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  1. How much of the $86,000 came from Sonny Manny?
  2. This has been going on for years.... back to the days Bijoy Datta required Debbie Preston's staff to work on his campaigns, as part of their official (taxpayer paid) duties. Several candidates begrudgingly paid off Bijoy, just to win. How about when Bijoy Datta selected Fred Akshar (knowing of Akshar's baggage) to run for NY Senate, in exchange for keeping Bijoy's wife on the senate staff, for her salary and health insurance. I give a lot of credit to Rich David and Steve Cornwell, who Bijoy tried to screw out of tens of thousands of dollars, just for the "privilege" to run for office in Broome County, but they told Bijoy to go F#ck himself.
  3. Broome County's biggest fraud is the owner of U-SAVE Auto, John "Sonny" Manculich. He has cheated the towing business in Binghamton and Broome County for over a decade, through the help of Sheriff Harder, Fred Akshar , Chief Joe Zikuski, and DWI attorney Paul Battisti. Because of the favors, cars, free auto repair, etc, he gave Harder, Akshar and Zikuski, he cheated the Binghamton and Broome County towing lists, making hundreds of thousand of dollars. But that wasn't enough. Sonny needed more. So he and his attorney Paul Baittisti tried to bribe Vestal Police Chief John Butler, through a donation to the Vestal police union. To Butler's credit he did not accept it. However, Sonny did buy a property in Vestal, qualifying him to get on the Vestal tow list. Still not enough. Sonny wanted to get into Endicott. Endicott Police Chief Patrick Garey told Sonny to follow the rules, like everyone else. So Sonny bought a property at 1800 North Street, just to get on Endicott's tow list. What is located at 1800 North Street? Not U-SAVE Auto, but Paul Battisti's limo business, D'Lusso Limousine. This is fraud and all the other tow companies know it.