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  1. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Bob Murphy fired for "ethical lapse"... Joe Zikuski remains untouchable

    Didn’t I see in the complaint he lives on 5 riverside drive and he claimed his neighbor was stalking him and when he called the police he is saying nothing was done to help
  2. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Bob Murphy fired for "ethical lapse"... Joe Zikuski remains untouchable

    Let’s not forget Zikuski is currently named in an ongoing active lawsuit with Some guy named Dr. Pavel Komanicky
  3. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Donald Trump running for President in 2016

  4. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Fake News

    Perfect example right here for age limits as a federal judge
  5. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Fake News

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7718911/Ginsburg-hospitalized-treatment-chills-fever.html chills
  6. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Election Night Thread

    If Battisti does file a claim I Believe should be handled outside of Broome County. A judge from a different county could be the best option for Korchak and Battisti So there is no bias. I could be wrong just an opinion
  7. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Election Night Thread

    There are not statue of limitations with this type of claim from what I understand
  8. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Election Night Thread

    Local news put out an article today stating that it would be a supreme court would handle this type of issue.
  9. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Election Night Thread

    You are right Bing! I’m doing research on election recount laws in New York City because I heard that if an election is very close it’s mandatory for a recount but its hearsay as far as I’m concerned. Congrats to Mike Korchak though, this was a tough election like none other
  10. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Election Night Thread

    Paul’s campaign has to Petition the court to obtain an order for a hand recount
  11. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Korchak's Stunning Win - Who to thank this Thanksgiving

    I am very sorry for your loss Garo, I always keep up with the local obituary and noticed a recent publishing.
  12. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Fred Akshar's Tattoo

    Jesus Christ upside down on the cross they say
  13. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Don't let the Paul Battisti Family "Clown Show" Continue!

    Yea it’s him
  14. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Democrats for Korchak

    I understand where you are coming from with this post however there is no way Battisti or Gelson would be behind sending spam text messages on behalf of Korchak because the only person who gains off this marketing would be Korchak
  15. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Democrats for Korchak

    Sorry Bing but I have never met Paul in person and was never a client of his. I’m just somebody who looks at both sides of the situation.