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  1. Drone1

    DA's going Head to Head

    On June 12th the running DA's will go head to head in a live debate on Fox 40. I'm really glad this is happening so the residents of Broome County can see what clown Paul Battisti is and how it's not a popularity contest. I haven't heard one resolution to anything he wants "changed", he only points the finger of what he thinks is wrong over and over like a broken record. Does anyone else get the impression all he wants is his picture taken for FB and billboards with his oversized face on every corner? What an EGO! Don't flatter yourself Francis you're a small sized man who's overcompensating - it's textbook.
  2. Drone1

    Incident at UE High School

    At 12:20 p.m., Union-Endicott Central School District superintendent Suzanne McLeod said, the high school principal initiated a lockdown due to the "unanticipated visitor to the building." I wouldn't call an adult threatening a high school student an "unanticipated visitor to the building." He's an intruder that has an intention. Why else would he sneak in with other students and threaten he had a gun and is looking for his girlfriend. Even if he didn't have a firearm or weapon, they locked the kids in without knowing 100% of the firearm for over an hour?
  3. Drone1

    KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS FRED: The Anti Akshar rally

    The irony of the sign "Crime Victims Matter" Instead of supporting and advocating for Mirella, Paul Battisti's wife Christine, who works for Crime Victims and her psycho family #Deb Butler broke confidentiality and told the public Mirella is mentally unstable and then bullied her on FB and in public at a local hospital face to face. Obvisouly Crime Victims was worried and hired a lawyer to cover their own asses. The sick circle of Fred, Paul, Christine, Deb, Pinco, Harringtons, are full of lies and gas lighting and a lot of people pay the price for that. Hopefully the votes and rallies will shed some light on the shit show stinking up Broome County!
  4. Drone1

    Why Battisti can't win

    I'm not sure how professional and responsible someone is when they're in collections every month for their utility, house expenses and taxes. He can't even manage his own finances, but he wants to run a county DA office?
  5. Drone1

    Shooting in Apalachin

    Drug related, the house was rented out to crack heads. One person shot & killed in house. The two suspects fled on foot to Chucksters where the black suspect was caught and the white suspect fled by car. He's still at large.
  6. His quote on Channel 34 News 5/7/19: "We need principled new leadership at the District Attorney’s Office" - is a complete joke. Where are his "principals" when he cheated on his wife and kids, had his ex-wife arrested in front of the children, has a passion for standing up and fighting for the dirt bag scums of Broome County, has in-laws and friends that are involved with the Akshar/Mirella scandal, the Butler scandal, the Pinco scandal, his wife's multiple scandals at Crime Victims, not paying his taxes. It's a clear pattern of chaos and bad choices. And now he wants to change direction with a new found passion for holding people accountable with "principled leadership"? https://www.binghamtonhomepage.com/news/local-news/da-candidate-korchak-publicly-criticizes-senator-akshar/1986840562
  7. Drone1

    Mirella Masciarelli victimized by "predator" Fred Akshar

    @Bingoloid Agreed! I think that was her point all along but has trouble articulating it.
  8. Drone1

    Mirella Masciarelli victimized by "predator" Fred Akshar

    Mirella posted another video on FB including among other things, naming Debra Butler interloping with a married deputy who has 2 kids at Turning Stone the same night as the Akshar incident. It was 2hours long. She recently deleted the video. I think anyone who loses their child in the manner she did would obviously will be distraught and grieving and it's unfair to claim she's clinically mentally unstable. It's a cheap shot for the circumstances. I don't believe he raped her, however as someone in his position who claims to be upstanding and virtuous for the public to depend on for justice, he took advantage of a drunk, sad mother for a one night stand, he goes around town groping and kissing women and that shows he's a dirty pig and not what he claims to be.
  9. Drone1

    Mirella Masciarelli victimized by "predator" Fred Akshar

    But was it consensual? How do we really know? People who are legally drunk do not have the capacity to give consent. He obviously knows this in his position. That combined with her vulnerability are the facts she presented in the video. Furthermore, it's appalling for someone is his position to walk her back to his room and not hers. Let's just admit it, she was easy pickins for him and he knew it.
  10. Drone1

    Mirella Masciarelli victimized by "predator" Fred Akshar

    Paul Battisti's wife Christine is a pro "gas lighter". She stirs up sh_t and then claims the victim. She's been involved in so many lawsuits or investigations from NYS childcare welfare fraud, domestic violence cases with her ex husband and past bf, her family member's assault case that involved her past bf. Home wrecking with Paul. Having Paul's ex arrested & involving the children and now with Mirrella. I can't believe she's still employed with Crime Victims! The list of terrible things between Battisti's, Butler's, Akshars, Pinco's, Preston, etc. is endless and very sad for this community.
  11. If you look into both Paul and Christine's past and present behaviors and morals and the amount of legal trouble, interloping, unpaid bills, unpaid taxes, lying, family issues it makes total sense they are together. Hopefully the public will see them who they really are instead of the picture they try to paint on FB. His ex must be furious with the amount of pictures on FB he posts with the kids and Christine.
  12. I think he gets tipped off from the BPD and runs over there from his office literally 2 blocks away. Also, does anyone know if he happens to win DA is there a conflict with his wife working at Crime Victims? I'm sure they will be sharing information about cases that come into Crime Victims. Wouldn't that jeapardize things?
  13. I wouldn't say embarrassed her then boyfriend - she had a restraining order against him after a domestic dispute and assault on one of her friends. So it was not by accident that she found an attorney as a new bf, married or not. She has no morals, just like her aunts. And it's disgusting what they did to his ex-wife. Again, no accident when the homewrecker shows up to the mutual spot to exchange the kids and holds onto the baby not giving him back to the mother; then claims the mother was upset and threatened her, no SH_T!! I'm sure they both are quite aware this would be upsetting to her, or are they so incompetent at their jobs they don't know better? Seems like a planned attack to me. Shame on them - just another prime example of what type of people they are.
  14. Fact Check: Let's not forget who Deb's sister is - Rose who was married to Paul's partner Pinko and are both Christine Battisti's aunts. How many investigations and lawsuits can one family have? True chuds!