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  1. Newcomb was sick, but just had to go to this event before she got tested for covid, so she could get campaign photos. She puts herself and politics above the health and safety of the rest of us.
  2. Newcomb has become a political activist for the Democratic Party. Her duties at the sheriff’s office now come second, her top priority is pleasing Barb Fiala and the Broome County Democrats.
  3. Broome Report

    Kate Newcomb changes party to Democrat

    From Tenney supporter to Democrat 🤔 Thats a difficult one to explain.
  4. Broome Report

    Kate Newcomb changes party to Democrat

    Kate Newcomb who is announcing her run for Broome County Sheriff tomorrow has officially changed her party registration from Republican to Democrat. Expect Democratic officials and party members to join Newcomb tomorrow.
  5. Here is Ellis with the woman he had the improper sexual relationship with. Apparently he bought her this horse. Her face has been covered up.
  6. In response to the original post, Korchak and Ellis think it's a big secret. But more people found about it than they realize. What happened was, there was a big rape case in Broome County, with multiple victims. It was Korchak's case, and Jason Ellis was the lead Investigator, working at the DA's office. While working on the case, Ellis met one of the victims and began dating her. Steve Cornwell was the DA at the time, and found out, and fired Ellis from the office. Korchak made the decision to settle the case to avoid a trial, where Ellis's actions might be exposed. This resulted in the rapist getting a pretty light sentence. I believe he was facing life in prison, but instead he will be released from prison soon. This caused a major rift between Cornwell and Korchak, and their relationship was never the same. Many were outraged when hearing of the light sentence the rapist received, especially the police department who also worked on the case. This was all due to Ellis not being able to control himself.