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  1. An emergency? The few homicides the sheriff’s office has handled the last 10 years, I don’t think I ever recall Dave being on the scene. An emergency to him is running out of the jail kitchen with a tray of cookies, before they go bad over the weekend.
  2. Wrong. Spero Pines turns 70. Mandatory retirement age.
  3. The media isn’t reporting BPD night detective Alex Legos crashed his car drunk into another car last week and ran from the scene. He has been suspended for 30 days. But it’s ok because he’s a Zikuski bootlicker.
  4. Ted Williams

    Vote for DA certified

    Congratulations to Mr. Korchak!
  5. Ted Williams

    Battisti refuses to file post Election financials?

    I actually know her father and he has nothing good to say about Akshar. I assume his daughter was the campaign treasurer, but used her parents address. Mike never would have allowed it, if he knew Akshar was going to be so involved in the campaign.
  6. Ted Williams

    Battisti refuses to file post Election financials?

    Battisti and his treasurer should be on the hook for this. I agree... what are they hiding?
  7. Ted Williams

    So Solak is ok?

    Kate deserves credit for jumping in and breaking up the attack on John Solak. I heard John was very appreciative on the radio this morning.
  8. Ted Williams

    DSS's improper conduct and witch hunt against Garo Kachadourian

    After a big case it’s not uncommon for detectives and prosecutors to go out for a beer. But a cake with the defendants name on it? That is outrageous.
  9. Ted Williams


    WBNG is much worse than it was 10, 15 or 20 years ago. But it's still the best local news. Fox 40 is filled with errors. Channel 34 is better reporting, but not as much news as the other stations.
  10. Ted Williams

    2019 DA's race: the winners and losers

    Bergman and Jackson have told people their support of Battisti was "a business decision", meaning if Battisti won they would be assigned hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not a million dollars, in special prosecutor cases. Due to all of the conflicts Battisti would have with former clients. How's that for integrity?
  11. Ted Williams

    Another death in Broome county Jail

    I’m the furthest thing from a Truth Pharm or PLOT supporter or sympathizer, but the old man at the jail is so bad, he’s actually proving them right. The previous poster makes a good point. The sheriff had enough time and energy to campaign all year for Paul Battisti. Maybe he should focus on his own job.
  12. This is disgusting. Paul Battisti is going around saying there were 12 overdoses over the weekend. I called the Health Department and this is not true. Battisti is now making up shit at the last minute to try to steal tomorrow's election. This is as low as it gets.
  13. Ted Williams

    BREAKING: New York SHUTS DOWN Battisti's D'Lusso Limo Service

    Rumor has it Battisti couldn’t make the payments and the vehicles were seized.
  14. Ted Williams

    Beware: Front Street's Waving Sex Offender in costume

    Most of her crimes were committed in Chenango County. She’s no longer on the sex offender registry. But was within the last several years.
  15. Ted Williams

    Gerry Mollen gives indorsement to Paul Batistti????

    Good. Let this be Mollen’s legacy. For a long time many of us have known Mollen to be a vindictive and deceitful man. He never got over losing the DAs race four years ago. Now all of Broome County knows Mollen has no integrity. This is your legacy Gerry.