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  1. Hank Mitchell

    Police in Deposit

    A state trooper was shot. Believe it was in the right arm if I heard the dispatcher correctly.
  2. Hank Mitchell

    Democratic Family Court primary predictions

    I've seen far more Mara Grace yard signs in my area than anyone else.
  3. Hank Mitchell

    Nick Libous is Considering Running For His Dad's Former Senate Seat

    He been beat like a drum in every race he's entered so far in his career and keeps coming back for more. Gotta admire his spirit I guess.
  4. Wow, I have no words. This is beyond the pale. Korchak is a total fraud and an embarrassment. Whats next, are we going to find out he doesn't even have a law degree??? He has got to GO!
  5. Wow that seals the deal for me. This is nothing short of a disgrace and slap to the face of Broome County residents. I'd like to change my vote to Korchak must resign in the polling thread. This is an indefensible move by Korchak given everything else that we know was going on with Loughran at the time. Must be Loughran gets paid on commission based on the number of harassment allegations he can generate. If Korchak does have the gall to run again I will be sure to get in the ear of the other 4 people I convinced to vote Korchak in the primary and general election and tell them to vote differently this time around.
  6. Hank Mitchell

    POLL: What should Korchak do

    Loughran is clearly a cancer in that department that has been left untreated for far too long and now it's out of control.
  7. Wow very disappointing to hear about all this after all the positive outpouring for Korchak last election. Hopefully there a better crop of candidates next time around.
  8. Korchak better shape up and turn this disaster around or start applying for other jobs come election time.
  9. Is Steve Cornwell going to run again?
  10. Brindisi conceded and dropped all legal appeals today, so this race is officially in the history books. Kudos to him for doing the honorable thing and accepting the controversial results, moving on, and not dragging this out any longer. Barring an appointment to a spot in the Biden administration however, we'll be doing this all over again in 21 months. https://www.syracuse.com/politics/2021/02/anthony-brindisi-concedes-loss-to-claudia-tenney-in-ny-22-house-race.html
  11. Hank Mitchell

    BCVoice Poll: Brindisi or Tenney?

    Anything can happen at this point with so many ballots now being ordered to be reviewed. The odds of there not being a congressional rep sworn in on January 3rd is looking more and more likely. https://www.syracuse.com/politics/2020/12/judges-order-could-help-brindisi-as-focus-turns-to-uncounted-ballots-in-race-with-tenney.html
  12. Hank Mitchell

    BCVoice Poll: Brindisi or Tenney?

    Partial recount ordered for counties to correct their counting errors. This could be awhile especially with Oneida election staff having been exposed to covid on friday... https://www.syracuse.com/politics/2020/12/judge-orders-partial-recount-in-brindisi-tenney-house-race.html
  13. Hank Mitchell

    BCVoice Poll: Brindisi or Tenney?

    No decision yet, but supposedly coming very soon, don't know if that means hours, a day, a few days etc. Based on the judge's comments, seems atleast some limited recounting might be ordered, but don't know what will happen to any of the uncounted and counted disputed ballots as of yet. An Oneida County election worker also tested positive for covid but not before exposing the entire staff on Friday, so if any recounting is ordered there it may take a while... https://www.syracuse.com/politics/2020/12/still-no-ruling-in-brindisi-tenney-election-but-judges-comments-give-hints-about-what-could-come-next.html