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  1. https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-proposes-new-class-public-corruption-crimes Under Governor "Covid Killer" Cuomo's 2013 proposed public corruption crime legislation, Governor "Killer of the Elderly", Andrew "I am also a Lady Killer" Cuomo, should be prosecuted. End of story. Former Broome County DA, Gerald "Googly Eyes" Mollen also agrees that Cuomo should be prosecuted......(as quoted in previously provided link) Broome County District Attorney Gerald F. Mollen said, The Governors proposals are an important step forward in updating our criminal justice system so as to allow prosecutors to be able to attack public corruption. Respect for democracy and our laws should be the first line of defense against public corruption, but basic investigation and prosecution tools should be the last line. These proposals begin to help reinforce that last line of defense. At the very least, Andy needs to step down.
  2. I hope so. Outside of Noonan, I see nobody worth my vote.
  3. Choo Choo Charlie

    Black Lives Matter have been nominated for a Nobel peace prize!

    Will Ben Bergman accept the award on their behalf?
  4. Choo Choo Charlie

    Ronnie Gorman up to her old tricks

    What has Mara Grace faked?
  5. Choo Choo Charlie

    Debbie Morello claims to be Amazon bestseller

    She is a delusional woman.
  6. Choo Choo Charlie

    Dishonest greedy Joshua Shapiro for Family Court?

    If a tree falls in the woods and nobody's around, does it make a noise?
  7. Choo Choo Charlie

    Extremely rare white kangaroo born at Animal Adventure

    Ben Bergman and Black Lives Matter will have something to say about this.
  8. Choo Choo Charlie

    Legendary Greg Deemie will not seek re-election in JC

    The Moe Howard of elected officials.
  9. Choo Choo Charlie

    Report: New COVID Variant Arriving in US May Be Deadlier

    It either is or isn't. This sensationalistic journalism sucks. Let's sell fear!
  10. Choo Choo Charlie

    Buses Arriving At Capitol At 2:00 am This Morning

    Did you ever think the Left was playing you with all this misinformation?
  11. Choo Choo Charlie

    General Hyten

    It was all fake stuff. The Left is putting disinformation out there in an attempt to rile up the masses and make Conservatives do something bad. Some have bought into these conspiracy theories and some have not. That's exactly what you've been hearing for the last couple months.
  12. Endicott is like the Land of the Lost to begin with. She is a perfect leader for a municipality that should be defunct.
  13. Choo Choo Charlie

    Planned Covid Crising Coming Next Week?

    No worries with me. Haven't had Covid yet (that I know of) and am not worried if I do get it. The farce of the century.
  14. Choo Choo Charlie

    Shots fired between Grace and Shapiro campaigns

    I wouldn’t let Bergman manage my next bowel movement.
  15. Choo Choo Charlie

    Shots fired between Grace and Shapiro campaigns

    I'm not a Democrat so I can't vote in the race but, if I could, Mara Grace would get my vote. There is just something off with that Shapiro.