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  1. CheckMate

    Binghamton University receives $60M donation to build new baseball stadium

    Too bad they can't work something out with the Rumble Ponies... the last thing we need is a second large scale Baseball venue in Binghamton. What a waste of resources that could be better spent on our aging infrastructure... like the water pipes that will supply the field! Oh wait... there is nothing wrong with our water and sewer infrastructure... it's all good...
  2. Nick Libous is off and running. It looks like he's had a busy first day with interviews with representatives from WNBF, WIVT, WICZ, FOX and Spectrum. He's launched a new website at www.NickLibous.com and has already established a presence on YouTube and solid following of over 5,000 Facebook. Mr Crouch has confirmed he is not seeking a second term with many of the media outlets. It's very obvious that Nick is not only serious about running for office, but from what we've seen in the last few hours, it looks like he is the serious contender to beat. His father did great things for our community for many, many years. I expect nothing less from Nick! Good Luck Nick! You'll do great things.
  3. CheckMate

    Tom Jackson Running for County Legislature

    One would think that the players who supported the other guy who ran for DA would be taking some time to heal their wounds and repair the damage to their own reputations, fix the collateral damage the did to other participants they recruited and the repair damage and divide they created in the party. The fact that they are opposing one of the last reputable leaders in the Republican party suggests that their desperation has them on the road heading disaster, far past the point of no return. Good things happen when good people work together. Change is coming. And for the sake of rebuilding the Republican Party, it can not come soon enough. #Akshar&DattaNoRespect #NotMyPartyLeadership
  4. CheckMate

    Vote for DA certified

    And maybe the rest of his yard signs which remain up throughout the county???
  5. George was clearly anti-casino... when Libous was supporting Tioga and the Broome County Legislators trying to get a resolution for a Broome County venue, George Began crying. Literally... he wept like a baby saying he could not support something he didn't believe in... He was the only legislator who would not speak up for the county's interests. He couldn't take the pressure and he certainly couldn't represent those who he was supposed to be representing. He's nice man. He showed he had personal beliefs. He put them over his constituents and clearly couldn't see the big picture in front of him. He resigned shortly after. He's not a leader and should simply stop the nonsense. Give the money back, give it to another candidate, or donate it to a cause he can support. Stop the insanity.
  6. Nice guy... but should consider being a Sandwich Artist at Subway... he's good at taking direction... but seriously lacks the leadership required to be an effective representative of the people.
  7. CheckMate

    Battisti refuses to file post Election financials?

    Mike is a sharp guy. Don't let him fool you... he clearly knew of the activity with Akshar and his daughter, those that were endorsing Battisti and also selected a side. He is in many of the photos at Battisti's stand alone fundraisers as well as those Akshar invited his base to attend. Mike is no different than the Harder, Zikuski, Butler, Lindsey and all of the other blind followers of Datta & Akshar. Last reported She was "living at home" for appearances as she was trying to improve her image after a brief affair with someone from the secret service who promised her a chance at a position with his organization. Despite this deliberate attempt to cleanse her reputation, her late night "meetings" with Battisti at Red's Kettle Inn and the Kwik Fill on Harry L Drive certainly were not to discuss financial matters and reserve funds available unless he has a slide rule on his thigh... Glinda sent it best a few weeks ago... "When you sleep with dogs, you get fleas..." Anyone have a recommendation for a good exterminator.
  8. CheckMate

    What does Battisti do now ?

    Rumors are that he's looking for office space in downtown Binghamton to start yet another firm. This ought to be very interesting. Who in their right mind is going to go to him for defense work after he attacked the DA staff. While I'm sure they will be nothing but professional towards him, one would have to think that they are surely going to show him just how tough on crime they really are. Paul has never worked for anything... and Daddy can't buy him out of this jam. Hopefully those involved in any transaction get paid up front.
  9. CheckMate

    Another death in Broome county Jail

    I feel bad for many of the men and women who truly keep us all safe who are looked down upon because of this administration. Hopefully someone will step up and push there way in to start making things happen or there is no chance any successor will come from within the office. From an outsider's perspective it would be very troubling to be in a similar situation as the DAs race where we are asked to vote for candidates who have no experience because the talent within the department is simply not an option.
  10. I don't think Datta's playbook is up to date... He's been out maneuvered since Korchak got back on the ticket and hasn't figure out how to get out of having to continually respond to the other candidates. Tomorrow will be the wake up call to the "status quo" many have been waiting for. The writing is on the wall. I'll be there for Korchak as well!
  11. CheckMate

    Disgusting. Battisti makes up last minute overdose LIE

    What no overdoses? The texting Sunday was not illegal? And the repeated commercials are not factual? Are you kidding? I have to say I'm only surprised by the fact you are surprised. I do have to say, Paul will look good in an orange jumpsuit when this is over. (And if they put him in the general population he is certain to be a special boy toy to many.) I'm sad that the new bail reform laws take effect January 1st. They are probably the only thing that will save Paul from joining many of his past clients behind bars. It's coming... wait for it!
  12. CheckMate

    Advice on the DA election

    Republican for Korchak here...
  13. CheckMate

    The 2019 Election MEME Contest

    Here's the other one that I saw before the primary that was too funny not to save!
  14. CheckMate

    The 2019 Election MEME Contest

    Wayne... I've seen so many good one's recently... Here's one of my favorites...