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  1. Gentleman Ned

    Paul Battisti's law school loses ABA approval

    I am offended by your comment. I worked at Jiffy Lube and Battits could have never cut it.
  2. Gentleman Ned

    Paul Battisti's law school loses ABA approval

    Cracker Jack Battisti! He couldn't get in to a real law school so daddy got him into a school that gives out law licenses like a prize in a cracker jack box. This was the original college admissions scandal.
  3. Gentleman Ned

    Battisti fundraiser tonight... EMBARRASSING turnout!

    As far as I know BCC does not have a class on how to be classless. So maybe pole dancing?
  4. Gentleman Ned

    Battisti fundraiser tonight... EMBARRASSING turnout!

    Not surprised. This guy is a phony lyin scumbag whose wife used to hit on me when she was peddling wine at local liquor store. She thought she hit the jackpot with Paul and then found out he can't even pay his bills. Sadly she spend her entire recent inheritance from her father (God rest his soul) paying off Paul's taxes and putting in $50K to his campaign. Shameful. Her dress is getting shorter as he loses support so she is going back to her old ways to try and sell herself.
  5. Gentleman Ned

    Cornwell challenges Harder and Zikuski to 2 on 1 debate

    Harder and Zikuski are like those guys that give you the finger while in their car but when you confront them they stay in their car like a chicken. Come on tough guys! DA called you out. You are both scared little chickens. This is your opportunity to take him on 2v1! Harder is Akshar's bitch and Joey Zikuski is a Pussy who is afraid of the DA. Both chickens.
  6. Maybe it's a "Zik in Rich" situation with these boys. Someone's stickin somethin somewhere. Instead of "commander in chief" it's like "mayor in chief". Ya know what I mean?
  7. Gentleman Ned

    Harper Stantz’s family confirms Battisti counseled killer

    He used the death of a 16 year old for political gain in a case he worked on. So he worked agaist the victim twice and he wants to get elected for doing so. Baby Battista needs to get out of the race. This boy has got to go.
  8. Gentleman Ned

    Debra Butler, relative of Paul Battisti, taunting Stantz family!

    Ok. Your right. John boy may have had it cummin (or not). But she's still a pig, with lipstick.
  9. Gentleman Ned

    Debra Butler, relative of Paul Battisti, taunting Stantz family!

    Debra is not only a tramp cheating on her husband, she is a disgusting pig for cheering on people to attack a mother who's child was killed. Sickening.
  10. Gentleman Ned

    Mirella Masciarelli victimized by "predator" Fred Akshar

    This guy is a pig. She is obviously messed up from this. Let's see how he handles it. He has a history of abusing women. He should resign. Cops praying on female victims of crime. What next? A senator with access to police reports and rap sheets? A senator having sex with his married staffers. A senator giving himself a $60,000 raise by promoting his married lover. Wake up people. He is certainly no gentleman. #Allahu Akshar #MeToo #Resign
  11. Gentleman Ned

    FRED AKSHAR now working part-time for Port Dickinson Police

    So now we got a politician who's got access to confidential police reports on all voters and all other info stored by the government. Seems a bit dangerous to me.
  12. Gentleman Ned

    St Patricks Day Parade MVP

    That's like a contest for the cover of Mad Magazine gone bad.
  13. Gentleman Ned

    Rule breaker Battisti can't even park legally

    Baby Battista is plum crazy. You can't be DA if you can't follow the law and hate cripples. He should lose his limo licence for this.