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  1. A of 10:07AM on Monday June 15, 2020 the Gorman/Battisti report has not been filed. Its the 11 day pre primary report that was due Friday. Her opponents cannot see where her money is coming from or where it is going. She is operating in the dark with Battisti. She is irresponsible and needs to make a public statement as to why she has not filed.
  2. She’s a cheater. True to form. Does not want to play by the rules. What is she hiding in her disclosure? Money from liberals like Mollen and Bergman?
  3. Pio Renteria

    BCVOICE officially ENDORSES JOHN SOLAK for Bing. School Board

    John is a true patriot and a man of courage. We are with you my friend.
  4. Pio Renteria

    Corona Virus

    Attention FAT PEOPLE! Stay home. Go on a diet and get some exercise. 89% of the deaths are fat people. Put down the potato chips and soda pop for god sake or STAY HOME!
  5. Pio Renteria

    Garnar says drive by birthday parties/parades not legal?

    Dear Mayor David, My wife and I would like to go to Spring Forest Cemetery and visit both of our parents graves as we do every Easter. We bring palms and lay them on the grave. We have done this for more than 20 years and never see anyone around us when we have done this in the past. We would like to go on Easter just like in the past. We will drive there and if anyone is around we will not get out of the car. If no one is around we will get out of the car for just 5 minutes to lay the palms. I hope this is alright with you. Please do not have us arrested. If you see this note before noon Sunday, please respond. If you tell us we cannot go we will obey. Mr. Garner's statements have upset my wife deeply. She is going through depression right now but we will get through this. God bless you sir.
  6. Broome County is cursed. The hospitals and health care workers are incompetent. Everyone has a story about medical incompetency in this area. That's why we all go to NYC, Boston, or Cleveland for treatment. I was worried that NYC would take all of our hospital beds and our people would be left without a bed. I was wrong. Cuomo knows not to send people here because they will likely die and make him look bad. Garnar is a Cuomo lapdog. We need a leader to fight for more testing and better health care. We need a Pitbull not a lapdog!!!
  7. Pio Renteria

    Binghamton University receives $60M donation to build new baseball stadium

    At least we will have a real stadium with competitive baseball. The BU team would whip any rumble ponies team. Bulldoze the Nyseg stadium and be happy you went to 3 games in 30 years. Welfare baseball stadium to first class stadium.
  8. Pio Renteria

    Tom Jackson Running for County Legislature

    Does anyone think he looks like a sex offender? The hair, the glasses, the yellow teeth, the boobs, the obvious lack of self esteem, lack of self control, and inability to reach his own penis? Just wondering, not an accusation.
  9. Pio Renteria

    Hitler finds out about the DA's race (video attached)

    This is Brilliant. Sums up Broome County perfectly. Needs to win an award. You will laugh so hard you won't believe it.
  10. Pio Renteria

    What does Battisti do now ?

    Battisti & Preston, LLC (Losers, Liars, and Criminals)
  11. Pio Renteria

    Democrats for Korchak

    Every time you post I think you are Bijoy Datta.
  12. Pio Renteria

    Delusional George Phillips - He just doesn't get it.

    What a looser this Phillips idiot is!!! He can't fight his was out of a paper bag. This picture tells the story - you are weak. Stick to what you know - high school math. You are making a fool of yourself George. No one thinks you are a legitimate candidate. Crawl under your bed and hide. You are embarrassing your wife and children. I am doing you a favor by telling you this. People laugh at you when you walk away from them when you are campaigning. Sad but true, sorry.
  13. Pio Renteria

    BREAKING: New York SHUTS DOWN Battisti's D'Lusso Limo Service

    Because the limo company failed to pay their insurance, they were suspended by the state. And they continued business operations after they were shut down by the state. I hope he gets elected because I want to see him led out of the DA's office in handcuffs.
  14. She is a worthless scag. Typical lying corrupt democrat.
  15. Pio Renteria

    Gerry Mollen gives indorsement to Paul Batistti????

    No surprise really. Mollen and his old investigator covered up a criminal enterprise when Battisti and former disgraced court clerk Linda Vail had a ticket fixing scam going. Battisti would have Vail dismiss a ticket so his client would get a dismissal and he would get paid for it. The young female ADA assigned to the court reported the incident to Mollen and signed an affidavit detailing Battisti's illegal scam. Mollen let it sit around until too long when by to prosecute. Another corrupt Mollen scam. The information is still out there. It's going to be the October surprise by Korchak.