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  1. Hank Mitchell

    Korchak needs to either resign or go to jail

    I believe the Governor actually has the legal authority to remove a DA from office. Not sure what if any criteria has to be met for it to happen and not sure it's ever happened before. There were articles about it earlier this year regarding the sad excuse of a DA elected in Manhattan and if the Governor might go as far as to remove him for failing to prosecute cases and being ultra soft on crime.
  2. Hank Mitchell

    Korchak failed to act on Buffalo gunman last summer

    Terrible stain for Broome County that's not going to ever go away. From the shooter right on down the line to the various law enforcement agencies that were made aware and failed miserably at potentially preventing this. Korchak et al. HAVE to be held accountable for their role in allowing this to happen.
  3. Hank Mitchell

    Shooting 11:20am Floral Ave

    Cities are crime infested s-holes any more now a days. Probably only going to get worse before it gets better. Move out if it at all possible.
  4. Hank Mitchell

    Binghamton 12 year old girl killed in shooting

    Heard from a LE source that it was a .22 caliber round
  5. Hank Mitchell

    Binghamton 12 year old girl killed in shooting

    I heard it wasnt gang-related and that one of the family members with her at the time might have accidently discharged a firearm in her direction. But I would have thought that would have been verified and released by now if that were the case.
  6. Feel so bad for her parents. It's bad enough she's ruined her own life, but that wasn't enough, so now she's ruining theirs. Shame on her. I wouldn't leave her a single cent of the estate either.
  7. That trip to the doctors didn't help I guess. It must be really broken. No wonder he's so frustrated and miserable.
  8. And now Solak is getting the sloppy seconds... or twenties, and is very grumpy about it. He should feel very fortunate that is he able to get anything.
  9. I think you're 100% spot on. I know someone as well that was bipolar and I definitely see a lot of the same similarities as you.
  10. Solak has lost any and all credibility over this nonsense. Don't know why anyone would continue to read his garbage. What a troll.
  11. She seems like a lost soul with some serious mental health issues. Hopefully she gets professional help before it's too late.
  12. Hank Mitchell

    Ho Hired: JC hires homewrecker as Clerk/Treasurer

    Definitely screams gold digger. Clearly Tom was thinking with the wrong head.
  13. Hank Mitchell

    Where Is The Salt

    Schools are facing the same problem with bus drivers. Not enough pay given what comes with the job.
  14. Hank Mitchell

    Solak Caught Lying Again To Help Jablon

    Probably in exchange for sexual favors. Solak should stop thinking with the wrong head before she takes him down with her.