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  1. Drunken John Akshar gets in a fight with a woman and accidentally shoots himself.
  2. Ted Williams

    Battisti phone calls from Fred Akshar's staff

    I can't wait for my phone call...
  3. If you're running for DA in a Republican primary, why would you accept $500 from the Democrat DA who lost 4 years ago, and has been discredited and exposed for being out of touch and asleep at the wheel? Even people who supported Mollen in the last election have conceded, "yeah, it was time for Gerry to go." I saw it first hand, Mollen was years behind the opioid epidemic. If you asked Gerry in 2013-14, when heroin use exploded in our area, he would say the vigorous prosecution of DWI was the highest priority of the DA's office. This while people were dropping dead in Broome County. Mollen was a fine DA in the early 1990's, but he was so out of touch at the end of his tenure, Broome County became the center of heroin trade. Mollen is the guy Battisti wants to being back to help train attorneys. Along with Joe Zikuksi as a DA investigator, you will have the most out of touch, clueless and corrupt DA's office in New York State.
  4. Ted Williams

    Akshar's opioid attack mailer backfires

    Well said. No one is buying what Akshar and Battisti are selling.
  5. Desperate John Akshar is on Facebook trying to defend his pal Paul Battisti (who's ex-wife he arrested, in the City of Binghamton, when Battisti called Fred Akshar, and Fred ordered John to enter the City to arrest Victoria Battisti) speaking as a member of law enforcement, trying to attack Korchak and Cornwell. What John Akshar doesn't understand is, he and his brother aren't liked or respect by most in local law enforcement. John Akshar shouldn't even be a police officer. When he was in the police academy he was drunk and shot himself, anyone else would have been kicked out of the academy. But John and Fred went the next day into Chenango County, to fake an accidental shooting at a range, to make it look like the accident happened at a legitimate target practice. John should have been kicked out of the academy and Fred Akshar should have been charge with faking a crime scene.
  6. Epic phone call from Steve Cornwell moments ago on WNBF Binghamton Now. It has been a week since Cornwell challenged Dave Harder to an on air debate, with no response from Harder. So Cornwell just called in to challenge Harder and Zikuski to a 2 on 1 debate.
  7. Kudos to Mike Korchak for this excellent statement.
  8. Quite a call from DA Steve Cornwell today on WNBF Binghamton Now. Cornwell said Harder is making wild claims about the DA's Office, and invited Harder on the radio program to debate him for an entire hour. This would be epic... if it happens. But I seriously doubt Harder would ever go one on one with someone who has accomplishments and knows what he's talking about. I'm pretty familiar with the court system in Broome County, and can tell you, I don't believe Dave Harder has actually be in a Broome County court room in well over 10 years. So I would be interested in hearing his list of concerns with Cornwell.
  9. Ted Williams

    When Vestal Police Chief John Butler stole the TV from Kmart

    Pete, that is exactly right. And this is why Zikuski and Harder have been against Cornwell. And why they’re now against Korchak. They want a DA they can control.
  10. Ted Williams

    When Vestal Police Chief John Butler stole the TV from Kmart

    So Butler was a 14 year veteran police officer when this happened? Not like this was a youthful indiscretion by a young person, or even a first year police officer. I don’t care if 100 years has gone by. This level of arrogance, entitlement and blatant disregard for the law, by a 14 year police officer is inexcusable. He should not be a police chief.
  11. Ted Williams

    Why Battisti can't win

    Battisti and his puppet masters are so vile, there are many people who will never vote for him. I also think Korchak will win the primary, but if not, there is a coalition so large against Battisti, he will have a very tough time in the general election.
  12. Ted Williams

    Harper Stantz’s family confirms Battisti counseled killer

    Battisti never represented you in a drug sale case? And you never got a slap on the wrist from Mollen?
  13. Ted Williams

    Harper Stantz’s family confirms Battisti counseled killer

    Sure, everyone needs a lawyer. But not a guy running for DA. Like you “99CorruptCourtStreet”. Have you ever been represented in criminal court by Paul Battisti?
  14. Ted Williams

    Harper Stantz’s family confirms Battisti counseled killer

    And Battisti has the gall to use the news story in a political ad for his campaign.
  15. Joe Zikuski made $114,000 in 2018 and Lisa made $73,000. Lisa has since retired from the city and is working for the state. At close to $190,000 how can these scumbags not pay their taxes? And this isn't the first time they have been in foreclosure, it seems to be a regular occurrence.