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  1. Endicott Police have been doing this "9PM routine" on Facebook. Every night at 9PM they post a meme reminding people to lock their cars. I thought it was pretty dumb, but didn't have a problem with it, until I learned the police aren't even the source behind it. Endicott tax payers are footing the bill for this. Endicott Police hired a marketing firm, "Stephen Donnelly & Associates". I have a problem with tax payers paying for this, and I have a problem with Steven Donnelly. I'm trying to get some Vestal police reports, when Stephen Donnelly was arrested for DWI and accosted the Vestal police stating he was being discriminated against, and he refused to be intimidated by the police. Apparently Donnelly also got in an altercation with his girlfriend last month at a charity event at Tioga Downs. New York State police responded. Endicott Police, we get it... lock your cars. But don't make the tax payers pay for this bullshit. And don't hire someone who attacks police and his girlfriend.