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  1. CheckMate

    Anti Akshar Rally Friday in Binghamton

    I find it very interesting that even after he admitted to the inappropriate relationship people still have Freddy Fever. What he did makes me sick. He's certainly not a role model for anyone and should not allowed to have contact with the children in our schools. My grandchildren and their friends seem to already have an unstoppable sense of entitlement... pair that with Fred's extraordinary sense of self, his failure to take responsibility and badge judgement and we are doomed. Furlough Fred!
  2. CheckMate

    Either Sheriff Harder Needs to Resign or Akshar Does

    Give Harder a piece of cake... tell him his term is over... he'll go back to sleep.
  3. CheckMate

    From a source inside of the BPD

    Didn't Fred Akshar just provide an award to the deputy involved this week? 10 to 1 he was providing advice to everyone out the other side of his mouth at the same time!
  4. Last night I sat through an event and listed to both candidates for DA explain their backgrounds, the qualifications and then answer questions. It was well worth my time. Walking in I was supporting Battisti. Leaving the event, I was leaning towards Mr. Korchak. If you missed it… let me give you the basics. Mr. Battisti clearly demonstrated is lack of maturity and respect for not only the position but those in attendance. Maybe he thinks he already won something… or got some bad advice along the way… but professionals need to dress and act like professionals. My colleagues and I took it seriously enough to put on a tie and sport coat… he couldn’t be bothered. His animations and twitchiness were distracting throughout his presentation. And his abrupt change in tone when faced with questions about him not paying his taxes was indicative that we were not getting the entire story in his response. Mr. Korchak was so respectful, he protected his current boss in at least one of his responses to questions. Mr. Korchak talked about his experience and what he would continue to do. He admitted that programs were always evolving and suggested that he would be making changes. Mr. Battisti talked about his enthusiasm and desire to do the job but ended with the request to “Take a chance” on him by giving him our votes. Why would anyone take a chance on someone who wants to try vs. the person who has been getting the job done right for many years. During the event both candidates talked about different cases and examples. Mr. Korchak sited several he was involved in. Mr. Battisti was critical of case of the DA’s office, including many that Mr. Korchak was not involved in. It was obvious he didn’t have the facts before him which questions his experience or knowledge to get this job done. This morning I took the time to catch up on some email and Facebook. I couldn’t believe how much has happened with each of these candidates and what both have posted since my last visit about a week ago. Mr. Korchak has seemed to assume a leadership role in cleaning up the filth and lies in town, while Mr. Battisti continues to cherry pick and poke at specific cases that have passed through the District Attorney’s office. The turning point for my vote was this post on Mr. Battisti’s page: https://www.facebook.com/BattistiForDA/posts/396549937593523 It was very interesting to me as I know the victim’s family first-hand AND the fact that they not only understood why the specific charges were filed but have peace with the decisions. While we can debate this case in Broome County… here is a similar one in a different county that clearly explains it. https://www.syracuse.com/news/2013/12/syracuse_man_who_threw_fatal_punch_given_neither_probation_nor_prison_time.html It’s not a judgment call or decision, it’s the law. Something that either Mr. Battisti is not familiar with or his marketing team is simply trying to put out enough false information without fact checking. This sealed the deal for me. Mr. Battisti… Good Luck… Mr. Korchak, you have earned my vote.