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  1. Rumors flying around the City Hall that a BPD officer has filed a complaint against Zikuski for racial discrimination. The officer of color is upset because he was denied a chance to work in the Detective Bureau. It seems the officer just wants the same opportunity that many female officers have been given. The officer also feels discriminated against because Zikuski's son has been handed one special job after another and only was on patrol for a brief period of time. Many officers are being called to the office of Corporation Council and being interviewed by Trish Keppler and Ken Frank. You can be sure Rich David has already decided the outcome of the investigation. One has to wonder how much of the taxpayers money has been spent on Zikuski related matters. It is truly a shame that Rich David has allowed this to continue. So much has taken place within the BPD that the press ignores which includes recently the arrest of an officer and the SWAT leader being relieved of his duties on the team after a mutiny by other team members. The ZPD is a joke among other area agencies.
  2. So let's see, Manculich takes care of Zikuski with jobs for his kids and step kids and God only knows what else. The likely result of that was U-Save Towing locking up the tow business and repairs to Police cars in Binghamton and Johnson City for awhile. And now Zikuski is a huge supporter of Battisti and appears Battisti is beholding to Manculich because it doesn't make sense to move a law office from across the street from the Courthouse to a garage in Endicott. Perhaps this is worthy of some investigation. At the very least it appears shady.
  3. I was in downtown Binghamton on business the other day and it appears the Battisti Law Office at Court and Chenango has been vacated. Does anyone know anything about that? Did he relocate or just shut down?
  4. You Never Know

    When Vestal Police Chief John Butler stole the TV from Kmart

    I would expect more from John Butler then this, I'm sure his wife made him do the add. He talks about Jim Worhach , what does he or his actions have to do with the election. Mr. Worhach is entitled to his opinion as we all are. Mr. Battisti not following election law that is an issue. Mr. Battisti having never prosecuted so much as traffic offense is an issue. Mr. Battisti being constantly behind on taxes and financial obligations is also an issue. Mr. Battisti using the Akshar boys to have his wife arrested during a messy divorce is also an issue. I could continue but the primary would be over before I was done typing. John Butler or any of the Battisti supporters have not brought up one legitimate issue against Mike Korchack this entire campaign, If you want the Broome County District Attorneys Office run by the likes of Joe Zikuski and Deborah Butler vote for Paul Battisti.
  5. You Never Know

    When Vestal Police Chief John Butler stole the TV from Kmart

    Just a few things that I am aware of I thought might be of interest to the readers. 1. The prosecution of Butler for the Vestal incident was done by Gerald Mollen. At the time Vestal Police that investigated the incidents ( more then one) were very irate with Mollen for not presenting the entire case. Mollen chose not to show much of the evidence that he was given that very likely would have resulted in a guilty verdict. 2. Mollen also made the decision that Harder would not be charged for taking money for several years from the seizure account to buy Christmas presents for friends and supporters. 3. Gerald Mollen also personally handled the decisions involving the Zikuski children. One notable one was that several had to plead guilty to Burglary charges while one of the Zikuski boys pretty much got a pass. 4. Mollen also turned a blind eye to Paul Battisti contacting Fred Akshar to have his wife arrested for an incident that took place in the City of Binghamton. 5. Last but not least multiple members of the District Attorneys office were very upset the Battisti was allowed to meet with Mollen directly on his cases. You can be sure that this had nothing to do with the fact that Mollens wife and Fran Battisti worked together at SUNY Broome. That is why the Crooked Cops of Broome are endorsing Battisti they are afraid of what will happen if Korchak is elected. Maybe some accountability for a change. It is time to put and end to this corruption.
  6. You Never Know

    Battisti on new principled leadership

    A sparkling example of how Battisti works and conducts his affairs is the arrest of his former wife. The alleged incident took place in the City of Binghamton but instead of calling the agency that would normally handle these complaints Mr. Battisti chose an alternate route. Mr. Battisti called his good friend then Capt. Akshar on his cell phone to handle the complaint. Capt. Akshar who was not working notified a Deputy to handle the matter. If memory serves the Deputy also has the last name Akshar. If any one cares to check they will see that the BCSD does not as a matter of routine handle these complaints in the City of Binghamton. I'm sure a very objective investigation of this matter then took place. If anyone can't see how wrong this is they need to have their eyes checked. I would wager in the last ten years this was the only domestic complaint handled by the BCSD that originated in the City of Binghamton. Just a note aside other then to log in the complaint Broome County Dispatch was never contacted it all took place via cell phone. Principled Leadership at its best.
  7. You Never Know

    Enough With Poor Fred

    I for one am very tired of Fred Akshar trying to make himself a victim in this mess which he created by his own actions. Any Law Enforcement Officer with an ounce of credibility and ethics knows what Akshar did was wrong on multiple levels. For starters he was in a commited relationship and living with Kate Newcomb at the time. Akshar was at a taxpayer funded training event and it is very likely we paid for the room he used to have his fun with Mirella. Akshar was the lead investigator for her sons vicious and I do mean vicious murder. Akshar refers to this as a smear campaign when in fact this wholly inappropriate relationship took place. I think it's about time that Akshar man up and admit what a huge lack of judgement he used in this matter. And then you have Dave Harder who says if he was asked by Akshar he would have told him it was a bad idea. Keep in mind that Harder thought it was a good idea to buy Christmas Presents and hand them out to contributors and friends with taxpayer money, a practice that went on for several years. One of our local media stars should ask Paul Battisti what he thinks of his buddy Akshars actions in this matter. For the sake of this area I hope Mike Korchak gets elected if not actions such as these will be even more common place then they are now.
  8. You Never Know

    Zikuski owes city over $100,000

    Watch and see the huge payouts these three receive from the taxpayers of the City of Binghamton. Hopefully someone other then their boozing buddy Rich David has oversight in this matter. City Council should involve themselves in this because after all it is the money of the taxpayers. Years of sick time , comp time , vacation they have been sitting on and they are going to want money for it all. Don't be surprised if part of the deal is a mutually agreed upon gag order much like the Sager ordeal which cost the taxpayers plenty.
  9. You Never Know

    Harper Stantz’s family confirms Battisti counseled killer

    There is no doubt the guy who mowed over those two girls who were walking on the sidewalk on a city street deserves legal representation. And even if you take exception to people being upset with Paul Battisti for rushing to the police station to provide counsel to this guy no one with a shred of decency can agree with Battisti using the article about these girls to benefit his campaign. It is like spitting in the face of a very grieving family. Local politics has taken a nasty turn recently but without any doubt this is one of the most disingenuous , two-faced acts I have ever witnessed on the part of any local politician. If Mr. Battisti wants to be a defense attorney that is what he should be no reason to cover it up by saying I'm diverse and bring people together. There are a great many people in Broome County who are very upset by Paul Battisti trying to have it both ways.
  10. Paul Battisti is the Zikuski famiy lawyer I'm sure he would never allow anything illegal go on with his choice for Chief Investigator, lol. I talked with many members of the BPD that are silently supporting Mike Korchak, they are fearful of reprisal if they speak up. Many people in law enforcement and the private sector are very upset with the actions of Battisti on the day of the two girls were run over. I notice this wasn't addressed on his facebook page but yet he used the newspapers headlines about the tragedy in his attack add against Mike Korchak. Battisti rushed into the Police Station do over counsel do this guy, seems to me he is the one that is out of touch.
  11. This is the guy Battisti has asked to be his Chief Investigator. What us regular folks need to realize Zikuski is the Chief of Police, rules and laws, integrity and morals don't apply to him. Why should he pay bills or taxes he never has. Perhaps another bankruptcy is in the making. County records show how many judgements he has had over the years. Last but certainly not least , my friends in the JCPD say he often meets with a female at Calvary Cemetery and it is the wife of a one time friend of his who had a good job with the B-Mets. Good choice for Battisti to have stand behind him at his announcement that he was seeking election.
  12. You Never Know

    Does Jim Weed even know.

    Just another marriage for the Chief to ruin. This is the guy Paul Battisti wants to be his Chief Investigator and has stand behind him at his announcement. I guess you could say birds of a feather.
  13. You Never Know

    Broome DA Candidate Paul Battisti Owes IRS More Than $86K

    Word is that if Paul Battisti is elected Zikuski is going to retire from the BPD and become the Chief Investigator at the District Attorneys office. If you saw the news conference where Battisti announced his candidacy Zikuski was standing right behind him. If this is true it is certainly one of the many good reasons Paul Battisti should not be the District Attorney.
  14. I'm sure a sweet deal is already in the works for Mr. Butash, . Rumor has it many years ago then District Attorney Dooley was driving southbound across the State St Bridge when his vehicle went over the median into the northbound lanes and ended up on New Street. No tickets issued , no arrest , just a bad night for DA Dooley. Mollen was his boss back then and BPD investigated the accident. Both Judge Dooley and his wife know Yeager well from their time in the District Attorneys office, there is no way Dooley should have anything to do with this case. Business as usual in Broome County. You can make up your mind that if Butash was not connected he would be in Broome County Jail not being portrayed as the victim. You would think some of our local media would have picked up on this obvious conflict.