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  1. Wilfrid Laurier

    Produce stand recommendations

    Thank you all for the suggestions!
  2. Wilfrid Laurier

    Produce stand recommendations

    Anyone have a go to place? Not even sure they exist anymore. I remember the one at Robinson and Broad St., that was excellent. Suggestions?
  3. Wilfrid Laurier

    From a source inside of the BPD

    Any update on this? I googled the case and saw no resolution. It indeed makes me wonder.
  4. Wilfrid Laurier

    Desperate John Akshar trying to defend Battisti

    Wonderful. I bet his career is progressing on his own merits, huh?
  5. Wilfrid Laurier

    Desperate John Akshar trying to defend Battisti

    Who is John Akshar anyway? Is he like the Billy Carter of the 1970’s?
  6. I’ve always admired his haircut. Of course, I’m a huge Three Stooges aficionado so that may be the reason.
  7. There are more police that support Korchak than one would realize. They just do so silently so a target isn’t placed on their back for the head of their department’s to take aim at. And the vast majority of attorney’s support Mike Korchak because it is well known what F. Paul Battisti is all about.
  8. Wilfrid Laurier

    Paul Battisti's law school loses ABA approval

    Right. The most difficult thing about a legal debate is most of the audience really have no idea as to what is a right or wrong answer. But, like you said, people can detect scumminess. Battisti acts like he’s about to break out in hives or have a heart attack when he speaks.
  9. Wilfrid Laurier

    Paul Battisti's law school loses ABA approval

    I thought he benefitted more from the format of the debate, I.e., not much time to answer a question. However, with saying that, Korchak was the more polished of the two.
  10. Wilfrid Laurier

    Battisti fundraiser tonight... EMBARRASSING turnout!

    Is this for real? Man, if it is, that’s an embarrassing turnout. I’ve heard he is rapidly losing support but I didn’t know it was on this level.
  11. Wilfrid Laurier

    Korchak video: Facts about those supporting Battisti

    Korchak has dealt with the facts since day 1. Battisti and facts don’t equate.
  12. Cornwell has released a couple videos this past week laying out some statistics. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1314909481998348&id=473624539460184&anchor_composer=false https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1310814615741168&id=473624539460184&anchor_composer=false Battisti seems to have a problem telling the truth.
  13. Wilfrid Laurier

    Respect the ride.

    No doubt. Motorcyclists are the biggest whiners going but they refuse to chastise their own when many drive like jackasses.
  14. Datta’s needs to just go away. The Republican’s in this area need someone new.