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  1. I’m not a fan of Bob Joseph’s unprofessionalism or whining, but this is a decent story. The Binghamton Press will not print issues on December 24, 25, 31 or January 1. https://wnbf.com/press-sun-bulletin-eliminate-print-issues/ The story also reports print circulation has dropped from 51,000 in 2011 to below 15,000.
  2. Local News Sucks

    Cuomo Resigns

    Our local reporters are terrible. Less than 10 minutes after this Tweet, Cuomo announced he would resign.
  3. Local News Sucks

    WBNG’s fat Josh Rosenblatt

    Will someone launch a GoFundMe to get this kid some clothes that fit? This is embarrassing.
  4. How often do you read Press & Sun Bulletin or pressconnects
  5. Now she can wear bikinis year round. Chloe Vincente announces she’s leaving for Alabama. Did John Solak’s expose chase her out of here sooner than planned? To her credit she looked and sounded good on TV and could read. That’s far more than we are used to in Binghamton media.
  6. Local News Sucks

    Could WBNG news be any worse?

    Had WBNG on about a week ago, and it was time for the "anchors" to turn it over to the sports babe (no need to remember her name, she will be gone within a few months) and the poor girl's audio wasn't on, so she couldn't be heard. The anchors started laughing hysterically. This is what local news has come to. You've got immature children on camera and in the control room. I never cared for Candace Chapman or Greg Caitlin, but they ran a professional organization and presented a well run program.
  7. Local News Sucks

    Bob Joseph has Covid 19

    Robert J. Ondecko, known on WNBF as Bob Joseph, has tested positive for Covid 19, and will host Binghamton Now remotely for a couple weeks. Ondecko, who is a Tioga County resident, received his test results at the Broome County rapid testing site at the Vestal Library. The rapid tests in Broome County are for Broome County residents only. Did Ondecko lie about his address or present a falsified document to be tested in Broome County?
  8. Local News Sucks

    Binghamton newspaper BLM reporter Ashley Biviano

    If it means the newspaper losing advertising dollars I would be happy to pick up a copy tomorrow and list the advertisers. The number of advertisers in a Sunday paper in 2020 is less than half the number you would have seen only a few years ago. It’s the obituaries that keeps the press going. On any given day the obituary revenue is greater than the advertising revenue.
  9. Local News Sucks

    Rich David confirms he has Covid after collapsing in Syracuse

    To say the Syracuse media is pissed about this is an understatement.
  10. Local News Sucks

    WNBF- Bob Joseph off for 3rd week in one month?

    Bob was on at the end of today’s show (hosted by Doug Mosher) to announce he was possibly exposed to Covid, and would host tomorrow and Friday from Studio Z (his home in Apalachin). This is the second time in a month Bob has been on hiatus from the show due to exposure to Covid. Where is he hanging out, that he’s constantly exposed to Covid?
  11. Local News Sucks

    Abels Pub- 30 Covid cases?

    The Broome Health Department and WBNG TV were both notified about the Abels cases over a week ago. They chose not to make any public statements. In the meantime the virus continued to spread. It took A Cuomo cryptic statement to the media to finally get the word out.
  12. Local News Sucks

    Binghamton newspaper BLM reporter Ashley Biviano

    I would suggest all local law enforcement agencies stop sending the Press & Sun-Bulletin press releases, and do not respond to their questions. Cut them off.
  13. Local News Sucks

    Binghamton newspaper BLM reporter Ashley Biviano

    BLM Biviano is at it again with another front page story today about Binghamton residents at the Rochester protest. Funny she doesn’t mention the arrest of Masai Andrews, because that doesn’t fit her racist, anti police narrative.
  14. Local News Sucks

    Binghamton newspaper BLM reporter Ashley Biviano

    Ashley Biviano recently re-tweeted the battle cry that reporters suffer from a lack of sleep. Yet she has been working from home since March.
  15. Local News Sucks

    Breaking News In Johnson City

    Apparently a homicide followed by a vehicle crash, on one of the the most traveled roads in Broome County wasn’t big enough news to make the print edition of today’s press and sun bulletin.