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  1. What a pathetic and sad display tonight by Korchak and his staff. Korchak has spent three years bad mouthing the Broome Republican Committee, and all the Republican officials. But tonight, Korchak, his wife "Nasty Nadine", and several members of his staff marched in to the Republican fundraiser at Holiday Inn, and all paid their $100 to be there. Why would this group of non Republicans attend? And why would Korchak pay to support the committee he calls corrupt, and the officials he's been bad mouthing? All "Nasty Nadine" did was scowl at people all night. She looks like a scary Halloween mask. Mike... the Republican Party has a candidate for DA in 2023, and it's not you. And the Democrats are even looking at running a candidate other than you. The one thing Broome County mostly agrees on is no one wants you.
  2. Kate Newcomb is out with Covid. She spread it to Sheriff Harder who is also fighting Covid at home. Newcomb probably spread it to many others at the jail and in the county. Just days ago she was at a birthday party for a handicapped child even though she felt sick. Kate will do anything to get her picture taken for her campaign, even if it means spreading the virus to others. I hope everyone gets well soon. #SpreadingCovid
  3. Joe Friday

    Josh Riley for Congress?

    From his own LinkedIn account he hasn’t lived in Broome County (or even Upstate NY) since he graduated high school in 1999. Over 20 years ago. And he thinks he knows this area? No thanks. Just another opportunist. Also- what is Mara Grace doing in his campaign video? That seems pretty inappropriate.
  4. Being retired from law enforcement I enjoy attending the Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Academy graduation ceremony every year. Every law enforcement agency in the area sends their recruits to this academy. For years it has been a wonderful event, emotional for me and many others. This year I am disgusted. David Harder let his granddaughter Erica (a civilian) run the entire event. We are told he also paid her. How is David Harder allowed to get away with this nepotism with taxpayer money? It must be nice to be a member of the Harder family. She could care less about the recruits. She’s moving to Florida next month. What a slap in the face to retired and current law enforcement officers. And the speaker was Korchak. He was horrible. This was all set up by Kate Newcomb. Because Korchak and Newcomb are both against Fred Akshar. Kate Newcomb and Erica Harder ruined what was once an honorable and prestigious event. I feel bad for all the recruits and families who just sat through a political rally for Kate Newcomb. Newbomb and Korchak don’t care about any of today’s graduates. They only care about themselves and their upcoming elections.