CVS to close

    I had a friend that worked there. She saw people stealing but she was told NOT to approach the person. WELCOME TO DOWNTOWN BINGHAMTON1
  5. snowman60

    Vestal walk way along 434

    So what i think your saying is that the libs would rather spend money on useless projects and not use the money for infrastructure where it NEEDS to be spent. I wouldn't let my 30 yr old kids walk that. I guess its all about the kids. I wonder, after its done, how many assaults, rape, muggings, and possible homicide will take place. Who is going to police it? Binghamton, Vestal, SUNY Security, or State Police? Fortunately I avoid the parkway and downtown Binghamton. I have no use for either. Just so you know i'm not a Rep or Dem i vote for who i think will do the best job. It is apparent that most people vote party line. People.......Use your head for something other than a hat rack!!!!!
  6. snowman60

    Vestal walk way along 434

    What a WASTE of money. Should have never been built. Who is going to maintain it? Who is going to police it? TOTAL WASTE of my money either state, county, or federal. I guess my biggest question is WHY do we need it?
  7. snowman60

    Places to avoid- worst smelling people

    You live in the city of Binghamton you get what you deserve I can't wait to get out of broome
  8. snowman60

    Two Real Solutions To Palestinian Problem

    Simple solution We need to mind are own business We don't need to be involved in over seas BS let them fight it out themselves
  9. snowman60

    Strawberry Fest Axed Again - STUPID DECISION

    i'm surprised Ginger didn't jump on this
  10. snowman60

    Strawberry Fest Axed Again - STUPID DECISION

    What the hell planet are you from? Common sense tells me to wear a mask protect my family but apparently you don't care thats a shame
  11. snowman60

    Prince Harry and Meghan

    I'm with ya on this WTFC
  12. snowman60

    WBNG’s fat Josh Rosenblatt

    Action news by kids They need to stop hiring kids WBNG SUCKS
  13. snowman60

    Tom O'Mara for Governor of NYS

    Ginger ? how does it feel to talk to yourself? (shaking my head)
  14. snowman60

    I'm NOT doing a Cuomo Thanksgiving.

    you bet there is more if you want it