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  1. Binghamton67

    My reasons for hating life

    Another one of these? Listen honey, if things are that bad and you have what it takes, and you belive that your kids will be fine without you, just do it!
  2. Binghamton67

    Empire's Reign of Horror is over

    Get a life people! You are the proof that they inject chemicals in the drinking water!
  3. Tax payers do pay for private industry.
  4. Very well said and I agree on most parts but the whole system is defunct! Right down to the "average guy making 35K taking care of his 3 or 4 kids. But very well said!
  5. Binghamton67

    Windsor School Budget

    And when they post anything else, it's pure hate from DELETEDlike you!
  6. Binghamton67

    Who is responsible?

    And like I said above, get the classifieds out because you will be looking for a new apt! Moron
  7. Binghamton67

    Who is responsible?

    Get your head out of your arses! What is the big deal, you live there and you pay to rent the space not for him to come down and relight the furnace when it needs to be done. Hire a heating contractor??? If you do that expect to pay the bill yourself because nobody authorized you to hire anyone on your landlord's behalf. If you take it out of the rent, go get the paper because you will be finding a new place to live! Stop your whining and ask your landlord to get the thing fixed. If you were my tenant and you posted something like this you would see your apartment in the paper as "Available Soon"!
  8. Binghamton67

    Sheriff Harder

    Harder said: "They are the ones who make the drug busts," Harder said. "The staff is the ones that earned the money. They went out and worked for it." Is this clown serious??? Did these men get paid for making these arrests? I think he should be arrested for this crime! This will never happen gut if it were a civilian that stole this money, Harder would be the first one standing there to arrest them. This will be swept under the carpet just like every other crime committed by political figures in this town. Fiala you should be ashamed of how you handle these crimes!