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  1. Take out the trash

    WBNG Airing Live Feed of ballot count for D.A Race

    Hope this is true as then maybe we can finally be rid of the garbage that has plagued Broome County
  2. Take out the trash

    WBNG Airing Live Feed of ballot count for D.A Race

    Truly a sad day for Broome County
  3. Take out the trash

    H20 treatment plant 2019

    The city has already brought in a man from the agency that is possibly going to take over the role of maintaining. He has been with the city for years already and says it is the worst system he has ever seen. Thats what happens when people have no idea how the sewage treatment plant works. We need trained individuals that specialize in STP not dumb asses like the 2 mayors in charge. I can only imagine how many millions a year is spent on the STP???
  4. Take out the trash

    Broome CountySheriff Candidates

    While we are all responsible for our own actions I also feel bad for Kate and do feel Akshar influenced her in a negative way. The crap Akshar did to her definitely left many painful scars. I would vote for her over Akshar any day!! She should write a book as I’m sure she knows it all.
  5. Take out the trash

    Oliver Blaise cannot be trusted in DA vote count

    I agree and yes you can go view the opening of the absentee ballots if you voted
  6. Take out the trash

    When Vestal Police Chief John Butler stole the TV from Kmart

    He is a drunk and that’s a fact!! Maybe they should give him a breathalyzer every day before he starts work.
  7. Take out the trash

    Battisti phone calls from Fred Akshar's staff

    I can’t wait for Akshar and Battisti to go away both are as corrupt and immoral and a disgrace to Broome County!! What the heck does a Senator have to do with a DA’S office? Akshars office is political and a DA’S office is not!! Mom Battisti page he comments in one of his never ending posts how he will use the DA’s office as a, “Bully pulpit”.
  8. Take out the trash

    Great Korchak ad calls out Battisti campaign of lies

    How anyone could even think that Battisti is in any way shape or form DA material just leaves me SMH.
  9. Take out the trash

    “SUH” or someone at Fox needs to be fired over DA debate

    It was a joke!! I believe the technical difficulties were deliberate and the poor execution from the moderates was also the plan. The 30 minute time limit was also ridiculous!!
  10. Take out the trash

    Cornwell challenges Harder and Zikuski to 2 on 1 debate

    Cowards that need to hide!! Harder and Zikuski will never agree due to their ignorance and stupidity
  11. Battisti the dumbest lawyer I have ever heard speak!! He is an embarrassment to Broome county
  12. Facts facts and more facts!! I pray the citizens of Broome county take the time to get the facts and do their on research on all this nonsense Mikes opponent is claiming. It’s like being at their circus with Akshar as the grand master and the clowns Battisti, Bergman, Harder, Jackson, Zikuski and Butler all getting out of the clown car. Battisti posted on this subject matter 7 times in a 12 hour period yesterday. Talk about desperation. Battisti just can’t help the, “stupid” that comes out of his mouth every time he posts or says something. I thought he was going to fall over yesterday during his silly press conference. He was rocking back and forth... had to laugh
  13. Take out the trash

    When Vestal Police Chief John Butler stole the TV from Kmart

    The corruption just keeps unfolding. Truly disturbing if Battisti wins this primary. If he does it’s time for residents to get out of Broome County as it will all be about corruption and illegal activities within all of the administrations. I just pray that people vote for Mike Korchak as that is our only saving grace from this insanity.
  14. Take out the trash

    Debra Butler

    Are you threatening me? I recommend you look up the definition of, “doxing” because clearly you do not know the meaning. I didn’t use the internet to obtain any information. Clearly you are Debra Butler as it seems I have hit a nerve??? Please educate me I look forward to it.
  15. Take out the trash

    Debra Butler