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  1. Thurston Morton

    Tom Jackson Running for County Legislature

    George Phillips also spread blatant lies to try to hurt Korchak, saying he was polling at only 10%, and voting for him is wasting your vote. But WyattEarp is exactly right. Jackson Bergman are Fred Akshar’s personal attorneys and they were behind Battisti from day one. From his campaign announcement to fundraisers. And Jackson filed some of those bullshit motions after Korchak won, trying to get a judge to order a recount. Tom Jackson would be a disaster for Broome County, and Akshar’s personal legislator to push his self serving agenda.
  2. Thurston Morton

    Tom Jackson Running for County Legislature

    Thomas D. Jackson Jr. moved to Vestal just two years ago. The current office holder, Dan Reynolds, has lived in Vestal his entire life. Vestal residents will see through this pathetic attempt by Jackson Bergman and Fred Akshar to defeat Dan Reynolds.
  3. Thurston Morton

    Battisti refuses to file post Election financials?

    Battisti's campaign account is registered in Castle Creek. Someone worked for Fred Akshar, and on the Battisti campaign.
  4. Paul Battisti, who’s financial filings have been more in question than any other local candidate of the last decade, is apparently refusing to file his 27 post election filing. It was due a week and a half ago. So what is Battisti hiding? More illegal contributions from Sonny Manny? Jackson Bergman? Sheriff Dave? Or is he hiding the payments due to Bijoy Datta, which will prove Datta has been on the take since January.
  5. Thurston Morton

    Broome County's Biggest Loser of 2019

    Debra Butler has sued her previous two employers for her “disability” one of them being Broome County. Yet she thought she would return to Broome County government if Battisti won? She’s suddenly no longer disabled? I have heard Mirella Masciarelli has recordings of Debra Butler going to a doctor, trying to lie about her back pain, for a doctor’s note.
  6. Debra Morello has been mentioned in other threads. It has now come to my attention she was using her office at the Southern Tier Incubator to campaign for Paul Battisti. This is public, tax payer owned and operated property. Morello even addressed campaign donations to Battisti from the Incubator, 120 Hawley Street, on June 11, and August 19. It is now obvious Morello needs to be removed from the office space at the Incubator.
  7. Thurston Morton

    2019 DA's race: the winners and losers

    Her "book", "The Power of Friends at Work" is based on her career working with Fran Battisti and Beth Mollen, at BCC? No thank you.
  8. Thurston Morton

    2019 DA's race: the winners and losers

    How does a woman who is not married with no children think shes qualified to drink wine on a podcast and give life advise? And what does she pay for that office space at the Binghamton Incubator?
  9. Paul Battisti is going around town blaming his loss in the DA race on Fred Akshar. Stay tuned. This feud is just heating up.
  10. Thurston Morton

    Binghamton City Council races, an interesting perspective

    Ignorant or not, it's very accurate.
  11. Thurston Morton

    Boycott Sall Sterns! Money is going to Battisti campaign

    The last time Ron Sall's political contributions made headlines it was because he was making illegal contributions to Barbara Fiala, through his nonprofit organization, with the vendor fees from July Fest. But hey, if you want to throw away $200 on a shirt, which you can get for $30 at Kohls, he's the guy to go see.
  12. In December Senate Minority Leader John Flannigan named Fred Akshar head of the NYSSRCC, the committee that raises funds for Republican NY Senators and candidates. Since then, Akshar has miserably failed. The previous chair, Cathy Young, did a much better job. The numbers don't lie. The committee reported the following balances, during the same summer reporting periods: 2014: $3,949,714 2015: $847,316 2016: $2,647,440 2017: $1,292,972 2018: $1,676,109 2019: $269,301 (under Akshar)
  13. Thurston Morton

    When Vestal Police Chief John Butler stole the TV from Kmart

    They are on Binghamton University campus. Few students living on campus during summer.
  14. Thurston Morton

    Oliver Blaise cannot be trusted in DA vote count

    No...That’s Mark Gorgos. Oliver Blaise didn’t “volunteer” for anything. Elections Commissioner is a paid position.
  15. Oliver Blaise is the Republican Commissioner of Elections in Broome County. Blaise was appointed by Bijoy Datta. Bijoy Datta endorsed and ran the campaign of Paul Battisti. Blaise is running for NYS Supreme Court. Bijoy Datta is running Blaise's campaign. It is obvious why Oliver Blaise must be removed from the process of counting absentee and provisional ballots.