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  1. Birdie’s Banana

    DSS's improper conduct and witch hunt against Garo Kachadourian

    I’m surprised they were able to get a picture of it before Alexandra Cade’s fat ass got to it.
  2. Birdie’s Banana

    Battisti: “Akshar cost me the election”

    Garzo must feel like a complete tool. He was played by Battisti and the law office of Fat and Fatter.
  3. Birdie’s Banana

    2019 DA's race: the winners and losers

    Papastrat and David are two of the more underrated morons Broome County has to offer. Neither will say they took a side but their actions were clear. Especially those of Rich David, alias, Buzz Lightyear. Buzz was all over Battisti’s Facebook page supporting him and I heard he had the nerve enough to show up at Korchak’s party after the votes were tallied. Mr. Lightyear is about to go the way of other established Republicans. That is, out the door.
  4. Birdie’s Banana

    2019 DA's race: the winners and losers

    I’d also put the local media in the biggest loser category. From the debate gaffe on television to their unwillingness to dig into, or report on, stories that were put in front of them on a platter, the local media has been nothing more than we already suspected. Oh yeah! The local police unions for backing a long time sleeze-ball Attorney over a storied, professional prosecutor. Shame on law enforcement in general!