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  1. That ol boy was a dirty drunk. He would fall off the barstool and then drive home. He was stopped by Binghamton Police Officers 3 times that I know of. That was just hours after he would take away people's drivers licenses for a DWI. Total hypocrite. And a worthless drunk racist. COVID19 Karma, Please
  2. Marty had to leave the bench because he no longer had the mental ability to continue. In other words, the guy could play hide and go seek with himself. The old dog was to old and needed to be put down.
  3. Gentleman Ned

    Kyle Rittenhouse

  4. Judge MARTY SMITH IS A RACIST in my opinion. Everyone knows that he gave blacks unjust sentences and gives white drug dealers probation. It didn't work. Cornwell had to clean up your mess you old senile racist pig. And your daughter us the biggest slut in PA.
  5. Well the boy Bergman apparently can’t keep his hands off of girls that work for him is what I hear. Didn’t he have to resign the DAs office when his ex caught him banging a subordinate intern?
  6. We know she hangs with a lot of troopers, that's how she got the nickname "mud flap". Maybe she got really close to the defendant, it happens
  7. Maybe she ran off with Paul and they ABANDONED her campaign. No surprise really.
  8. Gentleman Ned

    COVID-19 IS A LIE!

    Enough is enough people. This corona thing is a total sham. Total BS. If your sick or scared stay home. As for the rest of us, let's get to work!
  9. Gentleman Ned

    COVID-19 IS A LIE!

    Sorry to hear about your cousin. How old was he? How much did he weigh? What previous medical conditions did he have? You played the "I've already lost a cousin line" so let's go there. Answer the questions, truthfully. You brought it up. 7,500 people a day die in this country.
  10. Gentleman Ned

    Garnar says drive by birthday parties/parades not legal?

    Yeah, he kept "social distance" from his wife! He didn't even need 6 inches, let alone six feet to pull that off. He's gonna get hit hard on her this election season.
  11. Gentleman Ned

    Jason Stalin Garnar just restricted your driving dates.

    What if a man and his husband have different birth years and they want to go out together for safety reasons? Which day do they chose? Do they get to go out both days? Just askin for a friend.
  12. Gentleman Ned

    Tom Jackson Running for County Legislature

    Here titty, titty titty! Here titty, titty, titty!
  13. Gentleman Ned

    Tom Jackson Running for County Legislature

    They are real! I saw those bad boys bouncing off the table he was eating pizza and he and his wife each ate a pizza. His law firm SUCKS! They make promises and don't keep them. DO NOT HIRE JACKSON BERGMAN.
  14. Gentleman Ned

    What does Battisti do now ?

    Snake Oil Salesmen -he's done that but failed BJ Datta Butt Boy -he's done that too Puppet -yip, he's done that too Pipefitter -he's done that too, ya remember that blond slut running his campaign Dairy Farmer - he milked that fat cow Debra Butler already, so maybe
  15. Gentleman Ned

    Election Night Thread

    BJ Datta blew this job. Hahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahah!!!! Total loser. Total failure. You gotcha ass handed to you BOY.
  16. Gentleman Ned

    Akshar goes on feel good media tour

    BAR THE DOORS KATIE...the Freditor is on the loose!
  17. Gentleman Ned


    http://www.PaulBattisti.com wtf?
  18. Gentleman Ned

    Delusional George Phillips - He just doesn't get it.

    I bet Boy George likes a "push pole", you know what I'm sayin?
  19. Gentleman Ned

    Delusional George Phillips - He just doesn't get it.

    Be careful George! You look like you are going to punch yourself in the face. Put em' Put em' up. This boy George is like that damn cowardly lion in wizard of oz. He's a total phony coward. Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4trn2lJxl00
  20. Gentleman Ned

    BREAKING: New York SHUTS DOWN Battisti's D'Lusso Limo Service

    BATTISA is ILLEGALLY running the Limo Company. Here is active website http://www.dlussolimo.com/ His LIMO PHONE STILL WORKS!!! (7:49am eastern time 10/30/19) ATTN: "John from Binghamton" Where are you? Get a camera in this boy's face and ask him why he is still running a limo company that was shut down by the state.
  21. Gentleman Ned

    Gerry Mollen gives indorsement to Paul Batistti????

    Mollen just got his ass handed to him by Grippen. That good ol boy ain't playin around. Hats off to you Grippen. Wow, Grippen basically told Mollen to go shit in a hat and pull it down over his ears. Heard that some place before. This Mollen is an inbreed loser still lickin his wounds.
  22. Gentleman Ned

    Fred Akshar spraying girls with hose

    Your name should be "little pussy" and not "a taxpayer".
  23. Gentleman Ned

    Mayor, City of Binghamton

    Maybe we should play a little game and detail every lie that come out of Mayor David's fat lips and all his scandals. OK I'll start. Remember when his bar slut girlfriend wacked that other bimbo over the head with a beer bottle at that local swingers club called "Social". Happy New Years Dirty David.
  24. Cornwell tells it the way it is no mater who he pisses off. Politicians are against him and people seem to like him so maybe that's who can get things done. He seems like he wont sell out.
  25. Gentleman Ned

    Predictions on the DA Race?

    52 for Korchak and 46 for Battisti