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  1. Take out the trash

    Battisti circus

    Thank you 😊
  2. Take out the trash

    Battisti circus

    Can you possible post the link to the filings? When I do it I only get the one page for some reason??
  3. Take out the trash

    Sore Loser Francis

    Yes, you are right and make a valid point.
  4. Take out the trash

    Sore Loser Francis

  5. Take out the trash

    Sore Loser Francis

    Just seems really odd as the 3rd district is pretty large and since judges can’t engage in politics or even discuss or endorse any candidate It just seems strange to me that they went to a 6th judicial judge.
  6. Take out the trash

    Sore Loser Francis

    Thank you 😊
  7. Take out the trash

    Sore Loser Francis

    Why is a 6th judicial judge handling this? Isn’t BC in the 3rd judicial legal system? Does anyone have Battisti’s entire filing? I have read bits and pieces but it’s sparse and doesn’t make sense to me? Basically Battisti believed the ballots were correct in the primary but were somehow inaccurate in the general election? I wish someone would post actual information on this subject matter as I would like to understand it better.
  8. Take out the trash

    Second racial complaint filed against Joe Zikuski

    Not so much credibility but dealing with a law office that fights for their clients. Benjamin is the most incompetent attorney in Broome county!! Money money money is all Benjamin thinks about to pay for his gambling addiction in my opinion. Never truly fights for his clients.
  9. Take out the trash

    What does Battisti do now ?

    How about a weather man where you can lie all day long and never be held accountable!! Blame it on the wind... lol
  10. Take out the trash

    Election Night Thread

    Just heard that the BOE denied Battisti’s request prior to Battisti posting on his page!! What a total POS he is!!
  11. Take out the trash

    Election Night Thread

    Paul Battisti just posted this on his FB page!! enough is enough concede Battisti!! Is Battisti saying that the BOE that is led by Akshar didn’t do their job correctly? What I find odd is that Korchak was up by 111 votes with 104 (I believe) Korchak contested and out of those 1/2 were for Battisti?? Hmmm not buying that concept at all. Clearly seems like foul play by the Battisti camp if you ask me. 1500 votes didn’t change the number but 104 did? Something stinks in the Battisti/Akshar camp!! Statement by Paul Battisti "There is a margin of 46 votes separating Mr. Korchak and me out of approximately 43,000 ballots cast in this race, according to the current unofficial count. That amounts to a gap of approximately one-tenth of one percent. "I am not conceding this race. Considering all of the changes to the election process, including but not limited to the first-ever opportunity for early voting and the first-ever use of electronic poll books at polling sites, I'm asking for the Broome County Board of Elections to conduct a full handcount and review of every ballot cast in this election to ensure and true and accurate result."
  12. Take out the trash

    Election Night Thread

    So happy for Mike Korchak and so grateful that the voters finally got this one right!! In the end when you really think about this campaign it’s truly amazing how the voters rallied for Mike and votes against all the lies and manipulation that were being spewed by so many elected official... past and present!! Hope this sends a clear message to all that supported Battisti due to the influence of Akshar... not as powerful as he thinks he is because at the end of the day his supporters didn’t get Battisti a win!! Great day for Broome County Voters!! Congratulations to Mike Korchak DA elect!!
  13. Take out the trash

    DSS's improper conduct and witch hunt against Garo Kachadourian

    Sorry, have to disagree about judge Cawley. Cawley is arrogant and rude. He loves to blame everyone else for his mistakes. Cawley never takes constructive criticism very well. I was at the second sentencing of Aaron Powell and listened to the mother ask Cawley why didn’t he just let the juror go in the first trial who was a vested partner in the law firm that was representing the other family in a custody case. That is why the appellate court set aside the conviction and cost both of these families to endure a second murder trial. Cawley’s responses to the mothers question after she was done with her VIS statement and he said and I quote, “I made the right decision and stand by my decision and would make the same decision again”! That was very disturbing to me as well as the families that were sitting n the court room to think he would make the same mistake twice knowing he and Mollen messed up big time. and let’s not forget how he supported Battisti behind the scenes since it’s illegal for a judge to endorse but did it anyway.
  14. Take out the trash

    Battisti: “Akshar cost me the election”

    You said it perfectly Glinda!!
  15. Take out the trash

    Another death in Broome county Jail

    Written by a friend who shared this with me. it’s spot on. Unnatural Causes We have done or best to piece this together from multiple accounts of people currently incarcerated, an employee at the jail, an EMS worker, and a friend of the family's. A Broome County man was recently hospitalized due to a severe illness. Because he was in the hospital, he was unable to contact his Broome County Probation Officer to inform them that he was hospitalized and therefore, could not make it to his probation appointment. His probation officer violated him for not showing up for his appointment. When he was released from the hospital, he showed his probation officer his discharge papers from the hospital proving that he was incapable of coming to his probation appointment. Despite his having proof, his probation officer still violated him and he was sent to jail for the violation on October 16th. His story is much like Rob Card’s story. We hope you remember Rob Card. Rob was sent to jail for a probation/drug court violation for being late for a drug screen. Rob had a brain tumor and was under the care of a doctor when he was sent to jail. Despite having a serious medical condition and needing medications to survive, and despite the jail knowing this, they did not provide medical care, nor did they provide his necessary medications. Thirteen days (see #13days) after Rob was sent to jail for a probation violation, he was dead due to severe medical neglect at the jail. This gentleman is similar. He had a medical condition and was on medications he needed to survive. Despite having a valid reason for not making it to his probation appointment, he was violated and sent to jail where he was not provided medical care for his condition, nor was he provided the medications he needed to survive. While incarcerated, he became sicker and sicker and was asking for medical care, which was denied. November 5, just 20 days after he was placed in custody, the final day of his life, he was not feeling well at lunch time and asked to go to the medical unit. People incarcerated with him reported he was bluish in skin tone. And yet, he was denied medical care. Later that day, all the people in his pod were put on lock-down. We’ve heard that the lock down was due to his begging for help! He was seriously ill and begging to get medical care, despite this, he was sent to his cell without medical care or regard for his life. While in his cell, he became very sick. He was vomiting and had diarrhea and was becoming increasingly and rapidly ill. His cellmate called to the guards for help - and no help was provided. He became sicker and was passing blood, and his cellmate began pounding on his cell door begging someone to come to provide medical care - and no one came. Other people in the pod, in their own cells could hear both the violently ill man, and his cellmate pounding on his cell door begging for help. Many are reporting this went on for hours. Despite other people hearing this - no help was sent. The guards ignored the pleas for help. The gentleman had a seizure while in the bathroom being violently ill and collapsed to the floor, even hitting his head. His cellmate screamed for help, yelling to the guards that his cellmate was down. Finally, around 2:30AM the guards came. Finally the medical staff came. Finally a gurney came to take him to the hospital. But, it was all too late. He was gone. What happened next? The jail staff actually had the gall to investigate if his cellmate could be charged for his death! This despite everyone knowing he had asked for medical help even before they were sent to his cell. This despite the fact that his cellmate was pounding on his cell door for hours begging for help and many other inmates heard this. Nothing about this death was natural. The Sheriff is hungry to hold someone accountable so that he cannot be held accountable, but he IS. This man should not have died like this, disrespected and disregarded. Sheriff Harder and the Correctional Officers who chose to ignore this man need to be brought to justice. The probation officer who chose to violate him when he had a perfectly valid reason for missing his appointment needs to be held accountable. Our county is killing people. Our jail is wildly unnatural in their treatment of human beings they are required to care for by law. Our jail has become a death chamber. Only our community can stop these injustices from continuing. We need our community to rise up and say, this is not acceptable. We reject any claims that call such barbaric treatment of human beings “natural.” Some will ask what his original charges were. This is all we could find so far: