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  1. Hank Mitchell

    BCVoice Poll: Akshar, Quiter or Write-in?

    Like it or not, Senator chainsaw has a libous-like hold on this Senate seat for as long as he wants it unless the Democrats can run someone with some name recognition and popularity about them. And even then he would probably would still win given the R party enrollment edge in the district coupled with the fact that the state is already ruled by the opposite party. We are screwed no matter what.
  2. Hank Mitchell

    BCVoice Poll: Garnar or Bernhardsen

    Havent seen or heard anything about this guy to this point. Just checked his campaign FB page to see what he been saying and he has less than 200 likes and hadnt posted a thing for 6 months until few weeks ago. Why even bother running? Garnar is going to win by at least 30 points.
  3. Hank Mitchell

    Brindisi leads Tenney by 9% in poll

    Cornwell is popular in broome county across party lines and would have been a much better matchup against Brindisi. The R party in DC made the wrong choice to back Tenney again.
  4. Hank Mitchell

    George Phillips

    Doesnt look like Tenney has much of a shot anyway. Cornwell would have been the better candidate in this race. The poll found Brindisi has opened a wide lead among Broome County voters (52-34%), the second-largest county by enrolled voters in the district. In Oneida County, the largest county in the sprawling district, the race remains a dead heat between Tenney (44%) and Brindisi (43%). Oneida is the home county for both candidates. Brindisi has built up a lead in the other six counties combined, 50-37%, according to the poll. https://www.syracuse.com/politics/cny/2020/10/brindisi-surges-ahead-of-tenney-in-house-race-siena-college-syracusecom-poll.html
  5. Hopefully Cornwell wins in a landslide.
  6. Hank Mitchell

    Abels Pub- 30 Covid cases?

    November 4th
  7. Hank Mitchell

    George Phillips

    Dont think a George Phillips endorsement will do anything for her chances anyway
  8. Those are equalized tax rates base on full value of the district at the time the tax roll was billed out last week. If there is an ongoing grievance that ends up settling against the district after the fact, that obviously cant be factored in at this time. Sure there can be fluctuations year to year based on changes in equalization rate, tax levy, and taxable full value, but that's the same for everyone. If you look at the full value tax rates over the last 10+ years, the same districts are always at the top.
  9. You're right, there is a big disparity between CF and Harpursville. But, CF is actually a bargain compared to SV, ME, and CV and others. Here are the full value tax rates based on the 2020 tax bills that just went out for school districts located at least partially within Broome County (with the exception of Greene, Afton, and Bainbridge-Guilford as Chenango County has not made them available online. Also did not include South-Mountain Hickory). These are also without STAR discount factored in.
  10. Yeah that will definitely cost him some votes this time around vs 2018 and could make the difference.
  11. With Trump on the ballot this cycle, turnout will be high, and he'll probably win NY-22 by ~15% again. While there will be a fair amount of Brindisi-Trump voters, I suspect enough Rs and right-leaning independents will plug their nose to give her a narrow win by less than 5%. That's my prediction. Given NY-22 is one of the most competitive national house races, should start seeing some polls come out soon for this race.
  12. Too late for him, he made his bed. NYS Troopers Union already endorsed Tenney https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.uticaod.com/news/20200803/tenney-endorsed-by-new-york-state-troopers-pba%3ftemplate=ampart
  13. My neighborhood and Town are Republican dominated but so far the only yard signs I've seen on display are for Brindisi, as was the case in 2018. Tenney lost Broome County 56-43 in 2018 and that ultimately decided the race. She needs to do better down here to win. Considering Trump was the first Republican presidential candidate to win Broome County since Reagan in '84 and also won NY-22 by 16 points, that should help flip the congressional seat this cycle, we shall see.
  14. You're out of your god damn mind. This state and county are broke and its going to take years to recover.
  15. State legislature recently got a 50% raise from $80k to $120k, so this would be a significant pay cut back to around $80k to give up Senate seat for county sheriff. I'm sure we will be told it's because law enforcement was always a lifelong calling, but what's the real reason?