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  1. BCVoice has learned Broome County is forming a committee to review the allegations made against Fred Akshar when he was a Sheriff's Deputy by crime victim Mirella Masciarelli. The committee will look into the allegations and suggest policy changes to prevent crime victims from being taken advantage of by county employees in positions of power. A few months ago, Masciarelli accused Fred Akshar of sexual assault: https://wbng.com/news/local-news/2019/05/06/woman-accuses-state-sen-fred-akshar-of-sexual-assault-claims-addressed-on-facebook/
  2. Paul Battisti has a fundraiser going on right now at the Riverdale on Watson Blvd. this picture was taken about an hour ago at 6:00pm, which is right in the middle of the event. About 10 vehicles were counted in the parking lot. And a few of them look like Battisti’s fleet of vehicles from D’Lusso limousine service, his failing transportation company. Very poor showing of support for Mr. Battisti.
  3. BCV News Reporter

    Rule breaker Battisti can't even park legally

    What is it with this guy parking wherever the hell he wants? Yes, Mr. Battisti, the rules do apply to you.
  4. A concerned citizen sent BCVoice this photo. The man who wants to enforce the laws in Broome County can't even park legally.
  5. BCVoice is very disappointed to hear the news today, a convicted child molester, Samantha Stone Werkheiser, will be set free due to the MAJOR F*CK UP by Jackson Bergman special prosecutor Thomas Jackson. Stone Werkhesier was serving only the second year of her 15 year sentence. All Thomas Jackson had to do was file the indictment with the court, which he FAILED to do. This is something even a first year law student would know to do. How is it Thomas Jackson, a 17 year attorney, could fail to provide even the most basic document to the court? Jackson Bergman is a political law firm, who are the biggest supporters of Fred Akshar. Maybe if Jackson Bergman weren't so busy bragging about the conviction, all over the internet (see below), they could have provided the necessary paperwork to keep this monster in prison. "Jackson Bergman does it again" …. and a pedophile monster will be released back into Broome County!
  6. BCVoice has learned DA candidate Paul Battisti has promised to bring back Gerald Mollen, if he is elected DA. Mollen, as you remember, is the disgraced former DA who ignored the drug issues, making Broome County the center of the drug epidemic.
  7. BCVoice News has learned Daniel Butash, the drunk driver who injured Broome Sheriff's deputy Kristy Botsford, is the son in law of Binghamton Police Assistant Chief Bill Yeager. Drunken Daniel Butash was driving a pricy late model Tesla, when he nearly killed the young female police officer. BCVoice has also learned the perp works for Lockheed Martin, and his wife is a pharmacist. Many of us were shocked when Judge Kevin Dooley let Butash out of jail last week. Now we are questioning what communication Yager and Joseph Zikuski had with Dooley, before drunken Daniel Butash was released from jail? BinghamtonBill is working on a series of FOILs to Judge Kevin Dooley's office.
  8. BCV News Reporter

    Broome DA Candidate Paul Battisti Owes IRS More Than $86K

    Monkey Man: this very video appeared tonight on Fox 40 news. Here's a link to their story: http://www.wicz.com/story/39945232/2015-video-shows-paul-battisti-against-candidates-owing-back-taxes-now-he-is-running-for-da-while-owing-86k-to-irs They mention the hypocrite Pail Battisti for being part of this attack on Cornwell, and now owing TEN TIMES the taxes Cornwell owed, as he runs for District Attorney. Battisti would not come on camera and explain his hypocrisy. They also mention how Battisti deposited $50,000 into his campaign account, rather than pay his taxes. Also the spokesman at this news conference, Thomas Jackson, of Jackson Bergman Law Firm, would not return Fox 40's request for comment.
  9. http://www.wicz.com/story/39934674/broome-da-candidate-paul-battisti-owes-irs-more-than-86k
  10. BCVoice News has learned Sex Asddict Fred Akshar is set to resign from the NYS Senate. This will coincide with the retirement of Sheriff David Harder. And Sex Addict Akshar will run for sheriff. According to those with knowledge of the situation, Akshar is under investigation by JCOPE and would rather resign than fight a legal battle. More info coming soon.