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  1. Thurston Morton

    Good riddance Ronnie Gorman

    Veronica Gorman is now 36 days late with her 11 day pre primary report, and 3 days late on her July report. This is not optional. It is required of all candidate by NYS election law. She is flagrantly refusing to follow the law. She needs to be removed as TOU Justice before her term ends at the end of the year.
  2. How can Bridget Kane call out anyone for any financial matters? She owns no property, pays no property taxes and has no financial stake in Broome County. No one knows what she does for a living, so it is unknown if she even pays income tax. She lives in a dirty $725/month apartment in Endicott. It is also unknown what level of benefits she receives from the state and Broome DSS. But the democrats are proud to call her their chairwoman. Seems appropriate.
  3. Thurston Morton

    Broome Dem. Chair Bridget Kane

    If the Democrats are looking for leadership or success, they’re not going to find it with Bridget Kane. She doesn’t know how to win. And she can’t fundraise. Unless Garnar, Lupardo and Brindisi all write the BC Dems a check for $50,000, they’re in trouble this year. As pointed out, Bridget Kane goes out of her way to hide as much about herself as possible.
  4. Thurston Morton

    Democrat Karen Beebe... 2 Hatch Act Violations

    Bridget Kane is a weak leader. She has no experience winning campaigns. She has run for office twice herself and never won. If you’re going to send out press releases attacking a candidate, you better make sure his opponent’s house is in order. The fact that Beebe deleted one of the photos is proof she acknowledges it was wrong, and is a violation of the Hatch Act. Based on history, enrollment figures and current events, 2020 should be a good year for Democrats. But in Broome County, with weak leadership from Kane and company, expect the Republicans to win most contested races.
  5. Thurston Morton

    George Phillips. Pick up your signs!

    Different municipalities have different regulations over political lawn signs. For example, in some municipalities, signs should come down after the primary, but can then go back up 60 or 30 days before the general election. In the city of Binghamton, signs can already be up for the general election. But following the primary, all losing candidates' signs should come down. The winning candidates, Tenney, Cornwell and Angelino, signs can remain up depending on the regulations of the municipality.
  6. Thurston Morton

    Good riddance Ronnie Gorman

    Gorman’s financial disclosure is now 21 days late. What is she hiding? If she cannot follow simple NYS election law, the Town of Union board should remove her as Justice, before her term ends at the end of the year.
  7. Thurston Morton

    Who is Cuomo’s current “Regional Rep” ?

    It was Kara Grippen, daughter of Tim Grippen. Now I believe it is Carly Norton, niece of Barb Fiala. The position has changed. It used to be fairly high profile. Now it’s mostly a behind the scenes coordinator, rather than an actual representative of the Governor.
  8. Thurston Morton

    Either Sheriff Harder Needs to Resign or Akshar Does

    Let's be very clear about 2014, the last 'real' contested race for sheriff. Dave Harder had his attack dog, Fred Akshar, all over BCVoice, with multiple account names, attacking Chris Bracco every single day. Akshar also spread rumors at events and through law enforcement circles. Looking back, now six years later, Bracco would have been a better sheriff. The sheriff's legacy will be of falling asleep in meetings, baseless political attacks, and either dementia or incompetence.
  9. Thurston Morton

    Tom Jackson Running for County Legislature

    I do think Bijoy Datta is trying to suck up to the Cornwell-wing of the Republican party, but I don't believe that to be true of Fred Akshar. Akshar's name DOES NOT appear on Stephen Cornwell's vacancy committee. The first three names are: Daniel Reynolds, Chairman of the BC Legislature Rich David, Mayor of Binghamton Bijoy Datta (who's name also appears on Cornwell's opponent's vacancy committee) (The other names Stephen Flagg, Matthew Pasquale, Greg Baldwin and Kelly Wildowner, all BC Legislators)
  10. Thurston Morton

    Libous Announces Run for State Assembly

    The Angelino candidacy is the final piece of the deal struck 5 years ago, when Fred Akshar was selected as the GOP candidate for NY Senate. Bijoy Datta made a deal with Chenango County GOP Chairman Tom Marrone in 2015, if Marrone agreed to Akshar as the Senate candidate, Bijoy would back a Chenango County resident, when Cliff Crouch retired.
  11. Thurston Morton

    Giovanni Scaringi

    Scaringi was 100% with Battisti and has been bad mouthing Korchak all over Broome County.
  12. Thurston Morton

    Tom Jackson Running for County Legislature

    George Phillips also spread blatant lies to try to hurt Korchak, saying he was polling at only 10%, and voting for him is wasting your vote. But WyattEarp is exactly right. Jackson Bergman are Fred Akshar’s personal attorneys and they were behind Battisti from day one. From his campaign announcement to fundraisers. And Jackson filed some of those bullshit motions after Korchak won, trying to get a judge to order a recount. Tom Jackson would be a disaster for Broome County, and Akshar’s personal legislator to push his self serving agenda.
  13. Thurston Morton

    Tom Jackson Running for County Legislature

    Thomas D. Jackson Jr. moved to Vestal just two years ago. The current office holder, Dan Reynolds, has lived in Vestal his entire life. Vestal residents will see through this pathetic attempt by Jackson Bergman and Fred Akshar to defeat Dan Reynolds.
  14. Thurston Morton

    Battisti refuses to file post Election financials?

    Battisti's campaign account is registered in Castle Creek. Someone worked for Fred Akshar, and on the Battisti campaign.
  15. Paul Battisti, who’s financial filings have been more in question than any other local candidate of the last decade, is apparently refusing to file his 27 post election filing. It was due a week and a half ago. So what is Battisti hiding? More illegal contributions from Sonny Manny? Jackson Bergman? Sheriff Dave? Or is he hiding the payments due to Bijoy Datta, which will prove Datta has been on the take since January.