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    Snowmobiling RC racing and breathing lol RETIRED wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew
  1. snowman60

    Easy Goulash

    Sable that sounds good. I do something similar when we go camping. Cast Iron kettle style over the camp fire
  2. snowman60

    Susquehanna River blockage in Kirkwood?

    That blockage has been there for years. Its really not a blockage. When ever the creek over flows in 5 Mile point all the debris goes to the river creating it. I myself have walked down the creek to fish the river what i call a point. Fast water on the left. I have Kayaked it many times.
  3. snowman60

    Local News Stations?

    Why is it we have to watch basketball when the LOCAL news should be on. WBNG sucks and the girl on fox can't push her glasses up where they belong. So much for LOCAL news. It sucks
  4. snowman60

    Scandal at East Middle School

    I said it in the pass. Glad i got my kids out of the city of binghamton schools
  5. snowman60

    WBNG Nick Aresco

    So i made a mistake, Lozenges Is that better? I didn't see any reason for name calling but it is what it is
  6. snowman60

    WBNG Nick Aresco

    Morning news sucks on WBNG. Miss Kerr either needs throat loungers or surgery. Her voice is like a teacher running her nails down a chalk board. Who ever types for the lower running tape needs spell check. I can't watch WBNG either in the morning or night. Whats gets me is what they call local news. And don't forget all the head nodding. Reminds of the dog you use to put in your back window.
  7. snowman60

    It's getting around!!!!!

    And you say this? Dude this has been rumored All of this is all rumors Lets see some proof!!!!
  8. snowman60


    Hope the "Grump" is ok.
  9. snowman60

    Teen Fight in front of Cordisco's

    Welcome to Binghamton
  10. snowman60

    It's getting around!!!!!

    Why should we believe any thing you say? You have posted many things and saying you had PROOF but never came through with it
  11. snowman60

    Just one of my favorite music video's and more.

    if you don't get up and dance or toe tap something is wrong with you
  12. snowman60

    Just one of my favorite music video's and more.

    Here is another
  13. snowman60

    Just one of my favorite music video's and more.

    ginger got one for you
  14. snowman60

    Need i say more?

    I think this is self explanatory http://www.wbng.com/story/35682637/traffic-stop-leads-to-three-arrests-in-binghamton
  15. snowman60

    Trump is a Lame Duck

    Can we PLEASE stop with Trump an remain LOCAL like that will ever happen I'm so sick of coming here and all you want to talk about is trump