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  1. Wayne Rooney


    So proud of our Law Enforcement! They didn’t cave into those clowns!
  2. Wayne Rooney

    What do the scumbags have planned for tonight?

    I suspect the real games will commence at dusk.
  3. 100% And, get your asses back to work you free-loaders. If you have a job to go back to you should receive no unemployment if you choose not to go back.
  4. Wayne Rooney

    Akshar and David save the Rumble Ponies

    Old "recycled" news? Based on what? Also, nobody claimed that was NYSEG stadium.
  5. Wayne Rooney

    Akshar and David save the Rumble Ponies

    Second that motion!
  6. Wayne Rooney

    Akshar and David save the Rumble Ponies

    Or an extension of Columbus Park. One of the two I'm sure but not right away. They will have a Single A tenant for a year or two until they finally close shop. When they get the single A team local politicians will claim they saved baseball in Binghamton. Just watch.
  7. Wayne Rooney

    Akshar and David save the Rumble Ponies

  8. From having to play another season in Binghamton. RIP Binghamton baseball. https://www.amazinavenue.com/2020/5/17/21261371/mets-morning-news-milb-binghamton-rumble-ponies-kingsport-mets-art-howe-coronavirus-mlb-restart-plan
  9. I think that is pretty common knowledge.
  10. Wayne Rooney

    Profile in Courage: Georgia?

    Even President Trump criticized him. Glad he had the courage to do what was right.
  11. With over 30 million Americans becoming unemployed, and 1.275 million testing positive for Covid 19, that's about 30 people losing their job for every positive test. With 77,000 deaths, that about 390 people losing their job per death. I'm sorry, but with the demographics concerning who is most effected by this virus, and millions of American's wondering where their next paycheck is coming from, the United States government from the top on down, with the exception of a handfulof Conservative governors, have got this wrong and history will show that when this is done and over.
  12. Wayne Rooney

    ‘SHOCKING’ most new coronavirus hospitalizations are..?

    Or, maybe their immune systems aren't getting what they need when quarantining themselves, making them much more vulnerable. The boy in the the plastic bubble.
  13. It kills, mainly, a whole lot of elderly that had severe issues to begin with. If the Flu didn't have a vaccine, which would be easier to catch and have a higher death toll? I think we all know the answer.
  14. Talked with my attorney friends and she is one of the laziest out there. The other joke is that the NY State Police investigators union endorsed her. Maybe because she is married to one? Has a police union ever endorsed a Family Court judge candidate before? Didn't that union get enough of a black eye from the Battisti endorsement? Why the hell would that union want to get into a Family Court judge race? Oh, I think I answered that earlier. Bunch of imbeciles. It really does smell of the Battisti gang gathering again. I suppose we can expect endorsements soon from all kinds of police officers and State Senators that think they are important but the public doesn't give a flying fuck what they think and can decide things based on merit.
  15. Wayne Rooney

    Just Fucking Watch This!

    That is interesting. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I am a President Trump supporter but I always believed he floated the 100-200 thousand death count so when it came in significantly under he could use that as a feather in his hat in the campaign season. Politics. It's a dirty game.