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  1. Where are the checks and balances on Jason Garnar? Doesn’t the county legislature have power to limit all of this? He’s added a position to reward someone who isn’t even qualified, giving her a big raise. He gave the staff member he was sleeping with big raises. And now he’s driving around in a police car? Someone needs to stop him immediately.
  2. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of Bob Joseph. WNBF needs a new local host who isn’t so biased.
  3. suefromupstate

    Flash Flood Watch - Warning Again

    There is flooding in many areas. Why is there not a county wide state of emergency? Jason Garnar must be busy sleeping with staff members.
  4. Say what you will about Fred Akshar, but he ended up marrying the girl he was in the relationship with. And her raise % wasn’t even close to 100%, like this girl, Haley. And the newspaper did a front page expose on the Akshar relationship. Where is the media on this? I messaged this link to a friend, who I consider to be in the know, and he responded. “Garnar thinks he’s owns the local media. He put the WBNG general manager on the Arena Board, to curry favorable news coverage.” That little weasel Bob Joseph wouldn’t dare bring this up on his show. But he frequently talks about Akshar.
  5. There’s been a new younger blonde gal on WBNG this week, anchoring the news with the other girl. She can’t pronounce “infrastructure” but is so much better than Scott Sasina. I can tolerate watching WBNG again. Please please please tell me Scott Sasina is gone and won’t be back.
  6. That 10 minute video is god awful. It’s like a bad 1980’s infomercial. The candidate Tim looks confused, uncomfortable and like he has to pee. Seriously it needs to be deleted.
  7. suefromupstate

    New News Murder in the First Ward just off Dickinson Street

    No mention of this anywhere from the Binghamton media. WBNG? Pressconnects? FOX 40? Thank god BCVoice has this information to keep people safe, especially with a murderer on the loose.
  8. suefromupstate

    Could WBNG news be any worse?

    Scott Sasina is horrible. He doesn't have the look to be on television and he struggles reading simple sentences. Chloe Vincente is very good. But like all the good ones, she will probably be on to a bigger city soon.
  9. suefromupstate

    Bob Joseph has Covid 19

    I doubt Bob has much human to human contact, outside of his job. So his virus spread will be minimal. Does he still have that woman from the American Red Cross on his show? Listening to him try to flirt with her is nauseating.
  10. suefromupstate

    Bob Joseph has Covid 19

    I’ll never listen to Bob on a regular basis after how biased he was in covering fracking several years ago. Sometimes I’ll turn on the show just for a laugh. I also think Bob was lying about being exposed to people with Covid, just for time off. Isn’t it interesting that all of Bob’s Covid exposure started right when summer began? Bob is dishonest and condescending and he shouldn’t have a show on WNBF.
  11. suefromupstate

    WNBF- Bob Joseph off for 3rd week in one month?

    Bob had the woman from the Red Cross on again last week. Listening to him flirt with her is cringeworthy.
  12. suefromupstate

    WNBF- Bob Joseph off for 3rd week in one month?

    I refuse to contact Bob because of his liberal agenda. Someone please tell him it’s really creepy how he always flirts with the young woman from the American Red Cross.
  13. suefromupstate

    Is Debbie still in jail?

    That woman belongs in jail!
  14. suefromupstate

    Is Debbie still in jail?

    Does anyone know if Debbie is still in jail from when she stole the credit card?