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  1. Not to worry. Zukuski's close friend John Sonny Manculich will cut him a check to pay his taxes. Just like Sonny paid Paul Battisti's $86,000 tax liens.
  2. Fact Check

    Paul Battisti's business partner indicted

    In addition to running Battisti’s limo business, Pinco worked as a bodyguard for Debbie Preston.
  3. Here is an email from Carl Zeilman, Saratoga GOP Chairman, to NY GOP Chairman Ed Cox, calling on the State GOP to withhold state funding and resources from any county, city or town whose leadership is involved in another county without the Chairs written or said permission. This is directed at PAY TO PLAY BIJOY DATTA.
  4. Here is an email from Trisha Turner, Chairwoman of the Ontario County Republican Committee, to all NY GOP Chairs, saying there is a major conflict with Bijoy Datta being both a county GOP chair, and a paid political consultant. We have seen in it Broome County, and now they are seeing across the state. And the other chairs are speaking out.
  5. Bijoy Datta is selling the District Attorney's office to Paul Battisti and Supreme Court seat to Oliver Blaise. That's right, to run as a Republican in Broome County, you must pay Bijoy Datta. Most seats cost $20,000, some go for up to $30,000. If you don't pay Bijoy and his business "Brightside Communications" you don't get any of the Republican party support, and Bijoy and his cronies work against you. How do other Republican party chairmen/women in NY feel about this? STAY TUNED...