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  1. Take out the trash

    Tom Jackson Running for County Legislature

    It was Ben Bergman That had an affair with Sophie...then left his wife... and married Sophie and I believe they had a couple of children together. it’s like a soap opera for sure.
  2. Take out the trash

    500 Plus in attendance for Korchak's swearing in !

    It’s on Fox News feed from yesterday. The entire broadcast is live to watch. I just watched it and it was pretty amazing.
  3. Take out the trash

    500 Plus in attendance for Korchak's swearing in !

    He thanked all of his supporters and even tho he didn’t name them. I feel that was thanking everyone including BC VOICE. We should never expect personal thanks as that is just an ego issue but rather we should all be grateful that everyone joined together to put the right individual in the DA’S office. All that matters is that every vote counts and we the people voted for the right man. I supported Mike and can easily say that my friends and family did as well and that was those votes that got Mike elected? The reality is all of our votes mattered and everyone got Mike elected not just BCV.
  4. Take out the trash

    Did Battisti Ever Concede?

    It’s just unbelievable and yes what a mess. Akshar, Battisti and all the corrupt elected officials clearly can’t taking a loss and not being in control of the DA’S office. Absolutely disgusting!! thank you for the info
  5. Take out the trash

    Did Battisti Ever Concede?

    I thought the BOE certified the election?? How can Battisti appeal if it’s been certified? Will this POS Battisti and company ever go away?
  6. Take out the trash

    Vote for DA certified

    It’s official the vote has been certified and Mike Korchak is the new DA elect for BROOME COUNTY!! Can someone notify Battisti and inform him so hopefully he will take down his political page. I would do it but he blocked me long ago. haha 😂
  7. Take out the trash

    Broome County's Biggest Loser of 2019

    She is one vile human being that is for certain. Her children all have different baby daddy’s and John Butler is not any of their fathers. John has a daughter I believe who because of Deb Butler doesn’t have anything to do with her... pretty sad if you ask me. In my opinion Butler needs some counseling.
  8. Take out the trash

    Battisti circus

    Thank you 😊
  9. Take out the trash

    Battisti circus

    Can you possible post the link to the filings? When I do it I only get the one page for some reason??
  10. Take out the trash

    Sore Loser Francis

    Yes, you are right and make a valid point.
  11. Take out the trash

    Sore Loser Francis

  12. Take out the trash

    Sore Loser Francis

    Just seems really odd as the 3rd district is pretty large and since judges can’t engage in politics or even discuss or endorse any candidate It just seems strange to me that they went to a 6th judicial judge.
  13. Take out the trash

    Sore Loser Francis

    Thank you 😊
  14. Take out the trash

    Sore Loser Francis

    Why is a 6th judicial judge handling this? Isn’t BC in the 3rd judicial legal system? Does anyone have Battisti’s entire filing? I have read bits and pieces but it’s sparse and doesn’t make sense to me? Basically Battisti believed the ballots were correct in the primary but were somehow inaccurate in the general election? I wish someone would post actual information on this subject matter as I would like to understand it better.
  15. Take out the trash

    Second racial complaint filed against Joe Zikuski

    Not so much credibility but dealing with a law office that fights for their clients. Benjamin is the most incompetent attorney in Broome county!! Money money money is all Benjamin thinks about to pay for his gambling addiction in my opinion. Never truly fights for his clients.