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  1. Nancy

    WATCH NEWSMAXTV to get the REAL NEWS!!!!!!!!!

    Did y'all notice that last night Spectrum blocked Fox during the Inauguration Show? As if they were forcing us to watch the Biden Show? Strange timing.
  2. Nancy

    Who will be first for vaccine

    What about the "My Body, My Choice" folks? The sponsor of this bill is L. Rosenthal. A legislator who is a big Pro-Choice advocate.
  3. Nancy

    Who will be first for vaccine

    NYS to mandate a Covid-19 vaccine for all of us. What exactly would happen to us if we refuse to get this vaccine? https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2019/A11179?fbclid=IwAR0rOc2wVUkRN2k-5yXQ7BnIczw9c9-qm0mHqmfhhRj4JByuNvryNayteWM
  4. Nancy

    What is going on at the VISIONS FCU?

    The credit / debit card emails are still coming. Yesterday I got more. The day before was eleven. Then an apology letter. And then yesterday more emails. Sure doesn't improve my confidence level.
  5. Nancy

    Don't be as dumb as Bob Joseph at WNBF

    Today's show did me in. He has selective memory. Everyone in America has switched their professional wisdom on COVID-19. But Trump!!!!!! Bob Joseph just thinks EVERY second of Trump's existence is evil. Fauci can flip-flop on his guidelines. Cuomo can flip-flop. But Trump?!?!?!?!!? No, every breath Trump takes is evil according to Bob Joseph. I'm done.
  6. Nancy

    WATCH NEWSMAXTV to get the REAL NEWS!!!!!!!!!

    Our household has already switched to NewMax. On a different note, Bob Joseph has totally lost it. So biased. Such a hypocrite.
  7. Why hasn't Rick Balles paid his taxes? He has a Federal Tax Lien and refuses to pay his taxes? His mother-in-law Mrs. Anita Miller calls and tells me to vote for him. All kinds of money for Robo-Calls, lawn signs, fancy glossy mail literature. BUT, no money to pay his taxes?????
  8. Nancy

    GOP FAILURE: Bijoy Datta loses lease at Broome GOP HQ

    Fred and Bijoy are known to support some candidates during a GOP Primary. It has happened several times. Jason Ellis' campaign comes to mind. So where are the other candidate and that person's campaign committee supposed to go? They use that facility for that one GOP person where does the other GOP person go? Bijoy is the one that has fractured the GOP locally. How much does Bijoy charge for a GOP endorsement ?
  9. Nancy

    John Solak to retire from Twitter?

    John Solak seems to be the only investigative reporter in town. Period. We need him. And don't you think all the news sources check his reporting?!?!? They sure do. Just like the rest of us. We get a lot of news from Mr. Solak.
  10. How do you find out if he has paid his back taxes?
  11. Nancy

    Sex Offenders per capita

    Why does Broome County have such a high per capita sex offender number? If we compare the number of sex offenders by county here's how we match up: Broome County: 35 per 10,000 residents NY County / Manhattan: 10 per 10,000 residents Nassau County: 4 per 10,000 residents Richmond County / Staten Island: 8 per 10,000 residents
  12. Yet another example of Republican Chair Bijoy Datta not "vetting" his candidates. When is the GOP going to wake up and see how his recent candidates have had too many skeletons in the closet. Tax cheat Rick Balles $90,000 IRS tax lien? Tax cheat Paul Battisti $87,000 IRS tax lien? Doesn't the GOP stand for fiscal responsibility?!
  13. Nancy

    Good riddance Ronnie Gorman

    Who was her treasurer? Seems they would know the political calendar?
  14. Nancy

    Endicott's mayor Linda "Action" Jackson

    Even the way COVID-19 cases are reported is convoluted. What does "Town of Union" mean in the COVID-19 numbers? If the Town of Union is comprised of the area including Endicott and Johnson City, WHY is the "Town of Union" number less than JC and Endicott ???? Do the other "towns" that are listed include all their population? Or just a partial list as used in the Town of Union list?