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  1. UE MOM2

    Price at Willow Point Nursing Home increasing $23 a day

    $8,400 more per year is a huge increase. How can Jason Garnar do this? Those who aren't Medicaid covered just have to find the money or get thrown out on the street?
  2. UE MOM2

    Endicott Trustees

  3. UE MOM2

    Endicott Trustees

    Eileen is an angry lunatic! https://www.facebook.com/100031740495439/posts/550489549352390/?d=n
  4. UE MOM2

    Endicott Trustees

    The newcomer Tim Wright is a breath of fresh air, and will be a wonderful trustee. Eileen is a big part of the problem in Endicott. She and Linda Jackson have done a lot of damage to the village. It’s time to vote out Eileen, vote in Tim Wright, re-elect Ted Warner, and then next we get rid of Linda Jackson.
  5. UE MOM2

    ME Football Controversy

    This is unreal! Where did you hear this?
  6. UE MOM2

    Korchak mocking drug users (text message included)

    Absolutely disgusting comments. All he wants is TV time. He has show what a filthy political DA he really is. He needs to be removed from office.
  7. UE MOM2

    Alcoholism on the West side of Binghamton

    I watched a very drunk man run across the bar shouting “he’s choking!” and he began performing the Heimlich maneuver on someone who wasn’t choking. They weren’t even coughing. It was very difficult to watch. I’ve never been back there since.
  8. UE MOM2

    WTH? Steve Cornwell?

    You know there’s a major scandal going on when everyone is talking about Korchak’s involvement, and cover up, and abuse of power, more so than anything else.
  9. Garnar sounds like an abusive, egotistical monster behind the scenes. Anyone that needs to wear a hat that says “county executive” on it obviously doesn’t have much self confidence, and he uses women to make him feel like more of a man. It’s time we see through this act and get this sexual predator out of office, since he is using his office to prey on women.
  10. I remember her! WBNG was so much better back then. Good for her for coming forward, Cuomo is a pervert scumbag bully and needs to be removed from office.
  11. A petition has been started https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScUR8lFAYmOyZqg47TbIKTE-_YPDYunZvHyVvsDgLj9qDQ0OA/viewform
  12. UE MOM2

    Village of Endicott Meeting Last Night

    I have never seen such disrespect by an elected official as last night, from Linda Jackson and Eileen Konecny. They got together and we’re drinking wine during the meeting, on camera. They also had their microphone off and were chatting and laughing and playing on their phones during the public hearing. At one point several residents asked how Linda Jackson could be impeached and removed from office. The village attorney refused to answer the questions. And Linda Jackson also said she had been texting the village attorney all night. What was she saying? Shouldn’t that communication be made public so is residents can see what communication the mayor was having with the attorney during a village board meeting?