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  1. Wayne Rooney


    Where are you from, Mr. Rooney? Endwell. Endwell, PA.
  2. Then give every law enforcement officer their own vehicle to use however they want off duty. I'd surely feel a lot more safe having someone 50 years younger than the Sheriff for Life showing up when I needed someone. The Sheriff driving a county vehicle to a political function is bullshit. Harder is a fucking clown that thinks he can do anything he damn well pleases. The guy needs to be sent to the glue factory pronto.
  3. I hope and pray that the Sheriff for Life doesn't actually show up to a real emergency. That is, unless there are cameras on. That would be amusing.
  4. Sheriff for Life can do anything he wants and you will like it.
  5. Wayne Rooney

    Veronica “Ronnie” Gorman

    She at least has a better chance at winning this than she does at winning the Mother of the Year award. But she is still going to lose in a miserable fashion, which totally suits her personality. I heard her nickname is “Mud Flaps”. Anyone know why?
  6. Wayne Rooney

    Tom Jackson Running for County Legislature

    That Ben Bergman must be quite the ladies man.
  7. Wayne Rooney

    500 Plus in attendance for Korchak's swearing in !

    The Battisti’s are now the butt of jokes around this town. They are Broome County’s answer to the Clinton family. I’d wear sunglasses and have a bitch face if I was her as well.
  8. Wayne Rooney

    Broome County's Biggest Loser of 2019

    I was at Target today and saw a large woman working in one of the aisle’s. Not sure who it is as I have only saw pictures of her and there was a strong resemblance.
  9. Wayne Rooney

    Battisti refuses to file post Election financials?

    Imagine that? Battisti not following the rules. When has he ever? It really is amazing to think a person of his moral and ethical compass almost landed his ass as our DA. How could that happen?
  10. Wayne Rooney

    Police Oppose Law Against Annoying Police

    Imagine if the rumors are true and Akshar ran for and won the Sheriff’s spot? He’d have his boys and girls doing all sorts of illegal activity which would, from what has been reported, mirror his own career.
  11. Wayne Rooney

    Democrats for Korchak

    You might have missed my question earlier. What did the text say and what kind of trouble could someone get in and why would they be in trouble?
  12. Wayne Rooney

    Democrats for Korchak

    Just wondering......why would that be bad and what was the text message?
  13. Wayne Rooney

    Paul Battisti Corruption(Broome County DA Candidate)

    Glad you took time away from the wood chipper to share this with us.
  14. Wayne Rooney

    Another fact check against Paul Battisti

    I don’t give a shit what kind of mood you are in. To say it doesn’t matter who sits in the DA’s chair is one of the dumbest statements I’ve ever heard in my life. Congrats on being idiotic.