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  1. UE MOM2

    Jason Garnar proud of today’s protestors

    This is our county executive... absolutely disgusting!
  2. UE MOM2

    Endicott's mayor Linda "Action" Jackson

    The DEC has now ordered SungEel to address the disposal of PFAS contained in the batteries. I thought Action Jackson said everything was 100% safe and we had nothing to worry about? She claimed she “did an investigation” and called in experts?
  3. UE MOM2

    Endicott's mayor Linda "Action" Jackson

    Linda Jackson, Cheryl Chapman and Eileen Konecny all need to be voted out. And and village attorney Bob McKertich needs to be fired. Jackson, Chapman and Konecny all voted against allowing the public to speak, before they approved the change in zoning to allow the incinerator. Jackson said something to the effect of "everyone's minds are already made up".. it doesn't matter if their minds are made up, the pubic should have their say. The Three Stooges voted to silence the residents of Endicott, then they voted to poison the air with chemicals. Bob McKertich the village attorney allowed the vote to go forward, without even knowing how many votes were needed to pass the law. How can any attorney advise a board to vote without knowing what is legally required to pass the law? He needs to be fired.
  4. I was in town of Union court on a speeding ticket and she was a disaster. Rude, condescending, unprepared. I would't vote for her for dog catcher.
  5. Enough is enough. People are suffering, not working, not able to spend time with family and friends. Oh and some are sick and dying. And this guy is running around with a custom camouflage hat, saying “County Executive”? I can’t tell if he thinks he's really cool or suffers from an inferiority complex, needing everyone to know who he is. I can think of a few things his hat should say... “County Executive” isn’t one of them.
  6. UE MOM2

    Endicott's mayor Linda "Action" Jackson

    Apparently Action Jackson canceled tonight's public hearing shortly before it was to begin?
  7. UE MOM2

    Endicott's mayor Linda "Action" Jackson

    According to a newspaper article: “Jackson has resided in the village for over 40 years. She is a graduate of Union-Endicott High School and secretary for the Triple Cities Street Rod Car Club. She has previously worked for IBM and Endicott Johnson.”
  8. Has anyone listened to this woman? I just heard her on WNBF. She sounds like a sweet older woman, who is just confused. She is nice and folksy, but she doesn't seem to have a grasp on the issues in Endicott. Usually when someone brands herself with a nickname like "action" they are sharp and aggressive... she just isn't it. She would be better suited to work as a volunteer at a nursing home. I mean that sincerely. When she says things like "thrilled to pieces", "the Zoom", and "I'm not very good with computers", she doesn't instill any confidence in the residents of Endicott, or own up to the nickname "action" she has given herself.
  9. I think it's important to have a local health department, but unfortunately after this all passes, I think many won't trust our health department anymore.
  10. UE MOM2

    Rate the COVID-19 Response of Trump, Cuomo & Garnar

    And Tompkins County (half the size of Broome County) has tested 1,620.
  11. UE MOM2

    Rate the COVID-19 Response of Trump, Cuomo & Garnar

    I just looked up the Tompkins County info. 93 positive cases, and no deaths. I have to think they have had no deaths because they are actually able to test people, so people aren't carrying it, not realizing they have it, spreading it to others. I had to give Garnar an F too.
  12. I did like Garnar before this. He seemed to be well intentioned and in politics for the right reasons. But it is painful watching his press conferences. Every few days he changes his story, like last week he said he would be against NYC residents coming up here for medical care. Today he basically said, if it happens it happens. What we are missing is a strong local leader. I don't mind if a person is wrong from time to time, as long as they are a strong leader. Garnar has been very weak. These press conferences have been very bad for him.
  13. Even if it hasn't happened, it's going to happen. I will be shocked if patients from NYC aren't here within the next week.
  14. Broome County was not prepared. Rather than take ownership of it, Jason Garnar and Donna Lupardo called the media to attack the federal government and President. If Tompkins was ready with 10,000 tests, why wasn't Broome County prepared? I've never cared for Lupardo, I find her to be very political and condescending. I did like Garnar, until recently. I think he has done a terrible job managing this crisis.
  15. UE MOM2

    2019 DA's race: the winners and losers

    John from Binghamton tweeted a link to one of Ms. Morello's videos. I've never seen someone pat herself on the back so much, and say how great she is, while saying nothing at all of substance. All she does is ramble in broad terms about herself.