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  1. I pretty sure that if I ever took hundreds of thousands of dollars ILLEGALLY that I'd be in jail. Thats where the DA should be.
  2. The man drowned an 11 year old boy! That's murder. He will be out in 7-8 years. This was no accident it was murder. Why give the jury a manslaughter case. Korchick blows another one.
  3. That old drunk would fall of the barstool at Cortese and then drive home. He would get pulled over by BPD and would be let go because he was the judge. The next morning he would sentence some poor bastard to jail for the same DWI offense.
  4. Has the media picked up on this yet? Once this hits the paper and the tv, Kor-chuck is cooked.
  5. They deserve each other. He looks like he's trying to cozy up to Linda. Loughran would be grabbing Linda like he was grabbing a 6 pack if you know what I mean.
  6. Gentleman Ned

    Korchak’s Investigator threatens Cuomo family?

    The girl is out of her mind. She needs to be fired. The da office is out of control
  7. Gentleman Ned

    POLL: What should Korchak do

    The buck stops with the bossman. In racing you can lead follow or get out of the way. If you crash you take yourself out of the race. He's following Loughran's lead and has his nose so far up his ass he can't see where he's going. Right now Korchic is looking like he's going to crash.
  8. That little pip-squeak Perticone uses UPPERCASE letters for CEASE and DESIST. So scary! So intimidating! Should someone should go to his house and try to intimidate him? Funny how these penny loafer wearing lightweights talk tough in legal letters, but they would shit their pants if someone showed up at their door and threatened them like they did to Garo.
  9. Gentleman Ned

    Chief Assistant DA Mark Loughran caught concealing evidence

    That dude looks like a perv to me!
  10. Gentleman Ned

    Kyle Rittenhouse

  11. Well the boy Bergman apparently can’t keep his hands off of girls that work for him is what I hear. Didn’t he have to resign the DAs office when his ex caught him banging a subordinate intern?
  12. We know she hangs with a lot of troopers, that's how she got the nickname "mud flap". Maybe she got really close to the defendant, it happens
  13. Maybe she ran off with Paul and they ABANDONED her campaign. No surprise really.
  14. Gentleman Ned

    COVID-19 IS A LIE!

    Sorry to hear about your cousin. How old was he? How much did he weigh? What previous medical conditions did he have? You played the "I've already lost a cousin line" so let's go there. Answer the questions, truthfully. You brought it up. 7,500 people a day die in this country.
  15. Gentleman Ned

    COVID-19 IS A LIE!

    Enough is enough people. This corona thing is a total sham. Total BS. If your sick or scared stay home. As for the rest of us, let's get to work!