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  1. snowman60

    Places to avoid- worst smelling people

    You live in the city of Binghamton you get what you deserve I can't wait to get out of broome
  2. snowman60

    Two Real Solutions To Palestinian Problem

    Simple solution We need to mind are own business We don't need to be involved in over seas BS let them fight it out themselves
  3. snowman60

    Strawberry Fest Axed Again - STUPID DECISION

    i'm surprised Ginger didn't jump on this
  4. snowman60

    Strawberry Fest Axed Again - STUPID DECISION

    What the hell planet are you from? Common sense tells me to wear a mask protect my family but apparently you don't care thats a shame
  5. snowman60

    Prince Harry and Meghan

    I'm with ya on this WTFC
  6. snowman60

    WBNG’s fat Josh Rosenblatt

    Action news by kids They need to stop hiring kids WBNG SUCKS
  7. snowman60

    Tom O'Mara for Governor of NYS

    Ginger ? how does it feel to talk to yourself? (shaking my head)
  8. snowman60

    I'm NOT doing a Cuomo Thanksgiving.

    you bet there is more if you want it
  9. I said it before We should not have opened up the schools. Guess what? We are now looking at another shut down because people can't think about it. Google how many people died from the flu in 2018-2019 34,000. Then google how many people have died from the covid. I SAY SHUT IT DOWN NOW. Thanksgiving is done Christmas is done. Why? Because some people did NOT follow the protocol. It's up to us to stop this
  10. snowman60

    No to schools opening!!!!

    You know whats funny Maverick? How much of a moron you are with your blinders on. Look what is happening. A rise in + covid in Broome County. Your an idiot or a young child and can't grasp the pandemic. we were doing fine till the long island kids came up here now that we opened the schools BAM we got hit so what i say to is STFU
  11. snowman60

    No to schools opening!!!!

    Did i say or did i not say it was a bad idea hey but then again i'm not a rocket scientist. But what i do have is common sense!!
  12. snowman60

    Why is it?

    So why is it that the black community can't do that? As far as i am concerned they brought this shit on themselves. Good cop bad cop it doesn't matter DO WHAT YOUR TOLD!! Don't think for a second that white people don't abide.You do the crime its on you, not the police
  13. snowman60

    Why is it?

    Why is it when people get pulled over they don't abide by the police officers instructions? There is alot of people regardless of their race seem to think cops are bad. If you didn't do anything wrong whats the deal? Ok so you may have a warrant? OOOOPS ok not the cops fault YOURS!!! Stop blaming the cops for your faults Simple as that. I just don't get it. You get caught, guess what thats on you not the cops You are the dumb ass.
  14. snowman60

    No to schools opening!!!!

    Then why take the chance? So now 100 kids are infected. I just don't get it