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  1. Nancy

    Another death in Broome county Jail

    DAVID E. HARDER, SHERIFF He is our elected official that is responsible for the jail. Hold him accountable for COMMUNICATION from our jail. He needs to do a press conference. Why is he silent? The disruption at the Battle of the Bands / Columbus Day Parade was loud and clear. Broome County residents deserve answers. Maybe if Sheriff Harder wasn't so busy campaigning for his buddy Battisti he would be attending to his job. His silence is deafening. This has such bad optics. Is he deaf, dumb, and and blind? Even if an inmate died of "natural causes" and no foul play is suspected, Broome County deserves to hear from the head of the jail.......some news. If someone died at SUNY Broome, or any other county government office, I'm sure they would have an announcement.
  2. Nancy

    Another fact check against Paul Battisti

    The DA......"the most powerful elected official you may not know". District attorneys have tremendous power to impact the lives of people, their families, and entire communities. If someone is accused of committing a crime, it is not the police but the DA who has the sole power to decide if criminal charges are filed and the severity of those charges. They recommend to the judge who is deserving of a jail or prison sentence and who will instead be routed into a diversion program to help rebuild their life, or have charges dismissed.
  3. Nancy

    Democrats for Korchak

    Peer-to-peer texting made its first big splash in politics with Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential bid. Donald Trump's re-election campaign is all-in on it. Peer-to-peer texting is totally legal. There's plenty of news articles on it. Battisti looks like a fool screaming about laws he clearly doesn't understand.
  4. Nancy

    Another fact check against Paul Battisti

    Battisti told the drugged-driver not to cooperate with police. Then Battisti made a commercial during the GOP primary using the West Side crash. At that time it was still on "ongoing case". He used photos. He did not have permission from the families of the two young women victims. And then he uses this horrific tragedy in a nasty commercial ad against Korchack. Shameful.
  5. Nancy

    Democrats for Korchak

    Democrats for Korchak. Republicans for Korchak. Independents for Korchak. Libertarians, Conservatives....... It's really very simple. Vote AGAINST Fred Akshar and his cronies running the DA's Office. Political parties do not belong in the DA's Office.