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    Veronica “Ronnie” Gorman

    In 2015 a violent thug named Joshua Taylor gunned down another man at the Antler Lodge, killing him in some kind of gang fight. Rugged Ronnie Gorman defended him, and even after the jury convicted him, Rugged Ronnie said, "Mr. Taylor happens to be one of the most polite, considerate and patient people I've ever met.” https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/binghamton/crime-safety/2017/09/29/binghamton-man-found-guilty-of-2015-murder-outside-antler-lodge This is the woman who wants to be Family Court Judge?
  2. Broome Report

    Veronica “Ronnie” Gorman

    Gerry and Ronnie.
  3. Broome Report

    Veronica “Ronnie” Gorman

    Rumor has it Gerry Mollen loyalist attorney Veronica “Ronnie” Gorman will soon announce her candidacy for Broome County Family Court Judge. From my friends in Cortland, I hear Ronnie has more skeletons than a haunted house. Why would a Mollen loyalist, who could not be bothered to registered to vote until Dec. 2014, try to run for elected office as a Republican, in Broome County?