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  1. Glinda the good witch 1

    Sore Loser Francis

    He is no gentleman
  2. Glinda the good witch 1

    Battisti: “Akshar cost me the election”

    When you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas...
  3. Glinda the good witch 1

    Akshar goes on feel good media tour

    what they said ⬆️👍🏻⬆️👍🏻⬆️
  4. Glinda the good witch 1

    Fred Akshar's Tattoo

    The credit goes to the guy who ran Cornwells and Korchaks campaigns, and Bijoy knows that! He’s the one to fear.
  5. Glinda the good witch 1

    What happened on Wednesday Morning 11/6 at BCC trustee's meeting

    Would someone tell JFB to clean off his camera screen on his phone? It’s blurry.
  6. Glinda the good witch 1

    Election Night Thread

    Think the 3200 are the early voting ballots.
  7. Glinda the good witch 1

    Advice on the DA election

  8. Glinda the good witch 1

    Fat shaming at Forever 21

    Yet, I've seen you tear people down and say some pretty nasty things on this board. Is that not disgusting? What's the difference? What offends you and words that come out of you are a reflection of what's inside you. Maybe its time you heal that stuff. I wish you well on that journey.
  9. Glinda the good witch 1

    Is Fred Akshar still married?

    Without a doubt!
  10. If you are too busy why are you taking time to visit this site, have an account, read the threads, and make an effort to post on it multiple times?
  11. I hope the blasphemous bride didn't wear white!
  12. She has a no-show job now, well, except the job in the bedroom, but the tax payers certainly aren't getting an honest days work out of her. People in the office say she is out shopping, spray tanning or just m.i.a. from the office. She's an adulterer slut and he's a dallier. And they keep electing him to continue this nonsense. Game, set, match!
  13. Glinda the good witch 1

    Great Korchak ad calls out Battisti campaign of lies

    No big surprise. Look who his bedfellows are. birds of a feather.....
  14. Glinda the good witch 1

    Predictions on the DA Race?

    This is about right I think
  15. Glinda the good witch 1

    Akshar's opioid attack mailer backfires

    Press and Sun-Bulletin Opinion Section: Akshar has too many conflicts of interest Your Turn Kathryn Utter Guest columnist Picture this situation: You open your front door, and a man introduces himself as Fred Akshar. But which Fred Akshar is it? Is this your state senator here to serve your interests, the Port Dickinson police officer ready to arrest you, or the private investigator seeking personal information? Now put yourself in Mr. Akshar’s shoes: Which hat is he wearing, and who is he serving? As a state senator, he has access to government information that is confidential and privileged. As a private investigator, he does not have access to that same confidential and privileged information. As a police officer, he has access to other kinds of information about the general public. We believe this is an impossible conflict of interest and breach of ethics. How can we possibly have any confidence in the senator’s judgement and choices? The Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin has published several of his more egregious choices: 1. While a state senator, Akshar gave his part-time employee eight pay raises in 2.5 years, increasing her salary from $15,000 to $84,000. At the time, she was his girlfriend. Now she is his fiancée. 2. Four years ago, while a captain in the Broome County Sheriff ’s Office, Fred Akshar had intimate relations with the mother of a victim whose murder he had previously helped investigate. She accused Akshar of being a “predator” who “takes advantage of people such as myself during my darkest times.” 3. The senator opened a private investigation business while serving as our senator. In this role, he could be investigating his constituents, even though he has sworn an oath to serve their interests. 4. Senator Akshar has created an additional conflict by taking a part-time role as a Port Dickinson policeman while holding public office. The senator has continuously betrayed the public trust by engaging in activities that are incompatible with his oath of office as a New York state senator. He has clearly demonstrated insufficient judgment to act as both our representative in the Senate and as the ranking minority member on the Crime Victims, Crime & Corrections Committee. When Akshar goes to Albany, how can we trust that his votes reflect the best interests of his constituents or favor his personal endeavors? If you think as we do, that Senator Akshar should resign from office, please call Sen. John Flanagan, New York State Senate Republican Leader, at (631) 361-2154. He said any action against Akshar would be up to the people in his district. This viewpoint was written collaboratively by members of Indivisible Binghamton, a chapter of the National Indivisible movement. We are a grassroots group of concerned citizens from all backgrounds working to ensure our local and state representatives are serving the best interests of their constituents. Kathryn Utter is a Binghamton resident.