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  1. Evening Sun

    PROFILES IN CORRUPTION: Mollen, McBride, Korchak and Loughran

    Ingrid Segrue is the same investigator, who is armed with a firearm, who posted online death threats to the Cuomo family.
  2. I believe elected officials addresses are public information. So Garnar will be need to update Broome County on where he is living. The River House is a nice place, not a place for someone to crash for a month or two. So I assume this is a permanent or long term new apartment for him.
  3. Evening Sun

    WTH? Steve Cornwell?

    YES. This happened. It was all a big set up, for this guy to lose his job. But he's doing much better now. He's got his retirement from the county, and working another job where he's making a difference. Good people like this guy are better off not working for Korchak.
  4. It was stated in one of the complaints Korchak’s office insults those with special needs. The deceased in this case was a special needs individual. Of course Korchak let the mom get away with Murder.
  5. Korchak was just on WBNG discussing the case and had Investigator Ingrid Segrue standing behind him. That’s an interesting choice, in a case involving the murder of a child, given Segrue’s recent public statements. https://www.bcvoice.com/topic/58265-korchak’s-investigator-threatens-cuomo-family
  6. My understanding is 50% of the revenue also goes back to the town where the traffic ticket was written. Without this money, local taxes could go up substantially. If you live in a town off the highway, like Barker, Kirkwood, Windsor, Dickinson, your taxes could skyrocket to make up for this lost revenue. At this point, Korchak is a bigger embarrassment than the Endicott mayor. Korchak, his chief assistant DA, and his finance manager all need to resign.
  7. Evening Sun

    POLL: What should Korchak do

    He has an internal HR person named Pamela Memos. I know folks in the Chenango County DAs office who used to work with her in Broome. Terrible reputation. Does whatever Korchak tells her, whether it’s lawful and ethical or not. Worked on his campaign to secure her job in the office.
  8. Evening Sun

    Korchak’s Investigator threatens Cuomo family?

    DA Investigator Ingrid Segrue just spoke at the Binghamton School Board Meeting, and said "equality and inclusion scare her". This woman is a bona fide racist.
  9. Evening Sun

    POLL: What should Korchak do

    I'm very disappointed in Mike Korchak. He's got to go.
  10. According to the lawsuit, after consuming enough beer to approach a state of intoxication, petitioner, a Chenango County Deputy Sheriff, and Joseph Angelino, a City of Norwich police officer, were driving in Angelino's jeep on State Route 312 outside the Norwich City limits. Both men were off duty and dressed in civilian clothes. They passed Brandon Migdal and his girlfriend, Bobbi Lynn Beeching, who were walking along Route 312.*Angelino then turned the vehicle around, returned to where the pedestrians were walking, got out of the jeep and confronted them. Ernest Cutting, another off-duty Deputy Sheriff who had been following in his own vehicle, observed an altercation between Angelino and Migdal while petitioner restrained Beeching from aiding her companion. Migdal reported the incident at the Sheriff's office and was then taken by ambulance to a hospital for treatment of injuries inflicted by Angelino.