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    2019 DA's race: the winners and losers

    John from Binghamton tweeted a link to one of Ms. Morello's videos. I've never seen someone pat herself on the back so much, and say how great she is, while saying nothing at all of substance. All she does is ramble in broad terms about herself.
  2. UE MOM2

    2019 DA's race: the winners and losers

    I haven't heard a single thing that impresses me about this "Bijoy Datta". Wasn't he the one who was under investigation for making the county employees campaign for Debbie Preston?
  3. I'm so glad the BCVoice is back. The REASON the boys and girls club closed.... MR. Fred Akshar promised a grant of $150,000. Then MR. Akshar must have been out chasing women, because the money never came. The club has this promise from Akshar in writing. But then he sent a bald man named Anthony to cause trouble. No one is reporting the truth on this story.
  4. The story states he refused to pay the money back because it wasn’t his mistake. That doesn’t work when you’re the mayor. Especially when he was contacted by Snyder AFTER he was elected mayor.