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  1. According to the driver of the car, "He came out of nowhere". Does anyone know who "He" is? I'm guessing distracted driving on the policeman and the driver of the car will have to hire an attorney to fight for damages since the BPD will do their "own investigation" LOL
  2. Drone1

    Maines Paper and Candy What's going on???? Sold???

    Lineage Logistics, a global food distributor might be the new owner. Looks like they will keep Conklin open since it's centralized with their North East region but will not be servicing street sales (local restaurants). I'm sure Willow Run will be picking up those.
  3. Mrs. Battisti "shot girl" has been seen and heard multiple times on her cell phone complaining loudly about all of it. LOL Once at her kids basketball game in the stands sounding like trash and another time in Target so everyone in line could hear her. Another cry baby! Paul will be leaving her soon.
  4. Drone1

    Hitler finds out about the DA's race (video attached)

    "We will lose, but we will be dicks about it" For the joy of Christmas please share this on his FB page! LMAO
  5. Drone1

    Unprofessional- Ch. 12 Josh Rosenblatt

    Josh Rosenblatt's girlfriend is Mari Giurastante (Christine Battisti's half sister). They all spin in the same orbit!
  6. Drone1

    This is outrageous!

    Because they feel entitled to speak, treat and create problems instead of solutions. Getting loud and crazy doesn't mean you're right with your views or beliefs. They look immature and uneducated if anything. In other words... ghetto.
  7. Drone1

    2019 DA's race: the winners and losers

    Let's not forget how she prostituted herself at "fetish parties" in Vestal with Taya Hooker in the early 2000's before she passed shots out at bars, all while still employed at CVAC and still married to Mark Hanyon. She's a tramp just like her mother and Aunt Debra Butler.
  8. Debra's sister, Rose Pinco is suing someone too because she needs money for multiple lawsuits against her with the Danel's bridal shop and her husband, Mike Pinco's insurance fraud. She claimed damages from being in a car accident. They are all money hungry, backstabbers! Plain evil. They are both Christine Battisti's aunts by the way. Makes sense doesn't it?
  9. He really has some bad judgment. Look at his record, cheating on his ex wife and then having her arrested in front of their children, taking away her vehicle and furniture to give to his new scum wife, not paying his taxes, not paying his home utility bills, parking in handicap spaces, lying to his clients, business partners with criminals Rose and Mike Pinco, mismanaging business deals, helping his new wife with her pending lawsuits for defamation with the Mirella case and Crime Victims, bullying people in the BC drug court program, helping the killer of Harper Stantz. Someone should take out a billboard on this guy.
  10. Drone1

    Another fact check against Paul Battisti

    The point is you lose credibility when you're partners with criminals and liars. On top of everything else he has going for him = taxes, lying, favors, relations, etc. It adds up.
  11. Another fact check against Paul Battisti: Even more involvement partnering with criminals. His current wife Christine is the niece of Rose "Harrington" Pinco (who's ring "went missing") #insurancefraud from Mike Pinco. Paul and Mike are partners with D'Lusso Limo Service. Connect the dots - Debra Butler is the sister of Rose, they are Harrington's which is a whole separate drama that includes Mirella Masciarelli and the Akshar Turning Stone "rape" incident. I believe there is more to the story which involves Rose & Mike's business Danel's Bridal Shop including Paul being a partner with that business as well. Allegedly, that business and Rose & Mike have several law suits pending. So much disgusting drama with this group of people! I can't believe those who back Paul are not smart enough to see the whole picture with this douche. http://www.wicz.com/story/41192775/letter-throws-twist-in-broome-county-district-attorney-race
  12. Drone1

    Protesters at Columbus parade

    Oh you're protesting the jail - thank you for giving us a reason to put you in it. Idiots
  13. It's been confirmed by two BC sheriffs and a BC legislator he's cheating with his ex K.N. and Battisti is cheating with the young blond that's helping with his campaign. No surprise there!
  14. Drone1

    DA's going Head to Head

    On June 12th the running DA's will go head to head in a live debate on Fox 40. I'm really glad this is happening so the residents of Broome County can see what clown Paul Battisti is and how it's not a popularity contest. I haven't heard one resolution to anything he wants "changed", he only points the finger of what he thinks is wrong over and over like a broken record. Does anyone else get the impression all he wants is his picture taken for FB and billboards with his oversized face on every corner? What an EGO! Don't flatter yourself Francis you're a small sized man who's overcompensating - it's textbook.
  15. Drone1

    Incident at UE High School

    At 12:20 p.m., Union-Endicott Central School District superintendent Suzanne McLeod said, the high school principal initiated a lockdown due to the "unanticipated visitor to the building." I wouldn't call an adult threatening a high school student an "unanticipated visitor to the building." He's an intruder that has an intention. Why else would he sneak in with other students and threaten he had a gun and is looking for his girlfriend. Even if he didn't have a firearm or weapon, they locked the kids in without knowing 100% of the firearm for over an hour?