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  1. Ted Williams

    Family Court Race

    All four Democrats want this gig because it's a huge pay raise for all of them, that would also transform their NYS pensions. Grace, Thayne and Shapiro want the money and 10 year term. Monachino is in his 60's and needs the big salary for his pension before he retires. He's facing mandatory retirement (age 70) before the term is up, so this is his last shot at a judge's salary for the betterment of his pension. The Republicans, Gorman and Noonan are both in private practice. Though I don't think Gorman does very well, which is why she badly needed that Town of Union position to supplement her income. Noonan has run a successful law firm for a while now. My guess is he is the only candidate who would be looking at a pay cut, if elected. And based on this crop of candidates, let's hope he is elected.
  2. Ted Williams

    Ronnie Gorman up to her old tricks

    I truly hope Mara didn't generate any campaign donations from that post of her child lying on the ice. If so, Broome County is a really sick place. Or, Democrats are really sick people.
  3. Ted Williams

    Ronnie Gorman up to her old tricks

    This is the best thing on BCV in years! 🤣
  4. Ted Williams

    Ronnie Gorman up to her old tricks

    Is the ex husband in Cortland speaking to her again? The way she left him, and her instant son, for the state trooper was despicable. But time heels most wounds, for the sake of the children hopefully they are on speaking terms.
  5. Ted Williams

    Dishonest greedy Joshua Shapiro for Family Court?

    No relation to Harvey Shapiro. Josh Shapiro is from Long Island. Jerry Mollen brought him here around 2012. He has no family here. His wife is also from downstate. I’m not a fan. I won’t be voting for him.
  6. Ted Williams

    Bob Joseph has Covid 19

    Bob Joseph is a smart ass do as I say, not as I do liberal. Every time he mentioned Trump or a republican having Covid, he said it in a sarcastic way, like they did something wrong, to come down with it. Now he’s acting like a martyr, trying to win sympathy because he has it. Don’t forget. Bob was off for over half the summer, because he was constantly coming into contact to people with Covid. Sounds to me like he hasn’t followed the same guidelines that have been repeated over and over and over on his show.
  7. Ted Williams

    Marty Smith, Pete Charnetsky and Kate Madigan

    Never heard of Madigan. Pete C is just looking for something to live for. Marty Smith is a mean drunk who didn’t like all the attention Cornwell got as DA. Marty was always a media whore, who would look directly into the camera, rather than at the defendant, when he sentenced someone.
  8. I've heard three of the four early voting sites in Broome County have huge lines to early vote today, on the first day of early voting. I got coffee at the Dunkin Donuts on Reynolds Road just now, and the parking lot was packed at the mall. WBNG showed a long line at the downtown Library, and I heard there was also a big line at CCE on Front Street. It will probably die down as the week goes on, but I've got to think this is a good sign for Republican, who more than Democrats have vowed to vote in person.
  9. Ted Williams

    BCVoice Poll: Cornwell or Levine?

    I see today the President of the Broome County Urban League (also lead singer of Splash) endorsed Cornwell... a Republican.... unheard of!
  10. Ted Williams

    OLUMS major layoffs??? 50 let go in last week?

    I will always support Olums, they support cops and veterans. Ellis Bros in downtown Binghamton only supports BLM.
  11. Hollie Levine called into WNBF today to tout her "experience" for Family Court. She mentioned working for her mentor Herbert Ray. What she didn't mention is they were involved in the biggest Family Court scandal in Broome County history, when Judge Ray engaged in a scheme to defraud the State of New York when he assigned Family Court law guardianship to his small group of attorney friends, at the expense of NY taxpayers. Being a law guardian can be quite lucrative, and these scoundrels reported as many hours as they wanted, all under the watch of their pal.. Herb Ray. And you better believe they paid Ray back with campaign donations. The Ray/Levine scheme also resulted in the 42 count indictment of former JC Mayor Ed Boncek, who was one of the law guardians appointed by Judge Ray. THIS is the experience Holly Levine is running on?
  12. Ted Williams

    BCVoice Poll: Garnar or Bernhardsen

    Bernhardsen doesn’t deserve a vote. Garnar isn’t perfect but Bernhardsen is the worst candidate to ever run for a county wide race.
  13. Cornwell did over 200 meals to law enforcement, 30 to homeless and 100 people showed up in person for meals.
  14. I heard Cornwell absolutely killed it at his fundraiser today. Over 300 spaghetti meals were purchased.
  15. I heard this little orange piece of shit was chanting “fuck the police!”. Can anyone tell me what he does for a living? I assume he still lives with his parents?