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  1. Choo Choo Charlie

    Broome CountySheriff Candidates

    I have no shame in admitting I would pay good money if that turned into a reality show.
  2. Choo Choo Charlie

    Predictions on the DA Race?

    That’s where Gerry Mollen will rear his ugly head. Just wait and see.
  3. Choo Choo Charlie

    Predictions on the DA Race?

    I just don’t see that. In fact, I believe the winner of the Rep. primary will wipe Gelson off the face of the earth. Battisti already has so many Democratic supporters because of his ideals. Korchak as a defense attorney would give Battisti’s office nightmares in major cases, as well as other competent attorney’s will. Imagine Korchak cross examining some of these police officers that were so against him for no good reason? That will be worth the price of admission. They better build toilet seats into the witness stands for those poor sons a bitches! Battisti will have a bunch of inexperienced attorney’s as well as some off the scrap pile in the land of misfit attorney’s. Trust me when I say this, no attorney that has an ounce of self respect or that has talent will work for that guy. Korchak gave Mollen’s office fits during his time as a defense attorney. Imagine that times 10. Defense attorney’s across the region had an evil grin on their faces when the results rolled in last night. Times it all by 50 with the new Discovery Laws coming in January. I wish I could laugh but a lot of hard work by law enforcement is about to go down the drain if these results hold up. Broome County is about to become the Wild West and Defense attorney’s everywhere are licking their chops to get a bite of the Battisti regime apple.
  4. Choo Choo Charlie

    Great Korchak ad calls out Battisti campaign of lies

    This election is truly about the people. The politicians that believe they can get someone into office and have an influence over intelligent people within their own party is really disgusting. The proper thing for any current politician in office to do would be to sit back and see who wins and then endorse the person who the voters within their party choose. Instead, you have them propping up a candidate that has no experience in prosecution and has an extremely checkered past outside of the court room. You have to wonder why, right? It makes no sense unless.... Maybe it’s because those politicians want someone in the District Attorney’s who they can control? (That isn’t a question, it’s a statement) The total control that people in power are looking for is down right frightening. I believe that the rational thinking people of Broome County will not be fooled and Mike Korchak will be the winner Tuesday.
  5. Choo Choo Charlie

    Failed former (Democrat) DA Mollen gives Battisti $500

    Battisti doesn’t have the balls enough to put it out there that he would be bringing back the guy that Broome County Republican’s voted out three and a half short years ago. Of course, Battisti himself supported Mollen with a bunch of other Democrat attorney’s back in 2015 with the infamous commercial that a DA needed to not have tax liens as well as have substantial experience. Battisti wasn’t a Republican until the very recent past. The guy is fake all the way around.
  6. Choo Choo Charlie

    Paul Battisti's law school loses ABA approval

    Battisti will probably be working at Jiffy Lube before too long.
  7. Choo Choo Charlie


    They are just getting around to notifying people? I am not shocked about that. Very unacceptable if true. Sounds like if you are/were an employee you had better keep an eye on your finances. People should lose their jobs if true. I would imagine Jason Garner would have had to know about this.
  8. Choo Choo Charlie

    From a source inside of the BPD

    If you know more let it rip. It sounds true to me.
  9. Choo Choo Charlie

    From a source inside of the BPD

    Daniel Butash, the alleged drunken driver that severely injured Deputy Kristy Botsford, recently turned down a plea offer of 2 and 1/3 years to 7 years in State prison, leaving many wondering why he would do such a thing when the evidence against him appears to be overwhelming. The BCVoice has found a secret source within the BPD that has an answer. Daniel Butash has been advised to wait this out until, at the very least, the Republican primary for DA is over. The belief is that Butash, who is the son-in-law of Assistant Chief William Yeager, who is a supporter of candidate Paul Battisti, will get a much sweeter deal in a District Attorney’s office led by Battisti. It should be noted that Chief Joe Zikuski’s personal attorney is Paul Battisti and Zikuski is staunch supporter of Battisti as well as rumored to be Battisti’s Chief Investigator. The DA Primary between Paul Battisti and Mike Korchak is on June 25th. Stay tuned for future developments..
  10. Choo Choo Charlie

    Either Sheriff Harder Needs to Resign or Akshar Does

    Both are liars. When you have a situation like this when you have two liars, you just throw your hands up in the air and give up. Both should be gone and distant memories.
  11. Choo Choo Charlie

    Jessica Fiacco's brief first marriage. Green Card Marriage?

    I wonder who will be her fourth?
  12. The issue is that politician was from a half-way civilized, and probably educated, area. Fred is lucky because he is from here, where none of my above statement rings true.
  13. Choo Choo Charlie

    Mirella Masciarelli victimized by "predator" Fred Akshar

    I’m interested in this satanic tattoo Akshar supposedly has. I wonder how the Christian voting base would feel about that?
  14. Choo Choo Charlie

    John from Binghamton on WNBF this AM. Wow.

    Without knowing who wins, you will be able to walk into any restroom at the DA’s office and tell who won. If condom dispensers have been installed, that will let you know.
  15. Choo Choo Charlie

    Mirella Masciarelli victimized by "predator" Fred Akshar

    I did. Fred Akshar needs to resign his position immediately and hope that Mirella doesn’t cooperate with the authorities in what sounds to me like a solid rape charge. I think the Sheriff also should resign his position. Crime Victims always has been a joke. No surprises there. She ties it all neatly into a bow, doesn’t she?