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  1. Officer Al

    Dishonest greedy Joshua Shapiro for Family Court?

    In hiding from the protestors 300 miles away, or hiding from the cars on Hawley Street?
  2. Officer Al

    Dishonest greedy Joshua Shapiro for Family Court?

    Sad and pathetic are perfect words for Shapiro. He’s a huge p*ssy. I remember a few years ago he called the BPD claiming he was nearly run down and hit by a car right on Hawley Street. He said he thought it was the family of an angry defendant trying to get even with him. Video surveillance of Hawley Street was reviewed, the car didn’t come within 20 feet of Shapiro. He’s probably been in a bomb shelter since last week. He’s afraid of his own shadow.
  3. Officer Al

    Sam Monachino enters Family Court race

    No, it’s not a good scenario. But I would still take Mara over Shapiro and Monachino if he’s associated with that douchebag Bergman. I can’t stand Gorman. I won’t fall for her act in 2021. When she was at the DAs office her face was surgically implanted up Gerry Mollen’s ass.
  4. Officer Al

    Sam Monachino enters Family Court race

    Now I've heard 5 names for family court? Gorman (republican), Noonan (republican), Grace (dem), Shapiro (dem), and Monachino (dem). I'm familiar with all of them. I would go with Noonan and Monachino, but now hearing Ben Bergman is involved with Monachino, I'll go with Noonan and Grace.
  5. This year for JC Trustee, you get two votes. Marty Meaney has done a fine job representing Johnson City. He has been a JC Trustee for a couple terms. He is a well known and trusted member of the village. He is a retired Johnson City Firefighter. Greg Saroka worked for over 20 years as a Johnson City Police Officer. He was a detective for approximately 15 years and was assigned to the NYS Police Narcotics Task Force for approximately 8 years. Since his retirement from JCPD he has led loss prevention at Wegmans, and does an excellent job. Benjamin Reynolds is a kid with no job or real life experience. He doesn’t own a home, and has no financial stake in the village. He is more concerned with his liberal national agenda than the real issues facing the residents of JC. He marches in BLM protests, shouting “F*ck the police!” You have two candidates who have worked their entire lives as public servants for JC, and you have a misinformed liberal activist, with no accomplishments or experience, who is running again for office to bring up national issues, that have nothing to do with the quality of life in JC.
  6. Officer Al

    Abels Pub- 30 Covid cases?

    Yeah, people passing marijuana out back. That’s what I heard. Now it’s spread all over the west side. Thanks assholes.
  7. Officer Al

    Abels Pub- 30 Covid cases?

    Did Susie M. (Retired BPD) get it from Zikuski?
  8. Oh his opinion matters, just ask him, he will tell you! Marty is nothing but a blowhard, I've never meet anyone so in love with the sound of their own voice. He hates the fact he isn't a judge anymore and will do anything to try to remain relevant.
  9. If we are being honest, Marty Smith was as much as problem for Broome County as Gerry Mollen. Smith was giving heroin dealers probation sentences rather than prison. I agree with everything else posted here, I like that Smith came out strong for Korchak, but Cornwell is a fighter who did our County well. He’s earned his position on family court.
  10. This is confirmed. Harder will probably endorse Brindisi. Hell, all you have to do is buy Harder coffee and a donut and he will endorse you. He should be exiled from the GOP if he actually does a commercial for Brindisi. Bijoy???? This is your guy. If you don’t stop him you are complicit. This confirms Bijoy is working against Tenney.
  11. Officer Al


    Here’s a wild idea, why doesn’t Mirabito give Talon Thomas a job? If he’s too good, or his 10th grade education is too much to work at a gas station, give him a Mirabito office job. Come on Mirabito, what’s stopping you?
  12. Officer Al

    Binghamton newspaper BLM reporter Ashley Biviano

    The Ashley Biviano love fest continues, with that sickening article promoting Talon Thomas on pressconnects. This is the same guy who beat his girlfriend in front of her child last Christmas.
  13. The Binghamton newspaper apparently has its own BLM reporter, Ashley Biviano. Check out her twitter, twitter.com/ashley_biviano Everything she writes is about BLM, and every story has a BLM bias. With news rooms as barebones as they’ve become in 2020, it’s appalling the press and sun bulletin has given BLM its own reporter. Just like there are some bad cops out there, there are bad reporters out there, and Ashley Biviano is one of them.
  14. I could never stand Joann and her attitude of entitlement. She's living in the past, she never got over Jerry Mollen's loss to Cornwell in 2015. She and her husband have milked the taxpayers for years. He was Mollen's "STOP DWI coordinator." Funny, after he retired, the county basically got rid of the position, because it's not needed.
  15. I don’t believe Jody Kennedy has worked on any cases in JC in at least two years, but he remains on the payroll. He must be stuck in constant long lines at Wegmans.